Are We All What We Seem . . .

on the outside, or do we all have those hidden feelings or urges that no one knows about? Should we keep them buried?

RE: are every body here serious for geting marriage through CS ???

It would be nice to find that someone special.

RE: insomnia

I have this problem too sometimes. I do try to do aerobics a few times a week. But a lot of times here I am up too darn early.

Where are the sleep

RE: Our Casino.

Or until they send you their pics, looks ok, you meet and wonder who they heck they are. Do they think you won't notice they don't look the same as the picture they sent you?

RE: would you grass up your son or daughter if they had committed a terrible murderous gruesome crime ?

Just let something go wrong in the discipline process. They'll have DYFS on you faster than you can blink. That's what wrong with our world today, kids get away with too much.

RE: Many people die!!!

Of course drug companies don't want to sell drugs cheaper. That's why they tried to make it illegal for people to purchase their drugs from Canada. They were loosing their captive audience. Do you know that people on chemo may need shots to keep their blood count up. One shot cost $3500. What the hell is that?

RE: Moving On

Loosing a loved one, having them taken away without warning is indeed another kind of pain. I was lucky enough to spend time with a person this past December and unfortunately he passed away in March. There was a lot of crying, not wanting to be out in the world and disbelief. I still have to go over in my mind that I will not be talking with him again or sharing email or being asked to review his notes for a class he would be teaching. I don't think I'm the same person after loosing him. I'm not crying, I'm back to my routines but it's not the same and I don't think it will ever be.

RE: Moving On

From personal experience, yes it is possible. The emotional pain is such that you feel like you are loosing your mind, like you are suffocating. Do what needs to be done to replace that feeling with something else. Sometimes the things we replace it with can be stupid, but if we manage to come away unscathed, Life does go on.


RE: inner light

I have to agree KLRacer. There does have to be something that catches the eye. This goes for men as well as women.


How about. . . "I had a Wonderful Time, I'll be in touch"

RE: Hello South Carolina!!

Hello!! Originally from New Jersey and now making my home in South Carolina. What a treat without those giant snowstorms. So many things to explore and hopefully people to meet.

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