RE: tell me your opinion please

In other words, men are the only ones allowed to be picky. When women act the same way, they are "playing hard to get".

RE: Would you lose weight for love?

Dating for three years and now he decides he wants he wants slim? Dump the bum. I bet dollars to doughnuts he's no prize laugh

RE: What's Your Favorite Cologne For A Man / Perfume For A Woman?

Giorgio Armani's Acqua Di Gio for a guy!!!!

RE: why R u in international site?

The local forums have absolutely nothing going on. yawn

RE: WARNING to my CS family

I got email from two sources saying my email was hacked. frustrated

RE: if you become the opposite sex

I wouldn't do that obvious, famous comb over. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Are you afraid of being alone?

thumbs up

If I was afraid of being alone I wouldn't be where I am today. It would be nice to have someone to share my life, but my life doesn't depend on another person. I can't tell you how many friends and relatives have shared their lives with someone for years and years and then . . . the person dies. And nine times out of ten that person still dies alone with no one there when it happens blues

RE: Which internet browser do you prefer?

Gave up Internet Explorer for Chrome, much better

RE: retired trucker

OMG, Heaven on wheels!!! I would love to travel in that thumbs up

RE: Women after 50

I know exactly what you are talking about! Doctors sure do not know it all.

RE: Women after 50

I have had trouble sleeping for so long. It started when I was still working. Every now and then I go to bed and don't fall asleep right away. They say get up if you don't go to sleep right away but I'd get up and could stay up. I don't think this will ever end for me. Tried everything under the sun. dunno

RE: parable

This is so nice, thanks for posting.

RE: Men dying their hair...

Men, please don't dye your hair if you are still doing the comb over rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: its a woman's job to clean cook all jobs around the house

Sounds like my ex's philosophy. He never lifted a finger around the house. He might be laughed at. Couldn't wear a hat or use an umbrella in the rain. Too feminine. He paid the bills but I had to ask him for money to do the shopping for the family. He never withheld it but I had to ask. If I didn't, he wouldn't give me anything. When our son was about six, one of his friends laughed at the way he was walking. He kicked our son in the butt. No blurring of the lines between the sexes with him. Funny, I thought this mentality was extinct.

RE: are you growing old or growing up?

Still thinking what I want to be when I grow up. cheering

RE: Are you you like to make things?

Beautiful work. Nice that you have your pal's reflection.

RE: fish

Raw Clams daydream

RE: colors!

I love sage green

RE: in a 70-year life time........

Yep a new improved release, out take valve rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Does your left hand know what your right hand is doing?

I'm right handed but I write a mean back hand doh

RE: too picky or

Picky here. Tried settling for less. Not fair to either person professor

RE: Update From Sassy

How wonderful you are. I think the two of you will be just fine.


RE: how many of u are single like me this valentines day!!!

Another lonely Valentine's Day for me too. wave


I didn't like the fact that he expected me to walk and follow behind him. thumbs down

RE: mother shoots teenagers for mouthing off

I hate to say it but killing and not serving time would have saved me a lot of current heartaches in my life. But alas, I don't think I could actually do something like that.

Picture is a few months old. roll eyes

RE: mother shoots teenagers for mouthing off

Wow, so when I was in fear of my life when I was married, I could have killed the a**h***?

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