RE: What a scare last night!!!!!!!

I saw in my local paper that a would be robber held a hostage and was shot and killed but not before he wounded a police officer. Just up the street from me. Pretty scary.

RE: hi

Hi there wave

Enjoy yourself and try not to take some things too seriously.

RE: How's the weather out your way?????

We might be going down into the single digits this weekend. Luckily it happens at night and comes back up during the day. applause

Did I get transported back to New Jersey???? confused

RE: What makes a man finally commit to a woman?

Guys willing to commit = old age

RE: Man divorces Wife...desires kidney back

When I divorced my ex I got to stay in the home because of the two kids. He had it written in the divorce decree that he wanted the riding lawn mower and he was in an apartment!

RE: do you let your ex see your child he gave up his rights to?

Boy is this ever a good idea. Dumb me, I never dreamed my ex was poisoning my kids against me. So many things I couldn't explain, words I didn't even think they could spell. But it was going on. I never said a bad word against him either. Didn't question them when they came back from a visit. Even talked to him about a problem I was having with my daughter. His response "love her more". He was behind the whole thing. It took a co-worker to set me straight. I was lamenting about my relationship with my daughter and she said "it sounds like she is being coached". Then everything made sense. But of course after years of brainwashing it was too late. I decided to move away and developed a "let him have them" attitude. Lo and behold, he died early. I still moved away. If they couldn't be half-way decent to me when he was alive, I'll be damned if I take the scraps just because I'm the only one left. Very sad situation.


Seasons Greetings, a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to All!!


RE: Introducing myself....

Hello and welcome to the South Carolina thread. As you can see the postings are slim. Some of the other threads are quite interesting.


RE: what matters more: looks or personality?

Unfortunately a person has to have that something that catches the eye first. Sad but true. Hopefully after that they have the brains and personality to keep someone interested.

RE: Do you believe in interracial relationships?

No problem here with dating outside my race.

I've see a lot of cute guys everywhere!!!!

heart1 heart beating kiss

RE: I just need some input much appreciated thank you

Sometimes we are not content with what we have at the moment even though it may seem great to others. I think it is a human charateristic to always want something else. Time changes all things. Try to let your inner self be content with your situation and realize that your "human side" is just that . . . . human.

RE: Financial Security............

Be dedicated and conscientious no matter what job you may have. Don't do it in a half-hearted way just because you need the money.


RE: What can happen when a woman cries rape.

I would like to know what "evidence" they collected in the rape kit. Please let us know how this transpires.

RE: What can happen when a woman cries rape.

This story sounds strange. What happened to the note the woman left in her handwriting with her number on it. If no sex took place, the woman must know she can't prove anything. That's a suit for sure. Or was she under age???? That's what the "no contact" with people usually entails. Now that could be a different story.

RE: Men: If you go on a date and set up another date and change your mind later, Do you call to cancel?

Calling is the right thing to do but now who really says "they changed their mind?" It's always the "something came up" ploy.

RE: Hi

Hello, welcome. Unfortunately the South Carolina threads are pretty sparce.

RE: What might gilly be doing at the moment?

Looking in the dictionary to put more random words in a sentence.

RE: Where the hell is everyone?

Hello, as you can see this forum is rather slow.


RE: Ask a stupid question day

Is it really worth it to have the word "why" in our vocabulary?

RE: How Old Are Your Pics?????

Thank you so much!! hug

RE: How Old Are Your Pics?????

This one is about a month old.

RE: At what age do men lose interest in sex or are unable to perform? Be honest now guys.

You would think so. But the majority of married men out there looking don't seem to want to go that route.

RE: Why do people think that monogomy is....

Oh, I believed it too. How indignant I was when I was told there were things you shouldn't do as a woman because it would tempt men. I remember so clearly thinking "we're higher than the animals!". HA

RE: Why do people think that monogomy is....

I believe if there were no s*xual diseases and absolutely no chance of being caught or found out, everyone would take advange of it.

RE: At what age do men lose interest in sex or are unable to perform? Be honest now guys.

When they have been married for a while. I guess things become boring.

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