RE: Ways to deal with difficult people

Some people play the "pity" card. And I have to say they've made out better than a lot of us.

RE: Who finds badly spelled thread titles a turn off.

Bad spelling is everywhere. I used to work for a company that wanted to lower its testing standards because they couldn't get enough successful applicants. dunno


True. And leave it to me to have picked one like that. I regret everything about my ex from the day I met him. Can't change the past but my life is still tainted from his evil.

RE: Do you realy like your birth name!!

Wow, Ioana or Iona must have been popular. I knew some one named Iona Bell. applause

RE: Do you realy like your birth name!!

I used to work with a man whose initials and last name were I. M. Fine.

RE: What are Your 3 Words




RE: What is the most heartless way to dump someone?

The "it's not you, it's me" ploy.

RE: Do you read profiles with no photos?

Photos or no photos, does it really matter. I was contacted by one person (not on this site) that had a nice picture. He wasn't smiling but that didn't matter. We planned to meet and then he added . . "now don't be surprised but I have a couple of teeth missing in the front." I covered by relating my experience getting my teeth in shape. Luckily, he emailed me the next day saying he didn't think we were a match. applause rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Regrets

I often think about how things would be if I could change a lot of my regrets. But perhaps things would have turned out worse than they did. Who knows dunno

RE: who pays the utility bills in ur family?

The bills are all mine here, but at least no explosion about an occasional splurge. cool

RE: Any lady who can help me to migrate US/CA

Right, he could have said he's looking for his one and only 8,000 miles away. love


FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! laugh

RE: Are you being too picky?

Mentally as well as physically for me. I haven't come across anyone as perverse as my ex but why not try for a life you can be happy with. I will not die if I am alone.


AMEN! This to all those that want sex first to see if any type of a relationship is worth pursuing barf

RE: Are you being too picky?

Don't be so quick to judge so called "picky" people. There must be some basis behind it, and I'm not talking about the "happily ever after" movies and books. Some of us have lived our dislikes and don't want to go there again.

RE: Say Something...No Names Need To Be Mentioned...

People looking far away for their one and only and right around the corner someone waits. blues

RE: What are you past experiences in LIFE?????

Trying to teach by example doesn't work. You can be doing the best you can, but if there is somebody painting you in a bad light behind your back, it's all for nothing.

RE: Age limit women = 45???

Got that right. We've parked our walkers and traded in our Metamucil for wine wine

RE: Do you believe in abortion?

Those who are anti-abortion should allow this pregnancy to continue as well.

RE: My favorite beverage is...

Champagne would be my first choice but I'm afraid to open the bottle. Maybe just as well . . . I could have it for breakfast, lunch and supper.


You truly deserve all the best. wine

RE: i am 42 years old and never had any children of my own do you think i should still hope to or give i

.... and men are the only ones that can have "their first child" with an infinite number of women.

RE: Is there such a thing as a bad child?

Granted there are some that have been helped by these rights BUT these "rights" have done more harm than good. It brought about the end of family as we knew it and paved the way for the disrespect and the uncaring attitudes that we are faced with today.

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