RE: Advice

Go up to her and call her by a random name. When she says it's not her, say she looks just like a woman you used to work with a few years ago. Ask her if she has any relatives in that non existent town you used to work in. Go on to real stuff if she seems receptive.

All bets are off if that random name you call her really is her name LOL


RE: New Study Suggests Proof that s*xual Preference is Set in the Womb.......

I think this study is right on. I know there are homosexual tendencies in the animal kingdom, but shouldn't there be a lot, lot more since most animal babies are raised by the female? So much for nuture.

RE: New Study Suggests Proof that s*xual Preference is Set in the Womb.......

People trying on their own to be like the majority.

RE: What scares you most about dating??

I enjoy meeting people, getting to know a guy over coffee or lunch. But then the "letdown" when there's no second meeting or the dialog just tapers off.

RE: what's the temperature

Hit 98 degrees F here today. Tomorrow a bit warmer LOL

RE: How do I stop my cat from scratching my sofas?

I saw in one pet magazine that they actually have coverings for the claws that are glued in place. I don't know if that works or not.

RE: Bad Seed

My mother raised nine children and wanted more so she adopted two others. They were entirely different even though they were raised in the same way.


My post was not meant to single out men. The key word was "relationship". When two people have a relationship, they are never thought of as strangers in the eyes of the law, no matter what the timeframe.


And do you know what they will call it if there are any problems with the two of you that require police intervention? A domestic dispute. Once you have a relationship with someone, you can NEVER be strangers again. Every problem, abuse, whatever, is labeled that way. Sort of under the umbrella of "to be expected" or "not so bad". What the crap is that?????

RE: whats that youre eating?

A soft shell crab sandwich.


I was married to an abusive man and yes, they try to make you believe you are nothing and nobody believes you. He even went so far as to have his "friend" (she was in the police department) answer the phone after he hit me. He even dialed the number. I remember sobbing in the phone and this woman saying "is there a problem?", "do you want the police?" I was so afraid to say yes but finally after one of her questions I said "yes". And it was like she ignored it and kept asking the same questions again. I couldn't understand it. It was a few days later I learned he had arranged it with her. This other lady in the office told me how she was laughing about it.

RE: Best Comedy Movies???

I really miss his comedy. He left too soon.

RE: Best Comedy Movies???

Peter Sellers in THE PARTY.

RE: 3.99 a gallon of gas

thumbs up

Great answer. I don't think everyone can just go out and buy that smaller car.

RE: 3.99 a gallon of gas

Will you be buying a smaller car to support the price gouging? LOL

RE: 3.99 a gallon of gas

It's $3.79/gal here. So what does a local paper do? They make a game out of it. The person who guess what day it will be $4.00/gal will win a prize. Nothing like making a game out of the public being screwed!!!!

RE: what would you do ??

People who have the nerve to do such things usually end up successful because the recipient of such actions are caught off guard, don't have experience in responding to such aggression, or (and it's a big or) the people just can't stand to hurt them. I was asking opinions on a person like this in my own thread. Some people can go on and on like this and not be challenged. It's very hard.

RE: sexy accent

Give me an English accent every time!!!!


RE: what do you think?

This goes back to my original answer where I said a man will not say he is not interested. Even directly asking him something will not provide a satisfactory answer. I bet this one would say he just had something to take care of and SHE is the one putting up roadblocks to him accomplishing it.

RE: what do you think?

This is absolutely true but if it has to be done . . . it has to be done. First time in my life I felt like I was loosing my mind when my friend took a hike. Horrible, horrible, horrible but I did pull through.

RE: what do you think?

p.s. sounds like the guy I knew in NJ LOL

RE: what do you think?

Forget him. It's the old "maybe if I move and don't see her she'll take the hint" ploy. A man's lips cannot form the words "I'm not interested."

RE: Sleep Apnea

Ahhhh doctors, can't live with them, can't live without them.

RE: Sign the "Don't Buy Wild" Pledge

Ain't life grand? 100,000 people dead in the Myanmar disaster, lots more homeless and we need a petition for wild animals.

RE: Something to think about!!

You know it is a good conditioner for the hair.

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