Single and ready to mingle wine beer

RE: how can i get love and the feeling of wanting life again?

Hi Mick,

Sorry for what is happening in your life. You are dealing with a lot. This is a great site for bouncing your thoughts and situations. Great people here. Different insights might show you ways to deal you haven't thought about yet. Don't abandon ship. hug

RE: ending a relationship

Don't worry too much. You had the strength to end the relationship, you will have the strength to move forward in your life. hug

RE: pit bulls

A lady here in the south was walking to church when she was attacked by a pit bull. Her arm had to be amputated. I don't think they ever found the owner of the dog. If they do they should be put under the jail.

RE: Being Late....

I'm always early but you know, now I call that a "bad habit". I end up angry because everyone else is late. So actually I'm hurting myself by being early. confused

RE: Euthanasia

If there is no hope, just give me something to ease my way and don't deprive me of the medication because it might kill me.

RE: For you men, Who do you prefer to handle your wife? a male or female Dr.

My God, would you really go so far as to telling your wife who she could get medical help from?

RE: So does the saying treat them mean to keep them keen work?

I don't think so. If anything, a violent man will seek someone who he can dominate. What better person to fool than a woman from a normal household. Been there, done that.


I hate to burst your bubble but I tried living as an example to teach and outside forces turned those I was trying to teach against me. You may reap what you sow but there's always some weeds in that harvest.

RE: Foods And Their Benefit

Great info. THANKS!

RE: why old aged people remain more intrested in sex

Is that a new language? I didn't think we had to abbreviate on here? Did I miss something?

RE: Tai Chi

Actually it was a class offered at a Senior Citizens Activity Network (SCAN) in New Jersey. Not only a good workout but it trains you on balance which is critical as we age.

RE: Tai Chi

I love Tai Chi. I'm trying to find another class to take in my area. You can get a very good workout going thru the moves. Almost as good as aerobic exercises.

RE: It's Complicated...(constructive opinions greatly appreciated)

Forget him. Believe me if he was interested, no rain, sleet, snow, broken bones, tornados, sickness or work could stop him from interacting with you professor

RE: Ways to deal with difficult people

Some people play the "pity" card. And I have to say they've made out better than a lot of us.

RE: Who finds badly spelled thread titles a turn off.

Bad spelling is everywhere. I used to work for a company that wanted to lower its testing standards because they couldn't get enough successful applicants. dunno


True. And leave it to me to have picked one like that. I regret everything about my ex from the day I met him. Can't change the past but my life is still tainted from his evil.

RE: Do you realy like your birth name!!

Wow, Ioana or Iona must have been popular. I knew some one named Iona Bell. applause

RE: Do you realy like your birth name!!

I used to work with a man whose initials and last name were I. M. Fine.

RE: What are Your 3 Words




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