My Old Home State

Hi Everyone from New Jersey. I see the threads in this forum are as slow as the South Carolina ones.

RE: How will you celebrate Valentine's Day?

By myself, just another day here, but you lucky ones have a Happy Valentine's Day.

heart wings

RE: What`s the worst pick up line you have ever herd

So, . . . do you want me to buy you a drink?

RE: What is a turn-off on a first date?

And watches me eat!!!!!

RE: Hello

Hello. handshake

RE: Beer, Wine or Whisky?

Wine and sometimes a brandy.

RE: If & when your parents get too old to take care of themselves what will you do?

Why do you have a question "Put them in a Nursing Home and Forget about them?" Not all Nursing Homes are horrible and not all people forget about those that are in there.

RE: Just a Few Things To Think About...

Now I'm set for the day. Thanks for these.

RE: Favorite Song Lyrics

Bread IF (last verse)

If a man could be two places at one time, I'd be with you
Tomorrow and today, beside you all the way
If the world should stop revolving, spinning slowly down to die
I'd spend the end with you, and when the world was through
Then one by one, the stars would all go out
Then you and I would simply fly away . . . . . .

RE: For those of you who have actually met someone that you met on the internet....

Which is why I prefer email OR in person. The phone does nothing as far as I'm concerned.

RE: Where the hell is everyone?

The snow here lasted 17 minutes 42 seconds laugh

RE: Ladies...Does heighth of a man really matter?

I really like men that are under six foot . . . . . . . where are you all?

sad flower

RE: Ok, Who ordered the

I never thought I would miss the snow since I was from New Jersey but I actually enjoyed it last night . . All 15 minutes and 17 seconds of it!

rolling on the floor laughing

RE: if we are supposed to be all equal as humans

Blue and Red baseball teams. Blue team could have 10 outs, red team just 2. After a few innings the score was 57 to 2 in favor of the blue team. Then the blue team said for the rest of the innings lets each of us have 3 outs. Now it's equal, let's see who wins.

RE: Can people really be this stupid?

I once (and I say once) went out with a guy for a coffee and chat and when we were returning to his car, I noticed that he had placed the sticker for the year on the right side of his license plate instead of the left. You needed plates on the front and the back of your car in this state. Well he said all he had to do was to switch that plate to the front of the car and it would be on the left side. I kid you not. He even went so far as to go back into town and get a screwdriver to prove it. He seemed so adament I almost felt maybe my mind was going. Anyway he looked all funny when it didn't work.

RE: ¿What are you craving right now?

Sleep sleep

Sometimes it just won't come.

RE: Grandma suggestions

I've heard a lot of people use the name mommy backwards which comes out sounding like mema

RE: Notice to subscribers.

I'll add my prayer. You will be missed even for a few hours.

RE: Is it RUDE to IGNORE emails from People you Have previously Emailed???

I think it is rude to ignore emails after you have been emailing someone back and forth. For it just to come out of the blue like that is a slap in the face. I was emailing someone and really enjoying the chat, then he was gone. After about a month he was back and sent a note like nothing was wrong. I ignored that.

RE: what

If you or I knew that we'd be the richest people in the world!

RE: Recycling

We do recycle where I live but 7 miles away the people don't recycle. All their stuff goes out in the garbage. Am I really making a difference?


RE: Why do women lie?

Well, at least you got a response. Maybe a lie is better than no response at all. I've gone out with men who seem to have a nice time chatting over coffee, I've emailed saying I enjoyed the chat and BOOM absolutely nothing from them. How rude is that????


I guess being a celebrity makes you crave attention. After all that's how you make your money being popular. But I think it's wrong thinking it's great to be in the spotlight for 9 months by having a baby. Brandy did it. She has her baby but she's not in the spotlight anymore with her career. Britney did it twice to keep the spotlight and when that was over she just had to find some way to stay. Unfortunately it's a negative way she's choosing.

You can not be a parent for your whole life but once you are a parent you can never not be a parent.


RE: If you loved someone could you/have you

Nope, not me. I get completely involved with the person I'm with. Hmmm, maybe that's my problem.


RE: How old is the photograph in your profile?

I usually take a picture on my birthday each year, so mine was taken this past summer. I do try to make them interesting. It's not easy going down that age path.

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