What Do you Think of This?

Thank you all, nice to have some different takes on this matter.


What Do you Think of This?

Thank you for your comments and this is what I may do.

What Do you Think of This?

Thank you too for your comments.

What Do you Think of This?

Thanks for the comments.

What Do you Think of This?

Thank you for your comments.

What Do you Think of This?

But what's the alternative? Bad mouth the dead? They wouldn't believe anything and he's not here to "defend" himself. I don't even think now that I would discuss him with them. If they didn't have the "balls" to discuss him when he was alive, I'll be damned if I talk about him now that he is dead. I sure didn't like him but it's useless and futile to talk about him now.

What Do you Think of This?

You know I had documented my whole life with my ex, from when I got married, to when I divorced him. All the 11 hell years I was with him. I figured when I was gone, the kids could read it. Then when I went to the ex's funeral, I heard my kids talking about a GOD. I couldn't even cry looking at them up there speaking and breaking up. When I went home, I tore up everything I had written. I guess it was then I realized how much I had lost and there was no getting it back.

What Do you Think of This?

ONE DAY? I guess I'm a bit dismayed because of the time this has been going. It's not like I have all the time in the world any more.

What Do you Think of This?

But don't the grandkids learn from their parents?

What Do you Think of This?

I had custody but he had visitation rights. I never in a million years would have thought that he would say anything against me. But all during their growing up years, I didn't understand some of the things they said or did when they were young. I didn't understand it but I knew I wasn't doing anything to cause it. It took a co-worker I talked with to enlighten me when she said "it sounds like they are being coached". Then EVERYTHING made sense.

What Do you Think of This?

When I divorced my husband because of physical cruelty my son was 10 and my daughter was 2. He was very bitter I was able to get a divorce and during his visitations he managed to make my relationship with my son and daughter stressful. He has since passed away but my relationship with them is still estranged. When I lived in the same state as they did, we exchanged pleasantries but nothing more. Visits to me were non-existent even when they had business in the same town. When my son had my two grandkids, I visited more than he brought them to see me. I think both of the kids had been over my house about three times. The one Mother’s Day I was treated, I had to drive an hour to their house and was taken out from there. Otherwise I just always get cards.

For Christmas I’ve been giving the grandkids each $100 gift cards and then I get something for the whole family to enjoy. Not easy because my son is a vegetarian. Sometime I would also get individual presents for the family in addition to the gift cards. I shopped and sent things to my daughter also. This past Christmas was no exception.

I was a bit disheartened when I received my Christmas present from my son and his family: A $25 gift card to a restaurant. I guess my daughter thought it was a good idea because she got me a $25 gift card too. I just thanked them for the gift and did not show that I was hurt. I would like some comments on this situation. Thanks.

RE: Bloody lying parents and adults!

My grandmother told me my closet was so messy it was a rat's nest. I really believed a rat was in the house and had been in my closet.

My aunt told me I was born with six toes. Then she made this gesture like "oh, nobody told you?" I believe for years that it was true and everyone was just keeping it from me. One day I was talking with my mother and somehow the conversation turned toward feet. I said to myself "ok, now she's going to tell me". When she didn't I said, "was I born with six toes?" She said NO, of course not. When I confronted my aunt, she didn't remember telling me that.

RE: Ground Burial, Masoleum or Cremation

I didn't think it was against the law to have a person's ashes scattered. Are there different laws for different states?

RE: after hours of chatting he does not want to meet me

I agree. Not EVERY contact on here has to lead to THE ONE. Before this internet thing we sure didn't fall for everyone we met.

RE: is it true that "we only understand what we are shown"

Quite true, and listening to a lie can often trump what a person sees.


RE: Good one!

How true!!!!

RE: Good one!

I wanted to do something nice so I bought my daughter-in-law a chair. Now they won't let me plug it in. ~Henry Youngman revisited.

RE: The perfect getaway?

I've got to get back to Aruba!! I've been travelling by myself for a while. I love tropical destinations. Now if they would only stop that "single supplement"!!!!!!!

High Riding

Just wondering. I've been watching the racing channel lately and it just looks so strange. Older racing footage doesn't show them riding like that. Now, just so they don't change anything about the way they drive the pacers and trotters!!!!

High Riding

Does anyone know why jockeys started riding in races like they are almost standing up? They don't sit in the saddle anymore. What's with that???? Anyone?????


RE: Abortion

First let me say I am for a woman's choice in this matter.

What irks me is those that are against abortion make exceptions. If they are against abortion, then there should be NO exceptions, not even to save the life of the mother. I would like to see who could sacrifice a person you have known for years for someone who hasn't been born yet. Those who make exceptions in some cases are practicing SELECTIVE abortions and that is the worse kind of abortion.

RE: CS Periodic Table

NTWCMBE = Non Typist who contacted me by e-mail.


RE: Yeah, this is dumb, but I'm curious....

I can eat a large one by myself if it's the kind with that delicious paper-thin crust.


RE: Male OR Female

So very right! thumbs up

RE: women marrying late

Sometimes I think it is just the idea that they will be less than "perfect" mothers and are afraid to chance it. They just might be "worse" than their own mothers were.

RE: Today Sponge

That was soooo funny. She didn't want to waste them so the men had to be sponge-worthy!! rolling on the floor laughing

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