RE: Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all a good night gift wine beer cheers handshake

RE: dont let your meatloaf.

If 3 is all you had to start with. crying

RE: He Threw His Two Year Old Daughter Into The River To Die

I know how you feel. Trouble is even though my divorce was on the grounds of extreme cruelty, I never in a million years thought my ex was capable of turning my children against me. That's how it went on for so long and I was clueless. You can never get back those years with your children. That is something you may be able to forgive but never forget what you have lost. sad flower sad flower

RE: He Threw His Two Year Old Daughter Into The River To Die

Thanks "galrads" and "montecito" for your kind words. handshake

RE: He Threw His Two Year Old Daughter Into The River To Die

WOW, that is something. My ex wasn't the killing type but when I divorced him he said that I could have my son but he would have my daughter. I did not know what he meant. Too late I realized that he brain washed my daughter against me. We are estranged to this day. God knows what he said and what she believes about me. She's over 40.

RE: He Threw His Two Year Old Daughter Into The River To Die

Not everyone is meant to be a father, even if he has been married. I wonder if this poor child's mother was told by authorities "how horrible it would be to try and deprive a man from being a father"? Stupid judges and lawyers don't know everything.


Married men call themselves getting the best of both worlds. Clueless wife at home who does all the domestic chores and gives him the air of respectability and the woman on the side he can visit and then leave.

RE: Is it a good idea to pay off a mortgage?

Not having a mortgage feels good. Maybe it's just in my mind, I don't know. I wouldn't have any qualms about taking out a reverse mortgage either if I needed it. Not leaving anything to anyone LOL wine


I use baked shredded potatoes as the bottom crust for my ham and cheese quiche.

RE: COFFEE do u take yours?

I love the flavored cream (Amaretto) with a dash of decaf coffee. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What did you do today?

Soaked up to my neck in a nice warm bath and listened to a radio station in our area that starts playing Christmas music November 1st. grin

RE: Have you ever dreamed something that later came true? Describe it!

My dream happened long ago and it was my only one. I dreamed that for some technical reason my husband and I weren't married. We were supposed to remedy it and I was hesitating. My friends were laughing and saying "oh go on, you know you're going to do it". And I said, "if this wasn't a dream, I'd show you". We did divorce some years later.

RE: Can u live without a TV?

I miss the good old days of radio too. I really wish they would bring them back. I guess books on CD is the closest I'll get.

RE: Do you believe in "Online dating"?

We've got teenagers who can't manage to meet anyone except online. How times have changed. doh

RE: Joe Frazier

It's really a shame this wasn't caught before it attacked his liver. Everyone should be diligent about his/her health. God be with you Joe.

RE: History of the internet

With apologies to Dennis Ritchie, Ken Thompson and Brian Kernighan.sigh


I do get bitter at times but then I get even. If they only knew!! But they don't have to . . . I do . . . . devil


I bet it's cancelled out by the cost of Medicare Insurance which is going up as well. dunno

RE: Education

Absolutely Notprofessor professor professor

RE: Communicating on Internet Dating Sites

I usually bail on the one liner people or the ones that say they can only discuss certain things. Losers . . .doh

RE: How long can a girl stay with you, before she claims half your assets.

Sure can't be anything wrong with locking her out as soon as possible. She may be preying on your kindness to sucker punch you. Get with it.

RE: Regional limitations

Absolutely, positively true thumbs up thumbs up

RE: Have you ever traveled alone?

LOL, there are some of us, if we waited to travel with someone, we'd never go. My father never liked to travel and my mother said she always regretted not just going without him. Most of my trips are with groups and you do meet a lot of interesting people that way. Take the plunge, don't "wait" for anybody else. If you want to go, look into the clubs or church groups in your area. One trip just might lead to a few more.

motorcycle super transport

RE: black deer

Beautiful animal!!!

RE: Do you hold a grudge

It's not holding a grudge, it's remembering what was done so the fools can't hurt you again. tongue

RE: How would you women react if your husband / boyfriend came home with a shaved head?

I've seen a lot of men shave their heads because they are going bald. I think it is a way to keep their youth, albeit extreme. doh

RE: Family Or Pets

Take heed, sometimes animals know what we don't know. Might be interesting to see just how that kid turns out!!

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