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RE: Spell Check - Auto Correct

We have met the enema and it is our hell raiser...(s el v e s )
I give up, I disavow and disclaim any and all response foe s p e l l checker used to be that if you used a word several times and it was flagged as wrong, you could correct it and all the other similar words would automatically correct...now it does not work and you get either variations or new words which are all wrong the s pell checker needs a good enema indeed when it refuses the word e n e m y frustrated



As President he could openly admit to it; it is not an impeachable offence, nor an actual crime by legal definition. He could admit and prove it by declaring a White/ Aryan Bill of Rights and even going so far as placing a Confederate Battle Flag in what has so far been the Offal Office, as opposed to Oval...OR, if he is a Racist in the sense of being for all Races in America, he can hang up photos of both Adolf Hitler and Marcus Garvey or Malcolm X and Chief Sitting Bull maybe even Genghis Khan for all the Americans of Asian descent.
As an avowed Racist of either just the Aryan peoples or a Racist by honouring all races but totally opposed to miscegenation as that only ruins all Races and everyone loses their Racial identity, Trump may do America a good turn after all as far as all Races be concerned and as a final insult to the establishment lib-tards, take the state that voted the most against him, and give it to the Black Muslims as their own state. And let all the lib-tares emigrate and mix with the con-tards of another state, perhaps in the south....dunno laugh

RE: Picture that would have cost Obama 2008 election finally comes out

If it helps in searching for the many truths, Farrakhan's recent speeches are all on You Tube as are the Meetings of both Malcolm's and Rockwell's Nazi Rallies...to their minds they both thought a solution was found but trying to find ways to implement it was next to impossible. Farrakhan seems; hints that their possible solution is still a viable idea... One of his main problems is that there is no one like Rockwell around that might speak for Aryan concerns...certainly not that sham Duke. He is no Rockwell and most other Klan leaders are usually too busy embezzling their Klavern's membership funds as so many others have been convicted of...a very sad commentary on them. That also is all on various You Tube documentaries. wine

RE: Picture that would have cost Obama 2008 election finally comes out

Remember the old adage to 'know your enemy' ? If you think that someone or some group is your enemy learn about them, what they actually think and certainly all of what they say. Farrakhan is a very interesting man and so are his thoughts. Try and actually listen to his latest speeches at various centres and hotels to audiences not only made up of Muslims,of all colours, but many others; hear what he pleads with his audience to help make sure Trump makes it as President; that no so called "lone gunman" gets near to him to endanger his life...then his reasoning behind such sentiments about someone that most people would assume be his bitter enemy.
Strange how in the late 50's and until his assassination George Lincoln Rockwell, leader bar none of the American Nazi Party and his people succeeded in finding common ground with Malcolm X and his followers from the Black Muslim; of how they both realized they need not be bloodthirsty enemies but shared deep ideas and beliefs and even goals that had both lived, your country would be both very different and much better. Both presented a very dangerous alliance which only increased when Martin Luther King started to take their ideas for a better America seriously...and was immediately assassinated also. We all think, assume what powers were behind all the assassinations...don't be too sure. If Farrakhan is assassinated, not Trump, that could very well be the fuse for the explosion for those who are the real enemies not only of the US but of even the very notion of different countries. Basic research on Rockwell and Malcolm X , his Nazi Party working and attending and speaking at the same rally's may just set your mind at ease over Farrakhan and then you discover the big why would Nazis, Klan members of those days supported the alliance with the Black Muslims. He and the Black Muslims just may turn out to be some of the best allies of a Trump presidency finishing out his term...alive. Everyone, everything in the backgrounds is window dressing; noise...don't let it distract your search for truth.wine

RE: Donald Trump March for Life Speech

A little common sense at long last... applause wine

RE: can you be a muslim and british?

Just to clarify that last rather ludicrous statement; Debates by Catholics including within the Vatican questioned the temptations for Roman Catholics to vote as the religion represented a Kingdom and Kingdoms with Monarchs were held to be representative of the Kingdom Of Heaven with Christ as King. Voting in a liberal democracy was understood to be anti Monarchial and anti Catholic. The Kingdom of God was not a democracy or even a liberal one. No mobs ruled over Christ. The Vatican as a whole, in it's wisdom finally after much arguing and philosophizing finally gave in to allow Roman Catholics to vote.
Some, either very conservative or those of the old Aristocracy refuse to lower themselves to the levels of the mob. They will not deign to vote for obvious reasoning. They barely recognize the modern set-up of countries that have, to them, excluded them from their inherent rights to govern simply based on birth. This i=must be extremely difficult for an outsider to understand, let alone comprehend. And so, the 'reluctance' remains to either participate or publicly acknowledge that ruling a former Catholic Country depends upon the moods of the lower classes or what is tantamount to mob rule. While our respective Kingdoms may be gone, our standards remain. wine

RE: Lessons learned

On the one topic that gives the greatest fun,pleasure...doing "Political Cartoons"; I would show them what to specifically target in any and all depictions be it physical or known traits...for example, President Trumpleforskin,(name derived from Rumpelstiltskin story; my name for Trump), his hair, lip formations, eyes, snout/ nose, etc. etc.laugh


Promoters of lies, distortions and untruths/ lies usually claim they are simply engaged in conveying 'information' . What they are actually and essentially doing is showing themselves to be liars and fakes.What they primarily care about is whether what they say/ claim is effective in accomplishing this manipulation. Correspondingly, they are more than less, indifferent to whether what they say or whether it is fake/ false or outright lies.
Being indifferent to truth is an undesirable, even reprehensible and those kind should be avoided and condemned. People that show no actions to their being manipulated are complacent as complacency shows that truth is not as important at all and that there is no particular strong reason for any of us to care...
How then can we fail to taketh importance of factuality and of reality seriously? How can we fail to care about the truths. We simply cannot.

RE: Real interest or time wasting?

Honestly, I would say many people are. I know I am and I find it disheartening that someone either does not ready my post and emails me based on my photo. Read the post!!! I am not a "God fearing Trump loving'" woman. I think my profile alludes to that.

applause cheering AHHH a ray of sunshine...there is hope, finally! wine

RE: Real interest or time wasting?

Honestly, I would say many people are. I know I am and I find it disheartening that someone either does not ready my post and emails me based on my photo. Read the post!!! I am not a "God fearing Trump loving'" woman. I think my profile alludes to that.

applause cheering AHHH a ray of sunshine...there is hope, finally! wine

RE: Hypothetical situation

Ha! Good! And to which 'world' would you like the portal door opened?? I can think of several...since childhood, Mars...to explore all the ruins and build sand castles... laugh and certainly the actual world of all our ancient Gods/ Creators...to see and study it; learn their history and their origins...or baring those, the restaurant at the end of the galaxy...(ever read Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy???grin )

RE: Male 4 Sale

Have you tried E-Bay?? Others have even as a free slave; just feed and shelter deal...I kid you not.

RE: Hypothetical situation

Take along a copy of The Old Testical for inspirational reading...laugh

RE: Religion - how much are you willing to compromise?

roll: I received a weeks expulsion from class for saying virtually the same thing only I used the term hypocrites...
and the so called "Christian-Zionists as bloodthirsty without a trace of Christ..." and in a political science class. around 1966 laugh

RE: Hypothetical situation

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
? Arthur C. Clarke, Profiles of the Future: An Inquiry Into the Limits of the Possible
start reading the Sumerian 'chronicles' many have been translated and thousands of more tablets await in museum storerooms...wine

RE: Hypothetical situation

applause cheering

Meet you on/ in the other side!
It'll be a pleasure to meetcha!laugh

RE: Religion - how much are you willing to compromise?

Having travelled to many parts of the world I was always surprised at the numbers of people from similar, different and even radically different religious backgrounds have married and made delightful marriages together. Sometimes one will convert to the other's , sometimes not as they were both satisfied with their own and did not affect their love and dedication to each other. In the turbulent Middle East I was astounded at how many mixed marriages between Jews and Arabs take place, even among the families of very opposing sides of the continual wars breaking out and over the whole question of Palestine; Israeli General Moshey Dayan was related to the family of Yasser Arafat by marriage for instance. It raised no eyebrows there. A large number of Arab and Israely families are intertwined via marriages and is perfectly normal. With Europeans, since we entered the Middle East to fight the Crusades, Christians and Arabs have intermarried, especially during the times when Lebanon had been a Crusader Kingdom and with families that fought for Saladin. Many Crusaders brought back Muslim wives and their children, even into the far north of Norway. Conversions take place if good people are open to learning the religions and teachings of another one provided they have good teachers whereas conversions by the sword never work out nor are beneficial to anyone . I met several prominent Palestinian families that traced their ancestry back to a Knight from France, Germany and Spain, 2 still had their ancestors's swords and Israeli relatives via cousins...seems that love, real love does manage rather well to blend both families and religions with respect and tolerance which are seemingly opposed by political and religious bigots that have no comprehension of the powers of love. I also met some whose families split over politics but have no problems at family feasts be they Arab or Israeli. They have more in common in their respective religions than not as they recognize that both the Christian Bible and the Muslim Koran can benefit both; that both religions are based on love provided one's eyes and heart are open to understanding them. Fanatics and 'hotheads' are exiled until they can 'grow-up'...

RE: Hypothetical situation

More than likely, I'd go for it. I love the ideas, concepts and all current experiments with both Time Travel and the Multi-verse theories of which my instinct says that they are true. I have wished for years for a Ufo landing; they would not have to force me on board, I'd chance it for a glimpse at their world. They have a habit of showing up in all war zones around the world as witnessed by countless soldiers, journalists, etc. ever since the Korean War. Trying to approach their vehicles undetected is impossible and they usually lift off as they pick up our electrical brain waves or so I've been told by those whose business it is to assume that they know... laugh Try and try again, I say!

RE: American Accents...

Belly inte-resting... As a child my father had me imitate all the various European languages and accents without ever knowing what I was saying...just the proper pronunciations and accents. By age 9 he started me on various geographic accents of the US...those were hilarious. He had me listen to speeches and I would practice by reading from various books until I was able to learn to speak Americanese as opposed to proper English. My mother thought it was all nuts . Years later I was told he was working for the CIA and by 14 I assumed he thought that one day I would too...HA! He finally gave up on that idea...laugh
I once met a man that had spent years roaming the mountains of Appalachia learning all the colloquial languages and accents from Maine to Arkansas. He was so good he could pin-point which contain they had come from...wow! Amazing talent. No, he didn't work for the CIA, in fact he became their target...sigh laugh

RE: …Do women want to be judged on their looks?

rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up Having actually witnessed that scenario with a woman reading and looking at a comic book then finally agitated, asking the idiot male, "Aren't you finished yet?" Yes, patience is indeed a virtue...laugh

RE: American Accents...

Here ya go Jac...
Argentina's Welsh-speaking community - YouTube

Argentina's Welsh-speaking community ... Twenty years ago everyone thought the Welsh language was going to die, ... Path of the Welsh to Patagonia ...
U Yube Welsh Language In Patagonia - Video Results

Gaiman, Welsh Speaking town in Patagonia

Welsh speaking Patagonia | Gaiman | Argentina

Lucy Taylor - Welsh in Patagonia

Audio slideshow: The Welsh in Patagonia, 150 years on
More U Yube Welsh Language In Patagonia videos
Wales and Patagonia - YouTube

We have been working on the Welsh settlement in Argentina's Patagonia whose 150th anniversary is ... The decline of the Welsh language - Duration: ...
Watch and have a good laugh! Have fun!! wine laugh

RE: Sex before marriage. What is your take on this?

Given the overall complaints of males especially in North America your next survey should probably ask about sex after marriage...should there be any by women; is it even allowed...laugh

RE: …Do women want to be judged on their looks?

One sure way to enhance their egos leaving out their looks is by their seckual gymnastics...or the lack of thereof; those that just lie there like some sort of doll and never utter a sound...laugh

RE: The problem with the forums is....

Delighted that you clarified "normal" as it is really relative...to all laugh

RE: Truth or Lie?

All 'truths' are transitory over time...innocent

RE: Fashion Retailer H&M Apologises For ‘Racist’ Swearshirt

No big deal...after all no one ever criticized or took any action against Hugo Boss as they had supported Hitler and his Nazis; had exclusive rights by Hitler to make all the SS uniforms all over Europe and after the war, even in Argentina where the SS moved to. So why bother with H&M...double standards again?

RE: Did You Know?

You could try gunpowder to get some POW! to your chicken...wine

RE: Forum... instead of what?

"Abandon all standards,ye who enter the forums" seems to be the best altitude...
including all hopes...as the forums are, 'hopeless' laugh

RE: Don't waste your money on this book "Fire and Fury"

One can just imagine the "editorial" type cartoons with the caption: "A stable high IQ of a genius is a terrible
thing to waste...::laugh: (just google 'editorial cartoons of trump'...rolling on the floor laughing )

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