RE: Is a joint bank account wise?

If you need a mortgage for your future living arrangements just make sure your name is also on it!!!!

RE: Scars...

So true.

RE: Tiger Woods Is MOST Desirable, Because...?

Money Talks and Bull Shit Walks.

RE: What Does Christmas Mean For You?

Yes, but after a hard time, things do smooth out a bit more. Gone but not forgotten. . . . wave

RE: Best/Worst line to start a conversation on CS

A first mail message with just a phone number.

RE: What Does Christmas Mean For You?

This will be my first Christmas without my sister who passed away in August. Toning my Christmas gift giving way down and trying to do more for those less fortunate. A good New Year's Resolution for all of us. wine

RE: Who is your all time favourite detective?

Sherlock Holmes with the late Jeremy Brett. A master!!

RE: Tiger, Tiger, Tiger......

Your wife was very lucky. I know there are a few exceptions. Glad to know one.


RE: women's Life

Turnover is good.

RE: Tiger Woods, my theory.

I think he was putting his vehicle in for the night and saw an alien lurking in the shadows down the street. He got in his car to investigate and this thing jumped on his windshield causing him to swerve and cause the accident. The alien caused his doors to lock. His wife beat off the alien with the golf club and smashed the back window so the glass would not injure her husband. Case closed. professor

RE: Thanksgiving Alone

GO DALLAS!! cheering

RE: marriage

Why is this your goal? You are soooo wrong to concentrate on this.

RE: If slavery was legal today, would you own a slave?

I've known people that lived together just fine but as soon as those "papers" came into play, everything went south.


Santa Claus is dead. dunno

RE: what made you choose your profile name?

About 5 years ago I was new in the south. Don't want to change it to old in the south LOL


Does anyone remember that "The Office" was on BBC TV before USA stole it?? The British version was rather good too.


Hey, thanks. I don't have any favorite stations, it's just that I want to have a choice of radio stations, . . . ANY stations. I like talk radio too. I know a lot of people do listen to radio over the internet but I just miss that box with a dial LOL Guess I'm showing my age.

RE: Do you think Angelina Jolie is hot?

As are most pictures of stars today. You can do a lot with a computer.


Real here. Hi neighbor.


Radio, what's radio? This place is the worst for radio stations!!! HELP!!!! Now I remember what I miss about New Jersey.

RE: Hello from an old friend...

My sympathy to you. Take care.

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