RE: Single Representatives... are you represented at any level in govt.?

The showing of typical "Family Values" has been in the news a lot lately. What we've seen hasn't been much to say the least. I guess single people give the illusion of being fancy free and able to do whatever we want without repercussions. Hey wait, maybe both situations are illusions laugh

RE: Very Interesting...Want Your Input/Feedback

Then I guess technically, if everyone was going 55 there should not be anyone in that far left lane. And if they were in that lane and going 55, they should NOT get a ticket.

RE: Very Interesting...Want Your Input/Feedback

Our town has recently tried to implement the 2-hour parking limit around the stores in the major parts of the town. Of course it was met with all the negative comments and even the store owners are trying to get it repealed. One of the main reasons it was started was because the employees were parking in the choice spots all day while they were at work. There are no meters and cars are marked the old fashioned way: chalk on the tires. I'm not sure how to resolve an issue like this. dunno

RE: How was your day?

Finished my taxes!!!! applause yay dancing


. . . . and then they will just go to the next young thing and try to convince her to have sex. If at first they don't succeed, try, try, try, try. Even if you do have sex with them, they still might go to another woman. For some, that's their hobby.

Is your Toyota one of the 8 models being recalled?

Wow, I guess not many people have these models.

RE: Please keep my granddaughter in your thoughts & prayers

Positive thoughts and prayers go to your granddaughter Alivia.

RE: wat is ur pet hate behind the wheel

Add to that people that don't use turn signals. I don't think the turn signal has been invented here in SC yet.

RE: What is the current Temperature in your Area ?

It was 25F at 6:00 a.m. here. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr Feel like I'm back in NJ.

RE: Sherlock Holmes

Absolutely NOBODY can mimic Jeremy Brett. He was great as Sherlock.

RE: What would you do for your health

What an inspiring thread. Thank you Navygirl1 for posting.


RE: Justice is served best Cold

I remember the made for TV story about her. It was her ex-husband who made her kill not only him but his new wife. Amazing.

RE: Where the hell is everyone?

Where in the Northeast did you grow up? I'm originally from New Jersey. I've been here in SC going on 6 years.

RE: Should a couple stay in a Relationship if they are always fighting.

Not only bad for the marriage but detrimental to their health and well being

RE: Where the hell is everyone?

I'm still here too. Let's make this forum a little more busy for 2010 yay

RE: Why would "you" tell a lie?

That was during the stupid phase of my life when I sacrificed my feelings to protect someone else's.

RE: Why would "you" tell a lie?

I'd say to stroke someone's fragile ego.

RE: Crazy woman

She might be off her meds. If she doesn't take them, she should. She also might be a manic/depressive. With that type of health problem it's a constant battle to keep the medication correct AND to keep the person on the medication.

RE: If someone has over 30 and never married and no kids ,do u think is a strange person?

Not necessarily a strange person. But after passing negative judgement on someone else who is married with kids, I can see them not wanting to take the chance that they themselves might not be "perfect".

RE: Hello...h e l l o...h e l l o...h e l l o...h e l l o

Welcome!! Lots of insights and different ways to see things on here.

RE: Is there really such thing as "too masculine"?

Too masculine probably means different things to different people. For me, an ex who . .

never lifted a finger to help around the house (woman's work)

never wore a hat or carried an umbrella in the rain (not masculine)

kicked his son in the butt because he was "walking funny"

didn't allow his son to take music lessons in school (not masculine)

I think he carried his "manliness" a bit too far.

RE: Can cuddling be just friendly?

Good for you. So nice to hear a man enjoy something that doesn't automatically lead to sex. I lived with my ex for over 10 years and he was the extreme opposite.

RE: what

Very true. Everyone is special in their own way. Aren't we lucky to be able to interact with people!! That in itself is wonderful.

RE: Sarah Palin takes Fox News Commentator job

I think she is going to be picked at, picked on and ground down. She's got to be out of her mind to step into something like this. But I guess the name of the game is get viewers no matter what it takes.

Haiti was "Cursed"?????

Maybe Pat Robertson is getting too old!!

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