RE: What´s the best country to visit in the EU?

Italy, no doubts.
This the most beautiful country in EU I ever visited.
But I visited 80% of EU countries at least once.

RE: Why most western woman dont wanna have relationship with asian men?

First of all, I'll write my own personal opinion and, probably, 99,99% European ladies won't be agree with it.
I also blocked Asian region, because I simply don't want to communicate with people, whom I won't meet with in real life.
1. All Asia is too far from my location and I don't have plans to relocate there.
2.Religion. 90% of Asians aren't Christians and it's really important. I won't change something in my life in this domain.
3. Physical attraction. I prefer tall and light-eyed men, but 95% of Asians aren't tall (enough for me) and they have mostly brown or black eyes.
4. And finally, oriental life-style and mentality are something special, and European people rarely compatible to it.

P. S. I didn't want to write this, but...
Too many Asian guys try to relocate to Europe, using relationship with European women. It's only way to do this faster. Sorry, but I don't want to be only a useful opportunity to change someone's financial situation.

Real interest or time wasting?

Actually, nobody had suffered yet. But only because some people and this site as well warned me about scammers' style of communication.
At least few of positions of this list are really "popular" among scammers.
But for me the main hint, that my penpals scammer, is one(or two) picture in profile. When you ask about more, scammers ask for your private email address, but no pictures are coming. For such cases I have one email, which I don't use normally, where I test scammers.

RE: Is euthanasia an ethical act.???

I think, if there is no chance to live normal life without any special help, and death is a matter of time and sufferings of the patient and their close people, I think euthanasia is the really good way to end the suffering.
I saw my father, suffering from cancer. I wouldn't like to feel all this. Better quick death in sleeping, than terrible existence only with strongest analgesics.

Real interest or time wasting?

All these ways are used already, but they work good enough with celebrities' pics, which look like these pics normally. I mean more "creative" scammers, who use simply some stolen pics of other "normal" people, not pics of any movie stars.

Real interest or time wasting?

I agree, filters might be more serious and flexible in the same time.
Regarding, PoF I heard very positive reviews about site and it's users, but... I can't sign up on PoF from my country. Something wrong with Latvia at them. I tried to do this in other country, but returning home I can't read my messages and my profile is being blocked.

And PoF isn't the only place, where Latvians are not welcome. It's a big problem.

Real interest or time wasting?

Could you advise some addresses? confused

Real interest or time wasting? means that this isn't only my impression... It's a pity.
Thanks for your opinion.

Real interest or time wasting?

One contact - during what period?
One week...month...year...?

I've got long list of "contacts", but when it comes to real meeting or at least adding as friend on Facebook, nothing is going on.
All of them are disappearing in a fog. lol

Real interest or time wasting?

To be honest, are there any real people, who really are interested in meeting someone special here?
Seems like 95% of local users are fakes or simply time wasters.
Do you believe that profile with one or no pictures may be real ones?

My experience says that all of them are scammers...

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