RE: If you were to build a house; what style would you prefer?

Having minimal floors on an upper level helps when you get older. But I still wish I had one room upstairs. Exercise doesn't hurt. dancing

RE: How do youll feel about interracial dating

Not a thing wrong with it in my book. wave

RE: Words that can mean something else, fun thread




RE: is there a difference between power,and strength

Power to me implies something projected outward, whereas strength is an internal asset.

RE: Would you date someone with Bipolar if you knew before the relationship started that they had it?

A person that is bipolar and on their meds is great but the problem is that as we age adjustments must be made to the medications. Before these adjustments are made it's like they are off their meds. dunno

RE: An older man...

Nice and well if you are a SS/pension eligible couple with a dependent child. Being single in that situation is not that great.

RE: If it were possible and knowing what you know now, which period of your life would you go back to an

Childhood, when our silly made up words sometimes turned out to be bad ones and when mom told us they were not nice words, we had no clue why.

RE: may temps in march.

I want more winter!!! help dunno snowman2 snowglobe snowman

RE: Do you believe in Survival of the fittest?

Survival of the fittest doesn't mean doing without all the modern technology that is helping us live longer lives. It's just a fact that even with all this good stuff, as we age our bodies are less able to fend off the nasties that have been floating around. Things we could fight off in our younger days, now throw us for a loop. Unfortunately, I guess it's just a fact of life. sigh

RE: Should teen offenders be tried as adults?

Aren't we bending over backwards giving "children" all these "rights"? Well with rights come responsibility. I'm sure we can come up with a "Boys Town Prison" for those that deserve it.

RE: Hello Dear? ewww

It's either "Hello Dear" or "Hello Pretty" doh


Great Listing. Thanks, I needed a laugh.

RE: What's Your Blues Name ?

Screamin Killer McGee here rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Long Distance

I have to agree. You just cannot get to know someone far away. Too much pressure to make those infrequent meetings count for something.

RE: Finally, Stephen Hawking , the "most intelligent" man, in this world has also SAID it!

The great man was too ill to attend his 70th birthday celebration. God be with him.


Sometimes it's just one of those days. . . . .rolling on the floor laughing

RE: what are your predictions for 2012 ?

There will be a reality show about homeless people.


A Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to everyone here on CS. teddybear teddybear

RE: ive beaten it...

Victory is yours!! peace

RE: Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all a good night gift wine beer cheers handshake

RE: dont let your meatloaf.

If 3 is all you had to start with. crying

RE: He Threw His Two Year Old Daughter Into The River To Die

I know how you feel. Trouble is even though my divorce was on the grounds of extreme cruelty, I never in a million years thought my ex was capable of turning my children against me. That's how it went on for so long and I was clueless. You can never get back those years with your children. That is something you may be able to forgive but never forget what you have lost. sad flower sad flower

RE: He Threw His Two Year Old Daughter Into The River To Die

Thanks "galrads" and "montecito" for your kind words. handshake

RE: He Threw His Two Year Old Daughter Into The River To Die

WOW, that is something. My ex wasn't the killing type but when I divorced him he said that I could have my son but he would have my daughter. I did not know what he meant. Too late I realized that he brain washed my daughter against me. We are estranged to this day. God knows what he said and what she believes about me. She's over 40.

RE: He Threw His Two Year Old Daughter Into The River To Die

Not everyone is meant to be a father, even if he has been married. I wonder if this poor child's mother was told by authorities "how horrible it would be to try and deprive a man from being a father"? Stupid judges and lawyers don't know everything.


Married men call themselves getting the best of both worlds. Clueless wife at home who does all the domestic chores and gives him the air of respectability and the woman on the side he can visit and then leave.

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