RE: black bra

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Where oh where has the love gone? sigh

RE: mother shoots teenagers for mouthing off

I will NEVER, NEVER understand why. IF somebody knows please tell me.

RE: mother shoots teenagers for mouthing off

This was the story of Marvin Gaye. He threatened his father in a drug-induced haze but didn't follow through. So later his father came back with a gun and killed him. I'm sure Marvin never saw it coming. His father NEVER served any jail time.

RE: it makes my blood boil...

If you take the job, you should do the job, no matter what it is. Especially public service jobs. If you don't like people. . . HELLO . . . get a different type of job.

RE: soap operas

It's always somebody shot, somebody dead, somebody pregnant, somebody having an affair, or somebody getting married for the 10th time.

They run these scenarios into the ground. frustrated

RE: are you a giver or a taker

I enjoy giving and that is joy for me. Unfortunately there are always takers who take advantage of the givers. blues

RE: How are you spending Saturday night?

Curling up in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine and a good book.

RE: torture?

Sure is, three meals a day, exercise time, medical care, library time, free clothes, shelter from cold/heat, a bed to sleep in. Plenty street people would live in an 8x10 box with all those amenities even without the freedom.

RE: Your ex.

This could be the story of my ex. He was the devil when he lived. He made no amends for his life and from what I hear, he owned a Bible. So God has forgiven him, and all the shit he caused is still here for us the living to deal with. AMEN.

RE: was i wrong

Crazy doh

RE: Family and Relationships?

I met a 60 y/o man on line. He was separated (a no no for me) but asked if I could make an exception and chat with him. We chatted for a while and then it came to light that he was trying to straighten out his life. He lived in a home in NY but bought a home in NC to start his life fresh and maybe we could meet in person when he moved. Well, it seems his separated daughter now lives in that NC house and she's been there since October. His home in NY that he's "been trying to sell" has his other daughter AND granddaughter living with him. Now it seems that he won't be moving to NC because "what will become of his daughter and granddaughter". Seems he's taken responsibility for everyone but himself. Good grief, how much time does he have left for himself. I wished him good luck with his problems.


Love flavored half and half in my coffee. Don't need sugar!

RE: Buying Affection?

My ex bought and paid for our children. Of course kids are going to be mesmerized by all the things money can buy. I couldn't compete with all that so I was left behind and he became a saint. Still hurts even today.

RE: are parents strict enough on there kids

I said it before and I'll say it again, if children were treated like adults they would be put under the jail.



RE: Pregnant : your sensations

Feelings also depend on whether the pregnancy was planned or a "surprise".

RE: Kids...

thumbs up

Enjoy while you can. Although leaving the nest is natural, there will be that emptiness in the pit of your stomach when you are alone.

RE: Can a tidy person and a clutterer live together in harmony?

If they are waiting to film their spot on the TV show "Hoarders", the answer is NO! rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Can you forgive?

I think we can forgive people for our deep hurts but to forget is to allow it to happen again in our lives.

RE: Can you forgive?

Suppose the people are family?

RE: do you think tobacco products will ever be totally banned?

thumbs up

Where else can you market and sell a known harmful product and get away with it? Food and Drug Administration would swoop down on anybody else.

RE: heart

I don't know about drinking but it can be caused by medications prescribed by doctors. I know this firsthand.

RE: When I was a kid

My mom said my closet was so messy it looked like a rat's nest. I believed we had a rat in the house that found my closet. Well, at least it worked to make me clean my closet. blues

RE: Protect your e-mail

Sorry but I tried this and the bounced mail was a red flag that something was accessing my address book but it continued on after that bogus first message and sent to my contacts anyway. The bad part was the bounced mail was caught in a loop and somewhere in time it was still trying to send that bogus message. This went on for a couple of weeks until I guess it finally died.

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