RE: Woman only want to meet a man in person. How many ladies admit this?

Ahhhh, yes, the old "post one of my pictures from my younger days and hope the person won't have the nerve to call me on it when they see me in person" ploy.

RE: any sincere south carolina men looking?

I would say there you aren't. You're still married.

RE: Woman only want to meet a man in person. How many ladies admit this?

I prefer to e-mail then later meet in person at some neutral place. Why are guys so quick to jump to the phone. What's wrong with e-mailing for a while. It's an easy non-threatening way to find out about a person. Go figure . . . you meet a guy through e-mail and they say then don't like to type LOL


RE: Cooldude the Guru. Ask a question of your future. If you dare.:.:.

cooldude747 who answers your questions????


RE: any sincere south carolina men looking?

I'd like to know where they are too.

RE: Do you think you're gonna go to heaven or Hell?

I was wondering about the concept of heaven and hell and if it was something man put in the bible to keep people in line. I don't know. But surely there must be some inclusions put in there by man "just for good measure". How do we know we are not worshiping some of man's additions not God's???

RE: when you were a kid....what movies did you adore

Flash Gordon with Ming the Merciless


RE: who's taken and who's not taken

Single here and available wave

RE: when you were a kid....what movies did you adore

Me too, Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, and Sky King,

RE: Most of us have been married at least once. What went wrong ?

Didn't know him long enough and he turned out to be a physically abusive dirt bag. Took the pictures of my abuse before a judge and he was history.

RE: A phone number.....

Sometimes there is that one in a million. Good Luck.

RE: Somebody knows what is the "golden shower" ???

I think they invented it !!!!

RE: Somebody knows what is the "golden shower" ???

You don't want to know, do you???????

RE: For the Older Set!!!!

I'm in REVERSE!!!!



Is this Forum Dead????

Yes, I've posted a few things in the international forums but I was hoping to strike something up with guys in my area.

sigh Oh well.

Is this Forum Dead????

I know there are people in good old South Carolina that like to communicate.

WHERE ARE YOU????????????????

wave sigh

RE: Dear Daves....Bitchin and Moaning session.....

I hate it when people say they are standing "on line" instead of standing "in line"

RE: i am 27 years old,how can i share something with an 40 or 50 year old man?

Younger woman, older man, how about older woman, younger man? I get mail from men old enough to be my son. Then when I protest, they take out the canned "age is just a number". Then I go into the speech about it not really age, it's where you are in life. They seem to understand. Hey, a 20 or 30 year old that has as much time for things as I do is welcome LOL

RE: Capital punishment...

Let's figure out how to deal with the "not in my backyard scenario" and build more jails LOL with all the frills too: medical, dental, vision, books to read, TV time, meals, exercise room, hmmm do they bury you when you die???? That figure is closing in on $7000.

HEY, no pushing in the line!!!

Just Wondering . . .

No special routine but I do like my salads and try to keep up with aerobics a few times a week.

RE: I wish...

I wish I could feel the naivete of the young for a few minutes.

RE: Are Eve & Adam our parents?

I don't think incest was a big deal back then. It's only our declining humanity that makes it such a problem.

RE: Capital punishment...

What's done is done.

How many black females would date a white man

I have no problem dating white men. It wasn't always like that. Growing up in my era it was taboo so nobody ever really considered it. I'm glad things have changed.

RE: Capital punishment...

I'm in favor of capital punishment.

Just Wondering . . .

They say that money can't buy Happiness but is there something to be said for being comfortably unhappy?

Are We All What We Seem . . .

Thank you all for some good advice and thoughts!

RE: Hey guys

Turn On: Men under 6 feet (am I the only one?)

Turn Off: That pot belly hanging over the belt

Are We All What We Seem . . .

on the outside, or do we all have those hidden feelings or urges that no one knows about? Should we keep them buried?

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