RE: Would u accept..

Sure, the age difference doesn't mean as much when you get older LOL

RE: hi any one need ?

Are you a doctor? confused

RE: i just want no?

What are you running for? dunno

RE: Amazing elephant story.

Darn it. I was expecting a nice touching story with a happy ending. frustrated

RE: A long distance relationship vs. a local one? Whats your oppinion?

I think you hit the nail on the head here. In the beginning you are near each other and can establish a relationship. THEN if circumstances separate you, there will be something to build on.

RE: Do you think you are like your horoscope sign?

I'm definitely a Cancer but maybe it is luck that the words match me so closely.

RE: Happy Labour Day ....

Everybody enjoy! cheering cheers drinking wine



RE: Stephen Hawking: God did not create Universe

Stephen Hawking: Love him for his will to live in spite of everything.

RE: Has anyone had any luck on here?

Very entertaining here to say the least. drink pouring popcorn hole

RE: Is it wrong to want to marry for money or a better life?

Something to be said for being comfortably unhappy.

RE: Is women Body is more erratic than men??

Sometimes I do erratic things.

Sex Change

I started to put this under the joke thread.

Warren Beatty's wife Annette Bening has agreed to pay for her daughter's sex change.

The daughter is only 18 years old. For crying out loud, 18 years on this earth and she knows her own mind for something this serious? We all thought we knew it all at that age but some things we found out weren't that smart and came to our senses without too much damage.

I know, I know, some people may be born in the wrong body but this is way too soon for that decision.

Do you think a teenager is old enough to make this type of decision?

RE: when you meet some one for the first time and he wants sex how do you know your not being used?

Just remember it's the "let's get the sex out of the way so we will know whether the relationship is worth pursuing" ploy.

RE: would u react if your hubby or boyfriend came home with a shaved head!?

Hopefully he would discuss it with me before he did it.


I've always thought this, not only for older single men but for the ones that are married and suddenly become the devoted husband after years and years of cheating. laugh

RE: I can't walk away from him

No, surely not another relationship but exercise those brain cells and come up with something that will enable you to maybe not forget but to shield yourself from the pain he has caused you. Pretty soon you will look on the things he says or does as nothing significant in your life. Please try.hug

RE: I can't walk away from him

But you must substitute something else for your "craving" of him. Be it bad (try not to endanger yourself) or good, you must throw yourself into it. Something way out of the ordinary and something you have not done before. Good Luck.

Are You a Friend?

I would think that's the way it should be.

Are You a Friend?

If you were in the midst of people and they were saying bad things about one of your friends, would you put your two cents in and stand up for your friend or would you remain silent?

RE: Health Insurance...

Maybe he was looking for more healthcare for himself.

RE: Relationship with a foreign person ?!

I guess people should follow their heart but sometimes I just think to myself, "gee, why didn't you just look to see who's around the corner?" dunno

RE: Is viewing a profile

You are right on target. thumbs up

RE: Where do you live?

I live in a single family home next to a magnolia tree that drives me crazy. Flowers are beautiful but the clean up is constant.

RE: have you ever taken illegal drugs

Watch out for those unattended glasses drinking doh

RE: What sort of jobs have you had?

Typist for a local newspaper
Typist US Army procurement office
Typist US Navy munitions department
Typist for medical laboratory
Bookkeeper auto dealership
Typist/trainer/developer/supervisor/Y2K tester for a telecommunications company

applause cheering

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