RE: How old is the photograph in your profile?

I usually take a picture on my birthday each year, so mine was taken this past summer. I do try to make them interesting. It's not easy going down that age path.

RE: eastenders anybody watch it.. lacey turner aka stacey slater.

They ran Eastenders on cable when I lived in NJ and I loved it.

RE: Do you care what people think of you?

I do care what people think about me but all too often people make a snap decision about a person and that's their opinon of them. I don't know what happened to the "get to know a person before forming an opinion." I also felt that if you lived your life in a certain way people would respect that and know you by the life you led. I've now come to believe that that is not true.

What is the RIGHT thing to do?

I've heard people talk about "professional victims". Maybe there are some people just meant to live their lives a certain way.

RE: Been Married Before

Once, but to the wrong man.

RE: What's the very FIRST thing you usually check out on someone's profile?

The photo would be first, then I check out height.

RE: This is so tempting, but....

Hereeeeee's Johnny!!

RE: This is so tempting, but....

Or with the right man.

Unfortunately if I waited for a man I would never have done anything, been anywhere, and surely I wouldn't be where I am today.

RE: This is so tempting, but....

4 months isn't long LOL

It really isn't.


What is the RIGHT thing to do?

I think this is the problem. She IS currently enabled to be dependent. Her situation at the moment will not last forever but she is not planning for that. When that time comes, the family will feel bad and probably make provisions to continue her dependent living. The alternative would be her living in the street.

RE: Where the hell is everyone?

Happy New Year South Carolina!!



Yes, I would. A special person would be worth it.

What is the RIGHT thing to do?

As far as I can see, she doesn't seek anything of her own. She lands on someone else's territory and becomes content or at least pushes her ill content off in the distance.

What is the RIGHT thing to do?

I know this woman but I don't know what makes her tick. I sometimes feel guilty because I've carved out a pretty decent place in life. Maybe I was just lucky and she wasn't. I don't know.

What is the RIGHT thing to do?

Thanks for your advise Ambrose. Happy New Year to You.

What is the RIGHT thing to do?

Thanks and a Happy New Year to you.

What is the RIGHT thing to do?

That is the honest way to look at it. I know we are supposed to help our fellow man but is it right for someone to go thru life from one handout to another?

What is the RIGHT thing to do?

Is there any such thing as a healthy, able bodied person who just cannot manage to support themselves? Should family take the responsibity of supporting them? Is this the Christian thing to do? This relative graduated from college with a master's degree. She never worked in her major. Over the years she's had a variety of low paying jobs. She's lost a house, two apartments and doesn't have a car now even though a used one was given to her. She has no health insurance. She's taken expensive courses to upgrade her skills, worked for less than a year and was fired. She hasn't pursued anything else. Now she's overweight, smokes, has diabetes and has become a breast cancer survivor. Is there any right way to deal with this?

RE: How do you like your eggs

Scrambled with ketchup! (is that a Jersey thing?)

RE: Why do we want pictures of............

I had a man send me one of THOSE pictures and he apologized so profusely saying it was a mistake and he hoped that wouldn't color my opinion of him. Then he says "what did you think of it?"


RE: help quick

That's what guys who don't put up recent pictures are counting on: that you don't want to hurt his feelings by appearing too shallow. He deceived you, don't act like you are doing something wrong.

RE: New Years Eve

I'll probably check in a few times, if I get up off the couch!

wine drinking

RE: Why doesnt an online relationship make it ?

I agree. Meeting someone on line is just the beginning. The next part is real life.

RE: Men and our paper thin egos.

People can have so much to give to each other, but somehow they never meet. I was just pondering this quandary. Life can be so complex.


RE: Do Older Women Better Lovers

I always knew we did.


RE: Merry...

A Very Merry Christmas to one and all!

santa waving

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