RE: He's asking for.....

Sounds like the guy I was emailing who wanted to have sex right away to see if a relationship was worth pursuing. frustrated sigh very mad

RE: Describe your self in 3 words!

Growing Old Gracefully

RE: Men using umbrellas manly

Never can tell what people think. My ex felt that way. Didn't even use a hat in the rain. Household stuff was only for women. Once when our son was small he kicked him in the butt because someone said "he was walking funny."

RE: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

I don't get why there is a show with a fat, chubby kid on it. They are just using her and the attention will be her downfall.

RE: why!! :(

Sometimes we all feel this way. Even when I had my perfect job, there were days I just didn't want to get up and go. If you can work thru it just know it can be common. If it becomes so that you just can't function and and just cannot work thru it, it's time to consult a professional.

RE: views on the offending movie

With all the crap that is posted on the internet today I find it crazy that one thing by one unknown can be held responsible for causing an all out war.


Men have a hard time facing up to women. It's like a man breaking up with a woman is unheard of. They have to "arrange" it so that the woman initiates a breakup. I don't think a man can form the word NO when interacting with a woman. It's all around and around instead of the direct route.sigh

RE: The eldery - where is the best place to live

You are absolutely right? I think the lack of respect for elders is one of the sad commentaries of this day and age. I even read somewhere that these young think elders have to earn respect. Like all the hard work and dues we've paid accounts for nothing.

RE: What should I do as my feelings haven't changed?

She's not literate and wacked besides. You're probably one of many to which she sent the canned first message. professor sigh

RE: Younger Guys Older Woman

handshake Hey NJGirl, I'm originally from Tinton Falls handshake

Nothing wrong with us older women dating younger guys. Same as dating our own age group: Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. For me, I wouldn't blame it on the age difference.

RE: Teacher of 43 pregnant from 16 year old student

I agree about the "luxury jails". I know a few people that have passed away who would still be alive if they could have taken advantage of this. Instead all they got was just a slap on the wrist and thrown back out into the world. I was actually wishing they would do something serious so they could be kept in jail. How stupid is that way of thinking??? dunno sigh crying blues

RE: height troubles

I prefer men under six foot wine

RE: How many times were you married?

Once was all I could manage. blues

RE: Has aging given you a fair deal?

I'm happy and glad to still be kicking at my age. I try to eat healthy and get in some exercise cheering dancing super motorcycle playball boxing boogie

RE: The top 10 phrases that make me cringe.

Money Talks and Bull Shit Walks . . . . .hole

RE: Can you swim?

Nope! sigh

RE: Biggest lies from a guy’s mouth

"My wife and I don't sleep in the same bed"

RE: Is real life more exciting than a book?

They say truth is stranger than fiction. VERY TRUE! professor

RE: Happy Birthday To Me

July is a good month!!!!!peace cheers cheers cheers

RE: What is the national dish/dishes in your country?

This thread made me hungry . . . .

popcorn pizza burger cake

RE: Short Jokes

Actually a doctor did say this to me. Unfortunately I was young and too stupid not to walk out!!

RE: When Do Parents Let Go?

She has to fend for herself now. She has a partner, let him step up to bat. The guilt-trip ploy is how a lot of kids shame people into carrying them instead of figuring out things for themselves. It will cause long lasting damage to bail her out. (Think 64 year old sister still living with her 95 year old father with him footing the bill for everything.) doh

RE: How many Hours do you work in a Week ?

Retired here. Volunteer a few hours a week. Nice to spend time doing what I want to do.

RE: Whats Your Favorte Quote?

The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones . . . .

RE: Such is Life....

We are all headed down that age highway help blues

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