RE: Am I the granny of the site?

Grandma here too . . .cheering

RE: Girls, What do you want from us??

Somebody that doesn't need to prove anything to anyone.

RE: Where the hell is everyone?

Still no chatters. I think people just ignore what anybody writes in this thread.

RE: Jamaica!!!

Please, please be careful. hug

RE: How many times have you been married?

Only once for me. Too young and too dumb. blues

RE: Jamaica!!!

Yes, be very careful about drugs. When I was leaving Jamaica they first had our suitcases outside the plane and this official was urging his dog to inspect them. wow

RE: Jamaica!!!

The last time I went which was a few years ago, they stressed not going around by yourself. Driving to my hotel you passed thru lots of poverty and people just hanging around. The hotel was all inclusive and you could book tours and activities thru the hotel which was great because I was travelling alone.

RE: Spousal Abuse......What the f*ck is up with that?

Wow, that's what my brainwashed daughter told me after I said her father had beat me.

RE: Spousal Abuse......What the f*ck is up with that?

Boy does this bring back memories. My abusive ex made it impossible for me to work. He would jam the garage door so I couldn't open it and get the car out or he would take some part out of the car so it wouldn't start. I finally gave up and stayed home but he got worse. I had to ask him for every cent I needed even with two kids to care for. When the hitting started he had me believing that nobody would believe anything I said. To prove it after he punched me in the face he dialed the police station for me to talk with a dispatcher. Little did I know the dispatcher was one of his girlfriends who had no intention of sending the police. I found this out later when someone else in the office called me and said how she was laughing about it. Don't know how I did it but I took the kids and left after that punch and never went back. Luckily I had family to go to but I could see some abused women with nobody to go to staying in a horrible situation. Of course back in my day they didn't have the shelters they have now, and believe it or not I didn't know anyone who was divorced. Thank heavens for progress. We need to put information out there to make sure women in abusive relationships know what is available.

RE: Promote Yourself! - What are some of your best qualities...

I'm pretty happy most of the time, self sufficient and not looking for a ride, enjoy meeting people and going places. I try not to be judgmental but it's hard on this site sometimes. I try to believe the best of a person until I'm proved wrong.


RE: Older man Younger woman

Sorry about that but at least I'm criticizing my own group. blues

RE: Older man Younger woman

What geriatric man wouldn't want to sit home on his butt waiting for his young honey to come home from work? Most women aren't like that . . . tongue

RE: why the long distance messages?

Ditto here about getting messages from far away. I do like receiving mail from everywhere and corresponding on here is interesting and fun. But the ones that want to try and start a relationship really frustrate me. Maybe some people can manage getting to know someone far away but not me. Email and phone are ok but they don't replace the interaction that comes when you are face to face. So if travelling from California to South Carolina to chat for a few hours over coffee interests you, go for it.

RE: Shocking Story - A Human Lamb !!!!!!!!!

I think this is a fake too. They can do amazing things manipulating computer graphics.

RE: Is being a single parent hard or easy for you

The hardest is dealing with all that AND an ex who is doing their best to paint you as scum in the kids eyes.

RE: The Bar Is Open.................It Is Always Ladies Night..............

Eyes stuck open here. I need a strong nightcap. drinking

RE: Maybe this will help someone. (long winded)

Franko, thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like you went thru a lot of emotional and physical pain. I know they say that sometimes going thru a lot causes us to be stronger, but what you have gone thru was enough to break any man. I pray for your continued progress and strength.


Ok South Carolina people, it's 3:30 p.m. and the snow is flying. Enjoy! cheering

RE: Needed or Wanted???

In my Psychology class the teacher said that "Men marry their queen, their daughter or their mother."

Their queen is someone they can put up there on a pedestal and admire.

Their daughter is someone that needs them to take care of them, someone who looks up to them.

And of course their mother is someone who takes care of them and makes sure everything is ok for them.

RE: WHO of any DEAD famous

Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan

RE: East Coast Blizzard

I wish you well my old home state of New Jersey. Can't say I miss being on the phone trying to find someone who could plow me out. Usually took three days after I got on someone's list. Then came the price gouging: $200 to take 15 minutes to clear my driveway. doh

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