RE: Nasty replies to your nice messages on CS

Goodness, what effort does it take to say a kind word?

RE: We need a new sex thread !!!

Since we went this far, I'll be in excruciating pain unless we do it. yawn

RE: Describe urself in one word!

Wishful . . . . . sigh

RE: prez says grandma gets less&bush tax cuts live on/fair or foul.

God forbid if we try to have a bit of pleasure in our lives. sigh

RE: Strange baby names.....

A man in the company I worked for had the initials and surname of I. M. Fine.

RE: Greatest Thrills

My job that I secured, managed to work at, progressed up the ladder and enjoyed for over 25 years. wine

RE: money is useless without true love

There's something to be said for being comfortably unhappy!

RE: Is Casey Anthony guilty?

Murdered or accident she was taped up like a mummy and dumped to rot and nobody will ever be held responsible. Nice world we live in. Casey Anthony and her mother and father are misfits.

RE: The Engagement Ring

When I divorced I had the stones from my engagement and wedding band put in a different setting. New setting, new life.

RE: Why do so many men stop communicating when they are in a personal crises ?

Always the way. sigh sigh
Men don't communicate thru email, phone calls or text messages if there's no "prize" in sight at the end of the rainbow.

RE: "PET PEEVES"....Lets get real!!

This is so true. I'm glad to hear that someone else hates this. I think my ex set the stage for this by declaring that "I always wanted somebody to kiss my feet". Relationships ruined because of this. What a waste.

RE: Whoa!!

Way to go!!thumbs up thumbs up

RE: Groupe francophone public créé sur ce site

Je ne parle pas français. hole

RE: Man Goes To Jail Over $1 Robbery

My healthcare kept going up every year and now my former company no longer gives their "token" help to pay for it. It still is processed through the company so that does help a little. Little by little retirees who thought they would have a comfortable retirement are learning otherwise. moping

RE: Is having lots of money a good ambition?

There's something to be said for being comfortably unhappy. wine

RE: Sey Moon ...

Only have binoculars but they are ready!!!


Tuna Salad and tomato sandwiches wine

RE: Where you live now...

I wanted a more temperate climate but I jumped into a frying pan coming to SC. It is too darn hot. I'm wondering where else I could live that wouldn't be as bad.

RE: How many mistakes do you make every day ?

Unavoidable, due to the fact that mistakes made in the past are fodder for the ones we make today and in the future. blues

RE: borderline personality disorder

Besides being a serious mental disorder, manic/depressive people can be very manipulating.

RE: why african & nigerian women give deceive?

Maybe they are just "saying" they are from Nigeria. professor

RE: Do short men stand a chance?

I like men taller than me (5'3") but under six foot. But I have to admit sometimes (depending on the person), it all goes out the window. smitten

RE: how many of u like to travel alone!!

If I waited to travel with someone, I would have never gotten anywhere. So, yes, travelling alone is not that bad. Luckily most of my travel has been with groups and I just room alone. So I guess you could say I'm "partially" alone. laugh

RE: Web-sites : For 40+ TRAVELERS

thumbs up thumbs up Yes, where are they?

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