RE: Evolution

I wish I could remember who said this:

"Two rocks got together and had a stone."

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Most beautiful NATURE picture for you

All the photos are so beautiful. Thanks for showing them. Words seem inadequate.

RE: hobbies

I like aerobics, travel and trying to find new ways to make my salads taste better.
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RE: When frying chicken you use

I don't fry anything too often but when I do I use olive oil.

RE: Should CS be just for singles?

Seriously? CS just for singles? And how would that be enforced? LOL you've got people who lie face to face about being single. very mad

RE: Health experts: Diseases at border becoming 'crisis

I'm waiting for smallpox to make a come back. We stopped the vaccinations in the early 70's. All those people since have not been vaccinated. I pray we don't hear of this one cropping up again.

RE: OHHH Pet Peeve Time

Matinee police don't exist down here. Movies shown afternoons are fair game.

doh doh doh

RE: OHHH Pet Peeve Time

Can't use my senior discount at movie matinees because it's filled with unruly kids.

Next door neighbor's dogs who bark at nothing when let out.

Solicitors who ignore the "No Soliciting" sign in my neighborhood.

very mad very mad very mad

RE: Do you think you can find LOVE on CS

Love can pop out of anywhere so why not here. I'm looking for you in supermarkets, department stores, and restaurants too. Say hello why don't you? wave

RE: Deception...

Wish I had all happy deceptions like Santa.

I lived with my grandmother and of course my room was always messy. One day she said my closet was a rat's nest. I truly believed it, as if she would have tolerated a rat in her home. I did clean up my room after that.

My sweet aunt told me I was born with six toes. She even reinforced it with shock that my mother hadn't told me. I believed it for years and eventually found out it wasn't true.

RE: if a man/ woman hit you? what would you do?

My ex beat me and he was fined and I got a divorce on the grounds of physical cruelty. During the hearing he lied and said after he hit me I rolled over and said "now I've got you!" If I had said that he would have killed me.

RE: Apartments Or Homes

Home is nice but at 10 years, it's time for all the appliances to start their downward spiral. Maybe change homes every 10 years?
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RE: Over 50 and still with it

Still running! This life has been quite an experience. A bit more pit stops at my age but that's life. cool

RE: Too Much Salt

Was just going to say that. I guess we read the same thing.handshake

RE: Strong women

Darn, how did I miss all these confident men? frustrated

When I was younger it was the exact opposite. Thank goodness this has changed for the better. applause

RE: Spin a yarn.. true or false..

We were in a park amongst the trees.

Wake Up Aiken

Although it should be wake up all of South Carolina. It's a New Year. Let's get with it. handshake

RE: Spin a yarn.. true or false..

I couldn't believe it either. It was like they would spin a thread to lower themselves to the ground. The unlucky ones were blown the wrong way.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

This is true.

RE: Spin a yarn.. true or false..

When we used to have cookouts in a park, inch worms would be dangling from threads from the trees above. When the wind blew they were blown over the grill, killed and dropped in the fire. rolling on the floor laughing

True or False?

RE: LA Cops Tased Man’s Genitals Until He Could ‘Smell His Flesh Burning’

I'm sure when the police practice with the taser to learn how to use it, Step 2 is to try it on the genitals.

RE: Should New Jersey drivers be fined for eating and smoking while driving behind a motor vehicle?

Well, it seems like people are just looking for things to ban these days. Did you know in the early days of the automobile, windshield wipers got a bad rap because they might distract the driver. doh

RE: Should I stay out of my Daughters lives?

Great news. Now please keep an eye out for how they interact with you. Even the slightest moodiness. These can be signs that someone may be trying to influence them against you. I hate to be a wet blanket but these were the signs I missed.

RE: Should I stay out of my Daughters lives?

Doesn't matter if you are near or far. If one parent is intent on bad mouthing the other, it will be a mess. It happened to me with the kids living with me and their father having visitation. His manipulation is still felt to this day. I never dreamed a person could be so vile. I pray there was only one devil like him in this world. Good luck to you.

RE: What percentage of women use sex as a weapon?

Women using sex as a weapon? HA I lived my whole married life living with a man who used sex as a weapon (and I don't mean withholding it). (In the 60's they called that legal).very mad

RE: Tell a true story people wont believe(part2)

Long, long ago a few co-workers and I went out to a party at another co-workers house. The idiot spiked the drinks with PCP. Even the next day I couldn't function at work and went home. Later this same guy killed his ex and her boyfriend. In jail he somehow hung himself.

Still sounds unreal to this day.

RE: What would you......

When my daughter stole from a supermarket I went with her to take it back to the manager and apologize. When I told my ex about it the only thing he said was "love her more". The jerk was turning my daughter against me all the while. When I eventually found out it was too late to redeem myself with her. To this day we are estranged.

RE: What do you like from rain?

I miss the rain so much down here. It hardly every rains. Nothing like the sound of rain while you're inside snuggled under that blanket.

RE: as a single person do you ever enjoy your time alone

Solitude is not bad. You can choose to be busy or not, depending on your choice. I guess it can make you a bit selfish when everything is what, where and when you want. hole


Since I don't have anyone to put on makeup for, I do it for myself. If I feel good about myself, I think that reflects on my interaction with others (in a good way) wine wine wine

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