RE: "You Cant Tell ME What to Do"

Just highlight what you want and then use the formatting boxes at the lower left of the screen. The formatting boxes appear when you are posting something

RE: Are we Alone in the UNiverse

I'm sure we are not alone in this vast universe. The keyword is "vast". It would take more than a million lifetimes to reach out into space. LOL we can hardly remember back 200 years. And how many things on this planet do we wonder where they came from or how they did something? It was probably us but we forgot.
laugh laugh

RE: "You Cant Tell ME What to Do"

Speaking from experience, please be careful taking the high road. When I divorced my vindictive ex he poisoned my daughter against me and he only had visitation rights. I never said anything against him to her but look what it got me: A 44 year old daughter who still has nothing to do with me.

RE: R.I.P Joe Cocker

Great, great, great guy. Why, why, why sad flower sad flower

RE: insomina

Insomnia is serious. I suffer from bouts of it too. I wish there was a natural remedy for it. I've tried everything.

RE: Heidi Klum in a Bikini

I base it on that picture she put out to the public. I think that her rear is a big as a cow's behind.

RE: Heidi Klum in a Bikini

God have mercy, she can have him.

RE: Heidi Klum in a Bikini

Kim Kardashian

RE: Heidi Klum in a Bikini

Oh, so very sorry if you are a fan of Kim K (excuse me)

RE: Heidi Klum in a Bikini

Not "straight" across either.

RE: Heidi Klum in a Bikini

Right you are.

RE: Heidi Klum in a Bikini

You're kidding, right?

RE: Heidi Klum in a Bikini

They look like wrinkles on the left and right sides. They cut you in a "U" shape and take the fat out. Most people after that operation wouldn't wear something so low.

RE: Heidi Klum in a Bikini

Who the hell wants an arse like that cow who will remain nameless?

RE: Heidi Klum in a Bikini

Those tummy tuck scars really don't ever go away. But she still looks ok.

RE: serious men out there

They are out there some where. Good Luck!!

RE: Happiness Is..........

Happiness is no repairs on the horizon for my 10 year old appliances.

RE: Is there intelligent, human like, life anywhere else in the universe.

Cancer, Ebola, HIV are not intelligent because they kill their hosts, thereby killing themselves.

RE: What's your status being single? Happy or Miserable

Being single doesn't bother me that much but it would be nice to have someone special to care about and fuss over.

RE: Hello New Member Here

Hello from the south cswelcome wave

RE: what is up w domestic violence and athletes

Look at the woman's eyes. How subdued can you get. I've seen that look. She is caught under his thumb. Why oh why did she marry the bum? Same old story of violence. Those who stay may wind up dead. I hope not but she needs someone to help her break free.

RE: Does skin colour realy matter when it comes to dating?

Where does it say that? I'd be interested in seeing that passage.

RE: I want a single mom

Single Grandmother here laugh hug

RE: I can't. Can you?

So sorry I discovered what a great band Queen was after Freddie died. What a great singer!!!

RE: Is it true The Big Bang Theory was proven ?

Stop picking on Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson.

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