RE: What football team do you like the most right now??

Dallas Cowboys

For old times sake (my cousin used to play for them)


RE: A sad Christmas

I'm sorry for your loss. Feel free to lean on us here at CS.


RE: Here it comes

Finally getting some rain here. We sure need it. It sounds so good on the roof.

RE: How are spending this Christmas

Alone Again . . . . Naturally

santa waving

RE: Why Is It When A Guy Likes You....

With guys, actions do speak louder than words. It's like they just can't say they are not interested.

I was getting ready to go out with one guy for the second time when he called and said his mother was sick. That was 2 years ago.

RE: women, what type of perfume is your favorite ?

I still love Wind Song. Not around as much.

RE: If sex was a drink

A White Russian

RE: Wearing a Ring

Since when does a wedding ring on a man or woman deter anything?


RE: what are u drinking now??

Salmon Run Riesling - Delicious

RE: What strange food do you like???

I can't find it any more but I loved pickled lamb's tongue!!!

Anybody know if it's still sold??????

RE: Happy Thanksgiving

Hey There, How's Myrtle Beach? I went on a bus trip there for the first time in my life. Very Nice. I bet it's hopping in season!!!!


RE: Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone was just too stuffed to respond. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope everyone else did too.

RE: Love - Online - Is it out there ???????

I believe you can find love online but that has to progress to meeting and interaction between the two. Online exchanges and even telephone conversations can't take the place of face to face. I think the long distance thing also puts too much of a strain on getting to know someone.

RE: What are you going to get yourself for Christmas?

Thinking about a GPS system to have in my car.

RE: Georgia: Young Boys Charged With Rape

Unfortunately it's been my perception for a long time, that if kids were treated like adults they'd be put under the jail.

RE: Georgia: Young Boys Charged With Rape

For God's said, here we go again!!

RE: Have you ever dated a manipulative person?

I was married to one for 10 years! I had a job when we got married and he made it difficult for me to carry on my work duties so I had to quit. I had to ask him for every penny, even to buy food. I eventually did try and work and used my money to buy things so I didn't have to ask him for it. You know he wasn't going to stand for that so I would find the garage door jammed so I couldn't get the car out or the car wouldn't start because he took a part out of it. So I stopped working again. God forbid if I didn't feel like having sex with him, he forced himself on me. The last time I tried to get a job and he interferred, I said I wanted a divorce and that's when I got hit. That's when I left with the kids. He succeeded in souring my relationship with my kids even though he didn't have custody, just visitation rights. I never would have believed that he would badmouth me to my kids but that's what he was doing. To this day I'm not close to the kids. Now he is dead and I moved away.

RE: Racism at work

Wow, this thread has a lot of deletions since last night. Somebody is working overtime.

RE: Nite nite

Til we meet again


RE: Racism at work

Sort of like the word "sucks". Sometimes good, sometimes bad

RE: Explain the user name you chose

I'm new in the south originally from New Jersey

RE: Is ANYBODY out there "pro-marriage" anymore?

I'd love to be married. Dedicated to one man who also wants to be married. So many out there that want the benefits of marriage and something else on the side.


RE: What's your porn name?...


Pretty neat!! I may use it LOL


New Month is Here

Almost Turkey Time.

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