RE: Should I stay out of my Daughters lives?

Doesn't matter if you are near or far. If one parent is intent on bad mouthing the other, it will be a mess. It happened to me with the kids living with me and their father having visitation. His manipulation is still felt to this day. I never dreamed a person could be so vile. I pray there was only one devil like him in this world. Good luck to you.

RE: What percentage of women use sex as a weapon?

Women using sex as a weapon? HA I lived my whole married life living with a man who used sex as a weapon (and I don't mean withholding it). (In the 60's they called that legal).very mad

RE: Tell a true story people wont believe(part2)

Long, long ago a few co-workers and I went out to a party at another co-workers house. The idiot spiked the drinks with PCP. Even the next day I couldn't function at work and went home. Later this same guy killed his ex and her boyfriend. In jail he somehow hung himself.

Still sounds unreal to this day.

RE: What would you......

When my daughter stole from a supermarket I went with her to take it back to the manager and apologize. When I told my ex about it the only thing he said was "love her more". The jerk was turning my daughter against me all the while. When I eventually found out it was too late to redeem myself with her. To this day we are estranged.

RE: What do you like from rain?

I miss the rain so much down here. It hardly every rains. Nothing like the sound of rain while you're inside snuggled under that blanket.

RE: as a single person do you ever enjoy your time alone

Solitude is not bad. You can choose to be busy or not, depending on your choice. I guess it can make you a bit selfish when everything is what, where and when you want. hole


Since I don't have anyone to put on makeup for, I do it for myself. If I feel good about myself, I think that reflects on my interaction with others (in a good way) wine wine wine

RE: You Might Be A "REDNECK" If

If you just adore your double wide.hole


Chatting over coffee or a lite lunch is always good. Going dutch is good too. handshake

RE: Can parents be selfish??

Yes, give the brats anything and everything they want. As my daughter said "she didn't ask to be born". Execuse me, anything they want on a silver platter. I'm the enemy because I didn't cave.

RE: Will Obama identify with these recent victims

If Obama expresses sympathy for blacks, he doesn't care about the white population, if he expresses sympathy for whites, he's an Uncle Tom, if he shows no feeling about anyone, he's not a people's president. dunno confused

Fodder for anyone who wants to prove how awful he is.


RE: Did God create the universe or did the Big Bang?.

Everything happened by chance of course. Love that two rocks could get together and have a stone. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: This is just too sad

Pro Life believes that abortion is the worst thing in this world.

RE: This is just too sad

I wonder which is worse: Aborting the two kids or having them die like they did?


What is right?

RE: Are you a member of one church & do you worship regularly?

Not a member of a church but I attend the same one somewhat sporadically and I enjoy it when I do.

RE: Does Anyone from SC even use this site?

Guess we just can't give up hope that SC people are around somewhere. Here's hoping!!!! peace

RE: Do you enjoy the dating scene or have you hit dating burnout?

Met a date for lunch and had a good time until we got back to our cars. I noticed he had put the month and year stickers on wrong (reversed). In NJ you have plates in the front and back. He said all he had to do was put the back plate on the front and the front on the back and they would be correct!!!! He was so serious he went into town to get a screwdriver to make the change. He almost had me thinking I was crazy LOL He proved himself an idiot, yada yada yada, never saw him again.

RE: is sex good before marriage as a christian

With all the stuff going on, sometimes I wonder about the "higher intellect" thing. When I was a lot younger, I thought I could conquer the world, now I see it's just a crap shoot. blues

RE: men 50andover

Seems everyone is looking and looking but somehow people never meet. Where is he hiding??? hole

RE: do i look ok with false teeth? and would you go out with me?

Great Smile. Keep it up. You just have to get used to them. grin thumbs up

RE: Most famous person met

I've watched this video more than a dozen times. Didn't realize there was so much discord in the group. There was something on TV recently which contradicts the way they portrayed David Ruffin's death. They showed his body being dumped on the street and it taking a while before he was identified. The real story was he OD'd and was taken to a hospital where he died. That aside, the Temptations were great.

RE: Are you related to anybody famous?. If so, who?.

For the oldies on here, my first cousin is Drew Pearson who played for the Dallas Cowboys. cheering

RE: I Have Some News

WOW WOW WOW . . Victory is Yours yay yay

RE: He wants more from me.

This thread is a prime example why men cannot have "friends" of the opposite sex. I've heard men say they couldn't be friends with a woman. I guess it's just their nature. What a shame. Of course if you zero in on those sick or over the hill with more to concentrate on than just their libido you'll have more luck.

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