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RE: fake profiles

yeah.. Iam one of them... hahaha

RE: millionaire

I was rubbles millioner in 90 th in Russia I had a good life
but not like know living in Europe

RE: If you had the power to change one thing on the "Male/Female body, what would it be?

women's small brain makes big problem for a man.

I would prefer a man with big brain rather than a big d...k

RE: looking for love

fun and love are totally different things.
would be better for you to place your photographs
cos, a women cant get in love in to invisible fantom.

RE: Marriage is.....?

marriage is death of love

RE: Ladies do you ever think what it would be like to have passion with two men,..

do read better her threads!!! she meaning completely different things! you,re moron....

RE: Ladies do you ever think what it would be like to have passion with two men,..

yes,I had got strong passion to two men in one go, but I did smock a bit marijuana ( who wan,t
had got this experience??). But i saying about passion NOT a LOVE. Big difference...

RE: advise from me

very good advise, particularly if you( she) stupid, unintelligent, or scammer

RE: Dead Slugs

in France we,re eating them in boil butter with garlic. very nice!

RE: russia war?

Don,t panic guys! NO war! Only cold war!

Only local war.Putin may be dangerous men

but obviously not mad men he have children

and grandchildren.

RE: Europeans and Obama

Regarding Obama in the USA. Media seems to be on the fence about him. The people are disliking him more and more each day. Our country is falling apart. We work long hard hours if we are lucky enough to have a job. Many of our companies are now employing Indians overseas to do our jobs. Our medical system has gone downhill. He sent our troops to afghanastsn and we have since lost over 7,000 soldiers....why? Now this thing with Russia...why doesn't Obama mind his business?[/quote

Iam absolutely agree with you! Why he sticks his nose where it should not?

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