This was one great movie. A Beautiful Mind gives a great portrayal of the Psychosis in John Nash. I didn't know that he and his wife were killed in a car accident on the New Jersey Turnpike blues

RE: Alababma ban Abortion

Very true. Well I guess we have grounds to establish this last bastian for abortions not allowed for any reason.sigh

RE: Alababma ban Abortion

hole Speaking from my vantage point, I was wondering when it would come about that rape or incest is not an excuse for abortion. The only thing left now is to condemn abortions to save the mother. I notice that is still an option to have an abortion in that case. Why? If life is so sacred let the fetus get all it can from someone who's been on this earth much longer. Someone we know and love given up for someone nobody knows yet. Just wondering, not taking sides, just wondering when this will happen.

RE: Internet

I have a bundled package that includes TV, Internet, Phone and WiFi. Darn thing goes up every month. Exploring other alternatives.very mad

RE: French kissing

Photoshop city.

Should Senator Fraser Anning be Punished?

I've heard everything now. A Go Fund Me Page raising $25,000 for someone that assaulted a person. This is only the beginning of more crap in this world. very mad

Should Senator Fraser Anning be Punished?

I think if the Senator is punished, that teen should be punished too!!!! very mad

Should Senator Fraser Anning be Punished?

Sorry I was being facetious devil

Should Senator Fraser Anning be Punished?

Senator Anning hit a teen who smashed an egg on his head. They are calling for him to be punished for daring to retaliate against the poor child. Do you agree?

RE: Classic MoTown

Miss You Teddyheart wings

Spam Emails

The fake domain they use is

Spam Emails

That would take forever. The names they use are something like [email protected] and then the next time [email protected] etc, etc

Spam Emails

Anything to them bounces because they do not have a domain.

Spam Emails

How do you handle spam emails that keep coming into your mailbox from the same domain? At one time I was able to trace these emails and report them. Now I find the same spam emails are now coming from an unregistered domain. What's left to do now?dunno

RE: why do some people talk about things that happened years ago and blame parents for stuff that is bad

Kids blame parents for any bad things they feel or the way they act because they are too afraid to take life on themselves. They are afraid to make their own mistakes so why not blame it on their parents for things that don't go right. "Gee Whiz, if I hadn't been damaged by my folks I would have led a perfect life". What idiots!!!!!doh

RE: Is it important what your mother/father or children thinks about a potential partner for you?

I wish my mother or father had said more about the "choice" I made for a partner. Sometimes silence is not golden.blues

RE: Do You Recycle? Glass, Plastic, Paper, Metals etc?

I recycle but people in homes a couple of doors from me don't even put out a recycling bin. It's mandatory to recycle here but sometimes I wonder if it's worth it if people can just get away without doing it. It's got to be noticeable to the recycle people what houses don't bother. Yet, nothing is done. Kinda depressing to know people don't care.blues

RE: do you hold any grudes against family members...?

Toxic family member has been cut out of my life. So true, you can choose your friends, not your relatives.doh

RE: Do you own and use an Air Fryer?

YUM!! I wondered if these things worked well.

RE: My Fondest Childhood Memory Is

This will really be dating me but every third Thursday in August, the Sunday School sponsored a bus trip to Coney Island. We cooked all the food the day before and a lot of us ate it on the bus. The rides were great. I went on the Cyclone, the Tornado and the Thunderbolt roller coasters. If you remember the Steeplechase, that was one ride I was scared of falling off. At least the memories are still there. cheering yay

RE: Have you ever just sat and thought,, Damn I've been through a lot of s*...?

Exactly the same with me Bearwoman. How in the world did I do it? I think we all have inner strength we can draw from during those horrible times. We are stronger than we know.peace

RE: What is your pet peeve?

People who are pronouncing the word contribute differently now:

CON tri bute instead of con TRI bute

RE: My computer was hyacked again. It was frozen solid, a phone number to call a techincian was given

This is what I do when those pesky warning messages pop up on my machine. Then from the task manager delete the program I got the message in. I usually run a quick scan after just to make sure things are ok.
thumbs up thumbs up

RE: Women and men......Partner and other forced/violent sex....

All sorts of environments is so right, even marriages. Imagine not being able to say no to your husband! Anything said was just an excuse . . . "all you have to do is lay there." Long ago and far away a dumb woman with no one to talk to about it, no where to turn, managed to endure for 10 years. Left when the beatings started.

RE: Phobias

I have trypophobia. I just found out what it was. All I originally knew was that seeing a certain pattern of holes bothered me immensely. Sounds utterly crazy, bonkers. blues

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