RE: If you could jump back to your favourite age -

I would, without a minute of esitation to my teenagers years. 20/21 in the 80's. Another life, another world.

And to come back to my mistake of living Italy.

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RE: What is your favorite British comedy?

Benny Hill thumps them all up . incomparable.

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RE: movies.............

Yeah you can Jean, I agree 100%.kiss teddybear

RE: movies.............

Titanic, when a man loves a woman, when Herry meets Sally. .ecc...ecc

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RE: If you....

Na..Never asked money in a relationship. But I go Wherever she wants and when ever she wants.

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laugh thumbs up

head banger


head banger


RE: what do you mean, when you say"i like/love chicken"?

Purtroppo io non parlo Argentino,parlo solo l'italiano anche se Diego Armando Maradona e' il piu Grande di tutti.

Ma ho detto qualcosa che ti sei offesa? Non mi referivo al tuo commento assolutamente.

Sono io ora che non capisco! !confused

RE: what do you mean, when you say"i like/love chicken"?

ma non sei una cogliona. Ho solo detto quello che pensano.


RE: what do you mean, when you say"i like/love chicken"?

It means who wrote that ,doesnt know how to speak english in a minimum way. ..punto. .nothing else.

Personally I love my mother in a way, I love my girlfriend/ wife in another way, I love my brother in another way and love chicken in another way.

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what do you know about Rome?

Thx a lot man thumbs up

RE: What do you see.....

see EU forums---------------------->

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Where is your James Bond suite buddy ? laugh rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up thumbs up


No Dawn ,célibataire means in french no kids ,never married. Nothing to do with religion ,and yes I love animals too. teddybear

RE: All of you always remain happy.

I will man . Thank you: cheers


Any celibataires on here ? Celibataires = no kids , never married.

Nothing to do with singles.

Just a curiosity nothing else. wine cheers

what do you know about Rome?

No . More then a day man thumbs up

RE: Should You Tip?

Thx ,no I wasnt away .Yes, I guess I double tip. The service and the food in major restaurants in france are good. The french bar is not like the usuall english bar that you sit down and you have a chip butty or like merry england. Here in bars you can play loto ,euromillion and at the same time have a cup of coffee ( expresso ) and most of them,they are also tobaccos and they have tables that you can have a quick eat. Croque mesieur, Croque madame ecc...ecc ( type of sandwiches ). And no as much as I love mc-donald ,whimpy, Burger King, KFC I dont leave a tip.

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RE: Should You Tip?

Hi 2girlsnocup, nice to see you back.

I always tip in restaurants and bars ( cafe's).Eventhough in France the service in most restaurants is included in the bill. I also tip when I take a simple coffee at the stand at a bar, without sitting down.

RE: Really, at the end of the day its all about You ?

@ Butterfly you know me. I Never ..Never. .Never. ..Never worn a mask.

teddybear And that's also in real life teddybear

RE: don't give your email

Never handshake Facebook yes thumbs up

RE: Why do people go on dateing sites when they don,t really want to date?

02:27 France, Picardie, L'oise, Monceaux.

In half hour I will go to bed.

@ impulse.

If you want to hear the story. .let me please tell you.

One day ( dont remember the date )I was talking with one of my many italian friends on fb ( face book ). And suddenly CS Puped up.
( if your looking for singles dont look further - something like that ).
FYI since not long they are adverts that pup up on fb.

So I decided to give it a try,and in my back of my head a voice was wispering dont be a foul Alex..! But you know you gota try to see.

So when I loged in I was straight forward called a Web disegner and a scammer ( cause my pic was side ways) ,you know a new face just puped in,and I said to myself where the hell am I ? But then slowely I relized that there are actually good,honest and real people here on blogs and polls and threads.

So yes HERE is more a social site then a dating site.

And as I said before, if your looking for dating ( relationship ) in my humble opinion you have more chances to shut the computer down and get out that door and find yourself a good man. Better then ANY SITE.


Ma man thank you ever so much thumbs up

RE: "Just Saying",,,My CS Experience has been!!!,,,& How about your's???

Oh I see,sorry about that man.

Yeah, I'm trying to win my shyness first man and then if my personal situation let's me be more free, I'm thinking I might give it a try. In Paris.

Thank you

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