RE: "What are YOU looking for?"

Looking for friendship that would lead to love.

RE: Dog the bounty hunter

Glad he's gone.

New Month is Here

Hello South Carolina people. Is it getting too cold for you? I wish there was more chatting here but I guess it was not meant to be. Anyway, enjoy the fall season.

RE: Have you ever dated anyone out of your race?

I've dated a few white men.

RE: I just want to know....(for the guys)

I agree it is hard seeing couples everywhere. I don't have a problem eating out or going around by myself but it does get depressing at times. Here in South Carolina there's a lot of retirees, mostly people retiring with their spouses. Patiently looking and waiting here. . . .


RE: isnt this fun

We're growing!! Maybe soon we'll have a city!!!!!


RE: Mental Age Assessment

This oldie is just kidding.

RE: Mental Age Assessment

That wasn't nice!


RE: Are there any single girls here without kids?

Children are grown and flown away!!

RE: ALright Everyone

Its been like that since the dawn of time (or at least since I was coming up LOL). I remember my grandmother saying "now don't sit on their laps". I guess she was implying that it would set a guy off and it would be my fault. I remember thinking to myself "How stupid, aren't we higher than the animals?"
Hmmmmm I wonder sigh

RE: Whats wrong with me {Disabled} Run

Is MrBeaufortt still around? I notice his profile is gone.

RE: What is your biggest turn off on a first date?

The weirdest first date I ever had was when I agree to meet this guy at Atlanta Bread Cafe. I had seen a picture online of him. So I get there and I'm standing around looking and looking. I look way in the back and there's a guy that might be him but he's looking down! Can't be him right? So I just still stand there and I do glance at the guy I think might be him. NEVER saw him look up once. After about 20 minutes I give up and just decide I'll eat here by myself. So when I finally get my meal and sit down, here comes this guy I thought might be him. All he had was a coffee all that time. WHAT WAS HE LOOKING AT ALL THAT TIME???? The grounds in the cup?? We did chat over his coffee and my salad but that was it.

RE: Marry with a man gives permission to him to have sex with you without your consent?

I remember when I divorced my husband way back in 1962, I brought up the fact that he would force me to have sex with him. Boy did my ex's lawyer laugh. Back then there was no such thing as rape between a husband and wife.

RE: Where the hell is everyone?

Does anyone know of a bus company relatively close to Aiken that runs trips? I know on most of the trips a group has to hire a bus for a trip, but some bus companys just run them on their own.

RE: Where the hell is everyone?

It would be great to get locals involved here. There must be something to be said or learned about South Carolina. I'm relatively new to the south and I could use this type of thread.

RE: isnt this fun

I've been asking that for a long time now.

RE: Oler Women...

Older Women!


RE: Is it wrong

Where are the Slow Movers hiding?????


RE: Bad Boys

I sure don't intentionally go after the "Bad Boys" but maybe somehow they find me.


RE: what's the most disgusting thing you've ever seen on the television ?

Pregnancy test kits and the one that says "it the best thing you'll ever pee on".


Still Looking. I know he's out there somewhere!


RE: what type of work do you do

I'm currently working on retirement.

RE: Cooldude the Guru. Ask a question of your future. If you dare.:.:.

Will I find somebody to entertain me on my sleepless nights?

RE: why your name....

Because I recently moved south from New Jersey and now I'm new in the south.

RE: knock knock your X is at the door what would you do??

I'd be pretty scared because he's dead.

RE: Why do the majority of long distance relationship's not work?

You have to be in close proximity to be able to communicate, see facial expressions and the person's reactions to different things. Long distance things, even though you may have chatted on the phone or online a lot, puts too much pressure on you when you finally get together. Can you imagine flying to meet someone or driving even 5 hours to chat over a coffee? There's a tendency to try and cram a lot into that one meeting.

I met a man online that was 4 hours away and I told him it was too far away but oh, no to him it wasn't and he was willing to drive all that way. So I said ok, I'll meet you. Then he says, "What if we like each other?" I said, well, I guess we would make plans to see each other again. Then he goes "What if we REALLY liked each other?" I didn't give him the satisfaction of acting like I knew what he meant and I still went on like it was general conversation.
Never heard from him again.

RE: any sincere south carolina men looking?

True, very true. Just so you are up front about your situation with women. I know some men who have been "getting a divorce" for years!!

RE: How many woman here are really married? Confess...

Single here. And for those that are separated:

YOU ARE STILL MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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