What if my ex-husband destroyed my family and my relationships with my children? Can happen both ways.

RE: Abuse of Single Parents

And more to the story could have been "mother AND child" killed by this sicko. Would that make it better?

RE: What kind of computer do you have ?

Dell Desktop that's starting to act up. I think they program that into PC's uh oh

RE: whos been to niagra falls

Been there twice on my own blues Falls are quite impressive.

RE: I Miss The Little The little things in life...from child hood

Riding the stick horses grandpa made for us.

RE: Poor Man In Trouble

Haven't you noticed that life is not about having everything you want. It's the process of seeking what you desire. wine


super motorcycle cool

I'm ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Why do women smoke, when they spend a fortune on makeup

Same reason men smoke and then spend a fortune on those performance enhancing drugs. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: If your 15 year old son came to you and said i am gay. What would you do or say?

I know you're just kidding but how ironic. Your screen name describes what's happening to a lot of gays and of course, nobody knows why. dunno

RE: How "Unconditional" should unconditional love be?

There will always be professional "users". They always seem to make their way successfully somehow. Don't you be a professional "victim".

RE: Rascism and immegration.

I think CS picks and chooses who to respond to. The heck with the others dunno

RE: Tell me your IP address and I'll tell you who you are.

Well they sure don't respond to proof that a person is a scammer. Do they ignore things like that sent to them?


Maybe that is the way they treat women in their homeland.


True, some think they are God's gift to women.

RE: Where would you most like to go on vacation?

I want to go back to Aruba cheers wine wine wine

RE: Controling relationships in & out of Bed.... Both Sex

I lived in a controlling marriage back in the 60's. People would laugh at the stuff I endured for 11 years. I was pretty dumb back then. Well, you live and learn. I'll never get into another situation like that.

RE: DEAD Beat Mothers

It is tragic. My ex tainted my relationship with my kids during his court mandated visitations. Get this, the kids lived with me and I had no idea what was going on until it was too late.

RE: $7 SEX

Eldercare at its best!!!

Check this out

They are among us. rolling on the floor laughing

Check this out

Does this person (second from left on page 8) look familiar to anyone? I think this is the most used picture in the world.

RE: Should stupid people be allowed to vote?

Why just pick out voting? They drive cars, reproduce, go to church, shop in supermarkets and are even on Connecting Singles.

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

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