RE: moving to Europe

Do not forget rain coat ,boots and an umbrella too. yay When you are here in EU if you come till my garden you may see the main door you can ring the door bell.Cheers

Walking your kid to school do you think as wasting time?

I am not a mother who thinks as a waste of time walking to 8 yr old to school. *

Walking your kid to school do you think as wasting time?

Dear every one thank you so much for your comments! That helped me a lot. I am not a mother who think as a walking 8 yr old to a school. As adults and also who gave their idea as when they were kids. Thank you all! As I always do I decided to listen to my sens :)

RE: Girls, if ye had 4 husbands or more what would you like them to be good at most? You probably have t

Well one for cooking and cleaning the house/one for go shop till drop and pay bills/one for have romantic massage and sex/ one for just go out and say cheese to the photos and be my true husbandapplause So that is how I cultivate if I had 4 husbands but I had one ex husband I think that more than enough for my life time dear! I am not sure if I want one again at all but I gave it for the time to decide.

RE: Who would you NOT like a night out with?

I know only three people from there I prefer some one else other than those not who are auctioning on the share market.yay yay

RE: What do you think of homosexuality practice in the society.I'm not against this practice to be hone

Sorry I hit the enter button accidentally!
what I wanted to say gay or what ever practice where ever it is not their own thing to decide... just sayinguh oh By the way who is "to be hone" means?

RE: did you cry when you were born and why...?

I jumped and walked around. And drink bukkayay

RE: what is ur fav pet and why is that

I am a pet lover too I want to have both but cannot click both.... at the moment I have 2 cats a lizard snake and dog...grin grin

The best vacation could be

yes I know what you mean I have done that too,,, that really pain in the heart when see the reality,, canada is nice to slide with a sled and have fun like a kid with snowgrin

The best vacation could be

From my whole vacation spots I have enjoyed when I came to Serbia 3 years ago with my daughter. It was much interesting the tour we had Derdap National park on Danube river, that was amazing to be honest I liked it there...

The best vacation could be

Cannot say no there is lot things to see and enjoy,hope your friends will have a good time there!

The best vacation could be

That is not a vacation sport ali it is killing time spot people go there when train getting delayyay

The best vacation could be

yeah sure if you make the turky yay

RE: Scientology...

please ask from TOM CRUISE he knows lot about that and his income go there totally I think that is why woman leaving day by day

RE: Pestering Squirrels...

With out knowing what it is no idea where to vote

Best Birthday gift you are willing to have?

Be prepared I will be in USA in two weeks,,, grin grin I am sure your profile will be off for another months yay yay

Best Birthday gift you are willing to have?

Okay I will keep that in mind to feel doing that I need to see your face otherwise hard to imagine laugh

Best Birthday gift you are willing to have?

hi guys thank you for all your replies,,,, I will keep in mind okay

RE: how many women and men actually view and post on here?

I am mostly popping in to third one from down to upyay

RE: How many mature, intelligent women here have received creepy mail from guys 20+ years younger?

Not only creepy mail once in a bus a 20 years old asked me out!

RE: Best T.V series

24 was a good one! I liked it a lot... but then it was not there any more NCIS muah okay but there better things than that...the rest of the shows I have no clue.

RE: Ladies , you like the

????? looking for statistics

RE: Do Women Cheat on husbands

I can say only about me. I don't know about other. Nop I did not cheat no one!

cannot agree on one thing I prefer to

Globally no exact situation in general wise! In daily life.

When I am dating I rather upload

Truly agree but some does not take it serious!

When I am dating I rather upload

oh joey are you not watching news how many accidents are there per day? why ? because gofy is driving you see.grin

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