RE: Best Friend

So sorry for your loss. I know the feeling. I lost my sister recently. It is a life changing event, physically and emotionally. Time eases the pain but never the sense of loss.

RE: Can you name a funny thing your pet did

I finished washing clothes and was putting them in the dryer. I closed the door and turned it on. I heard this thumping noise and thought for a minute "I don't remember putting sneakers in there to dry". YIKES!!! Opened the door and my cat flew out screaming.

Another time I was putting things away in the hall linen closet before I went to work. When I got home, I thought it was strange my cat didn't greet me. I called him and heard this far away meow. Finally found him closed up in the hall closet. He was in there all day.

RE: is it weakness to forgive?

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

RE: the best male actor ever

Anthony Quinn

Comedian Soupy Sales Dies

He really was great in his time. Some of the modern day sitcoms copy his style (e.g., camera going in for a close up of a persons facial expresions). THE OFFICE does it big time.

RE: Does having sex before marriage prepare the couple for marriage?

The old "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free" ploy.

RE: ROLE CALL!!! Single?

Thanks HotrodLarrys! Here's to you finding what you are looking for too. cheers

RE: Same Sex Marriages......yes/No ?????????

And to think man was supposedly higher than the mere animals. Did that ever turn out not to be true.

RE: Should incest be brought out in public or Should it be kept in private?

It should be brought out in public but what's with waiting until the person is dead (e.g., Mackenzie Phillips and her dad).

Same think happened with Christina Crawford writing Mommie Dearest after her adoptive mother Joan Crawford died. Coward.

RE: Ladies Only

Do You?

RE: d on d


RE: When was the last time someone said to you "I love YOU"?

Been a while since I heard those romantic words.

RE: Do you remember?.................


1930's,40's, 50's and 60's

We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned HOW TO DEAL WITH IT ALL !

We sure did! Not like my daughter who . . . now how did she put it. . . . . didn't ask to be born.

RE: ''age is just a number baby''

Finally!!! Someone that says it the way I say it. THANKS!!!! applause

RE: i love new jersey!!!!:-) i need gossip!

Hoping to go back to my old home state of New Jersey in December. It will be soooo nice to explore it again.

RE: Good Morning

Good Morning, overcast here yawn Good day to go back to bed. Almost noon and still feel this way.

RE: i love new jersey!!!!:-) i need gossip!

If I could import the soft shell crabs, clams, mussels and the fish right out of the ocean plus the Jersey tomatoes, my life would be complete here in South Carolina

RE: i love new jersey!!!!:-) i need gossip!

Ahhhh, good old Garden State Parkway and Route 287 north. sleep

RE: i love new jersey!!!!:-) i need gossip!

I tried posting in the New Jersey Forum but that really has been dead. I'd like to hear stuff from my old home state too. I lived north of Asbury Park and South of Newark in Tinton Falls.

RE: Existence of God v Science

A few times they've showed Sagan's Cosmos series on TV. It looks so old fashioned now. I wish he was still around. I haven't seen "Contact" but I'm sure it was good. Remember impersonators doing Sagan's "billions and billions" ha ha ha

RE: Existence of God v Science

I thought it would have been great for him to at least see Carl Sagan but his droll attitude really surprised me. Go figure. sigh

RE: why lie about your age

I've been getting my discounts for a while now. thumbs up

RE: Existence of God v Science

I liked Carl Sagan too. In the 80's when my son was at Cornell University, Carl Sagan taught there. I excitedly asked my son if he saw him and he nonchalantly said "naw he's on the other side of the campus" doh

RE: love

I'm not supposed to be here either?? blues

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