RE: I want to make Babies so much that it hurts that I have no Partner.

Good idea. Practice before you see what's in store for you. Volunteer at day care centers. Enjoy!!

RE: What do you call a woman ...who is on a dating spree and entertaining many men..even when she has a

I'd call her a man. grin

RE: New guy from Geneva, Switzerland

Welcome, Welcome hole

RE: Being lead on.

If this guy can't be proud enough to give this information then he is probably a scammer that has no idea what you are talking about. Lot's of scammers using the umbrella of "military" to hook people. Sorry blues

RE: excuse me!!!!!

Waiting moping Waiting moping

RE: Heaven and Hell physicaly Exist

Yes they exist and sometimes I think they are both right here on earth. blues

RE: What movies have you seen that people raved about but you thought were completely crap?

Anything with vampires in it.

RE: Travel or Not???

Smart move. Never hurts to do all you can to secure your future. This world has a tendency to farm older people out to pasture. very mad

RE: just saying hello.....

cswelcome Hope you have a fun time

RE: A dilemma

I think if you did give up on love and magically it did appear one day, you would still recognize it. Don't ignore your wants and needs in a relationship just to have someone. Once I thought my expectations were too high and I settled for someone that was really not my type. The only thing I experienced during that time was the agony of it going any further. I was sure a happy camper when "he ended it". LOL LOL yay

RE: what you don't know will not hurt really don't wanna know?

Absolutely not true. What you don't know can come back and bite you and the hurt is just as fresh as if it happened yesterday. Same for "ignorance is bliss".

RE: Thoughts on LD relationships

I can see it maybe working if two people already had a relationship and then were separated. But to start from scratch to try and develop a LD relationship, I think it has two strikes against it.

RE: ignore or help...

I think your helping turned out to be the right thing to do. Some people when you try to help them, they become hangers on. This person does not seem to be that way. It would be great if we could all help people like that but you never know how a person will be. Some take advantage of the very people that are trying to help them. Some spoil it for all and a bad experience may prevent people from stepping up to the plate. I'm glad your experience was a good one. angel

RE: What does SEPARATION mean ?


RE: Why people choose divorce?

Except for the scum of the earth who use their kids to exact revenge on a spouse.

RE: Why people choose divorce?

Sometimes you make a mistake and marry the wrong man.


I returned and saw under the sun,
that the race is not to the swift,
nor the battle to the strong,
neither yet bread to the wise,
nor yet riches to men of understanding,
nor yet favor to men of skill,
but time and chance happeneth to them all.

Ecclesiastes 9:11

RE: Would you have sex with a monkey

Makes you wonder doesn't it?

RE: Do you agree with this ?

The only way they can get models with wafer thin bodies is to exploit younger and younger. By the time you are 20 you've got too many bulges.

RE: Problem.................Ask Auntie

Aunt Vinny, are there professional victims in this world??? Are we duty bound as Christians to take care of them for their entire lives?

RE: Do you believe the story of Adam & Eve?

Maybe he was given a p*nis after he left the Garden. Right in line with the other sins he would soon be facing. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Do you believe the story of Adam & Eve?

Of course there was incest. Incest didn't have the connotation back then that it has today. Adam and Eve were pure but of course they sinned and had to vacate the Garden. However their bodies didn't get every affliction known to man right then, so incest didn't harm the way it does today.

RE: What was one of the hardest things you've ever had to do or decisions you've ever had to make?

Sometimes family gives the most problems and the most hurt.

RE: So You Think You Had A Bad Day

Now I'm really afraid to have the bone spur on my big toe taken care of. moping

RE: is wealth worth holding onto

I agree. My ex used money I made before we married to start his business. He said I'd get it back. When I mentioned it, he said "you have a roof over your head". doh

RE: single fathers also need rights

For every single, decent father, there is a piece of trash like my ex. I didn't even want him to have visitation rights with my kids. But my lawyer said the judge wouldn't take kindly to a woman "keeping a man from his children." Well he had visitation alright and his sole purpose during those visits was to turn the children against me. I had no idea a man could be so vile. To this day there is discord. This is just one tragedy. I don't think devils like this exist anymore. I hope your son is not the victim of a she-devil presided over by a "could care less" judge.

RE: How long does it take to rocover?

A break up from something you "thought" was real can be as devastating as an actual death. Almost as if a breathless state sweeps over you. A mourning period is natural but don't let it overtake you. Persevere and try to direct your life to the new and positive . . . whatever that may be.

RE: Debt ceiling! Obama wants a fair deal and Republicans playing games!

Every other president has raised the debt ceiling, some more than once!!!

RE: Can you have it all in life?

I hate to repeat but . . . . There's something to be said for being comfortably unhappy. wine

RE: Love the mother but cannot cope with the step-kid(s)!

Sometimes kids are the spawn of the devil. devil

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