RE: when its all girls send hate ...cause they can not get what they want??

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RE: No Identity

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RE: Why do some wait till date number 9 to have sex?

Why don't horses climb trees?

RE: No Identity

Not flying is the least of your worries and there are more than a few downsides to not having a birth certificate. You should try and rectify your situation as soon as possible.

RE: Do you smoke cigarettes?

I never smoked but what difference did it really make? I grew up during the time people smoked everywhere. Second-hand smoke city. dunno

My Old Home State

Good old Jersey was great during the holidays. I arrived AFTER all that snow and while I was there the rain melted it. applause Some things have changed but others I remember well. Take care New Jersey! yay

RE: Reasons Why Fingers Are Better

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RE: violence in a relationship

Truer words were never spoken. I was the first in my family to seek a divorce for any reason. I just could not live with someone physically abusing me. No matter what the alternative, I was willing to risk it. My ex though I could never manage a divorce. He was one surprised devil and I never looked back.


I do a lot of bus trips (day and overnight). Never had the opportunity to travel by train but I think I would enjoy it. Airplanes are getting tougher to have enjoyable travel.

RE: I'm leaving this website because nobody wished me MERRY CHRISTMAS

You are sweet. handshake

RE: I'm leaving this website because nobody wished me MERRY CHRISTMAS

I thought you left a long time ago LOL

RE: Thank You God

I used to think this way but I'm wondering now if we humans are responsible for all the wrongs in the world.

My Old Home State

Well, getting ready to visit NJ and . . . . Bingo the snow is back. Why did it wait until I was ready to visit to return to its former glory???? LOL

RE: Sarcasim and smartass remarks

Duggard baby number 19 . . . . and they say that China is overpopulating the world. She's out to change that statistic!!!

RE: Too many women?

Thank you! handshake

RE: Too many women?

The hardest thing in life to realize is that nothing lasts forever. We hardly give it a thought when we are young but as the years pile up, the losses seem to poke thru our armour and stab us with pains that become part of who we are.

RE: Name a car that starts with P!!!



I prefer someone under 6 foot.

RE: Tiger, Continued...

To borrow the reply from another forum:

Money Talks and Bull Shit Walks.

RE: What is the matter with people on this site...........

This has been my experience too.

RE: Kill the Gays.

I think the whole world needs this with all the crap that's going on.


Sorry to hear about your pain. We all search for our soulmates and sometimes we find them, sometimes not. Unhappily those that do find them may loose them as you did or in death. In the end we are all alone but we can't let that stop us from seeking the comfort of people to surround us. Wishing you all the best.

RE: Is a joint bank account wise?

If you need a mortgage for your future living arrangements just make sure your name is also on it!!!!

RE: Scars...

So true.

RE: Tiger Woods Is MOST Desirable, Because...?

Money Talks and Bull Shit Walks.

RE: What Does Christmas Mean For You?

Yes, but after a hard time, things do smooth out a bit more. Gone but not forgotten. . . . wave

RE: What Does Christmas Mean For You?


RE: Best/Worst line to start a conversation on CS

A first mail message with just a phone number.

RE: What Does Christmas Mean For You?

This will be my first Christmas without my sister who passed away in August. Toning my Christmas gift giving way down and trying to do more for those less fortunate. A good New Year's Resolution for all of us. wine

RE: What Exotic Islands Chain would you like to Visit Most?

Save me a seat!!! cool

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