RE: Yahoo mail-emails from yourself ???

The email spam comes from someone you know and it has a link in it. I have never opened the link but somehow it went thru my contact list and sent mail to everyone like it was coming from me.

RE: Your seafood choice is.......

Can't choose. I LOVE all those choices!!! wine

RE: being nice does not work

So. . . enjoy yourself, spend money on yourself, travel by yourself, eat out by yourself, decorate your home for yourself. When you get enough of that, volunteer yourself to some of the needy causes. Just because you are alone doesn't mean you should stop living. Stop concentrating on finding that "one" person. It's really not the end of the world (only seems like it). professor

RE: My heart is heavy today.

My condolences. There is such pain in loosing a loved one.

RE: Takes a "village" to raise a child?

No good deed goes unpunished.

RE: how to cure a crushed heart?

Just as there are professional users, there are professional victims. sigh

RE: Children as Friends

thumbs up thumbs up I agree.

Also, in the business world you don't see supervisors being friends with the people they supervise. THIS DOES NOT WORK!!!

RE: How old is to old?

And men are the only ones that can change partners and have their "first" child. This is especially prevalent with the rich and famous when it's written up. Maybe the last paragraph "mentions" the other children if at all.


Retirees getting screwed by my company. We will have to pick up the entire cost of our health insurance. The subsidy they provided is gone. The free life insurance policy they gave us will vanish too. doh

RE: Only thing we have in common?

It's just convenient no strings sex whenever he wants it. That is not love.

RE: Please help me understand what I did wrong !

Meeting some one online who is in another country does not usually work out. I often wonder why people do that. What's wrong with the area you live in? Are you serious? Paying for all those visits and thinking he is sitting home thinking about you when you aren't there. I'm sorry but in cases like this absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder. He has his life there and fits in the disruptions of your visits to suit himself. His "personal committments" are probably with another woman. Settling for what he gives you, he could probably find a couple more women on the side who are willing to "settle" to round out his life. I hope you wise up.

RE: need to vent!!!!

Same thing happened to me but my payment to him was reduced by the amount of principal I had paid. I did have to refinance to pay him off but it was heaven owning the property without his name on it. Might be tough but it opens up more options for you.

RE: Wife Beating

Interesting! Denial of sex is a form of abuse. So I guess that's what my ex's lawyer was laughing about when I stated that my husband raped me during my petition for divorce. Ha ha ha he laughed, a husband "raping" his wife. It was karma many years later when trials were actually held for this act.

RE: Wife Beating

Yep. The fact that he punched thru the door right next to my face and his ranting so that spit was in my face was nothing at all. dunno

RE: Wife Beating

This is very true. I know first hand.

RE: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all! wine

RE: Tell A Lie About The Person Above You #4

Is all set to marry a millionaire. I'll expect my cut when it happens!!!

RE: Surname.

The only thing I got from changing my name was a boost up the alphabet. sigh

RE: What would you like for Christmas?

I'd just like a lot of opportunities to get together with friends this holiday season. cheers hug handshake

RE: PALIN for Presdient ?

Her voice is like fingernails on a blackboard.

RE: Regrets

I regret not telling my platonic friend who passed away that he was worth more than the so called relationships I had. I don't think he would have believed me blues

RE: When i'm angry......

LOL I just started to post this one too!! peace

RE: Do you think single life is a better lifestyle?

We wish for things and try to make them happen. We learn from experience that way. I guess that is the way of life. Try to be happy with what we have and the changes that will naturally come to us all.


So this guy posted once and then he's gone? Was he found out?

RE: misogyny.. is this a primal fear of women.. is this a form of dominance ??

I think a man being rejected by his mother would do a lot of harm.

RE: misogyny.. is this a primal fear of women.. is this a form of dominance ??

Exactly the word I would use for my ex. His words were "his mother didn't want him". Guess it was true, he was raised by an aunt. I never saw a picture of his mother. He didn't really care for his father either. When his father married again, he wasn't close to either of them. When his stepmother died he declared his father "killed two women". He banned his father from our house but I would sneak him in to see his grandkids. When his father died he refused to let his children go to the funeral (he did go). When I divorced him (he never thought I could) he vowed that "he would have our daughter". Never realized what that meant until I discovered too late that he heaped negativity about me to our daughter. We are estranged to this day. He's in his grave but his poison lives on. If that's not a text book case, I don't know what is.

RE: If you were on a Wanted Posted what would it be for???

Getting too many Senior Discounts!! cool

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