RE: Can you forgive?

Suppose the people are family?

RE: do you think tobacco products will ever be totally banned?

thumbs up

Where else can you market and sell a known harmful product and get away with it? Food and Drug Administration would swoop down on anybody else.

RE: heart

I don't know about drinking but it can be caused by medications prescribed by doctors. I know this firsthand.

RE: When I was a kid

My mom said my closet was so messy it looked like a rat's nest. I believed we had a rat in the house that found my closet. Well, at least it worked to make me clean my closet. blues

RE: Protect your e-mail

Sorry but I tried this and the bounced mail was a red flag that something was accessing my address book but it continued on after that bogus first message and sent to my contacts anyway. The bad part was the bounced mail was caught in a loop and somewhere in time it was still trying to send that bogus message. This went on for a couple of weeks until I guess it finally died.


Nothing wrong with splitting the bill when going out. Usually it blocks those men who think once they've spent a total of $32.45 on a woman it means they are entitled to "liberties". rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: should i die?

I've gotten some good advice for situations I've been in. It's good to get a different slant on things sometimes. With all the diversity here you can count on a million ways to look at things.

RE: should i die?

Some people think he is just joshing.

RE: should i die?

Well at least he started a long drawn out thread where everyone had to add their two cents. laugh laugh

RE: should i die?

We can never know how someone feels until we walk in their shoes. It's really easy to be on the outside looking in and passing judgement. That goes for all of us.

RE: should i die?

You missed the point: The way he feels about his parents' pain and wishes he could do something about it. Good Grief, killing one's self over anyone is crazy.

RE: should i die?

I left a little leeway. I said "most" and "many" LOL

RE: More Dead

The government would never give us the truth about anything. If it's a choice between mass hysteria and a lie, the lie will win out every time.

RE: should i die?

Your life is very different there. This culture cannot understand your thinking because most of the time there is no honor or respect for people when they get to old age. Many are put away in a home so we can forget and go on with our own lives.

RE: Post a funny saying

Money Talks and Bull Shit Walks blushing

RE: ~ If you had ...~

Japanese Maple

New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR New Jersey. Sorry about the snow.

RE: Are u...

Somebody put him together in prison? shock popcorn laugh

Sorry the devil made me do it. devil

RE: How do you break a Red Flag Dating patern?

I agree. If he's serious, these arrangements should be ok with him. Don't fall into the trap that you will not find anyone, this is loosing respect for yourself. You should be proud of who you are and not have it depend on finding a man.


We are all on the same wavelength, all animals seek sex.

RE: Contract for 2011

What a wonderful contract. Best to you too. wine

RE: Merry Christmas!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. Wishing everyone the best for the season. santa waving dancingsanta

RE: Yahoo mail-emails from yourself ???

The email spam comes from someone you know and it has a link in it. I have never opened the link but somehow it went thru my contact list and sent mail to everyone like it was coming from me.

RE: Your seafood choice is.......

Can't choose. I LOVE all those choices!!! wine

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