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RE: Which CS member should get an award for most awesome personality?

ME!!!!!!!!!!! am THE most Awesome Personality EVER on this site and I will humbly accept the Award professor conversing wave grin
I certainly hope that You HL will be one handing the Award over under a candle light supper right here in DK wink

RE: Israeli software sends robot to Mars

Good to see you Conrad and this is for you tongue

RE: Israeli software sends robot to Mars

It Ain,t Pink!!!!!!!!!!!!professor scold grin

RE: Israeli software sends robot to Mars

Absolutely agree a bout Israel being an amazing country with amazing people and fabulously intelligent folks and you being proud of your country is absolutely just and understandable my firend cheers

...and while Israel is ro rich with fine brained folks who are creating software for Mars missions and a lot more good for the sake of the Whole planet still it amases me big time seeing some of your aboslutely WORSE brains and a bunch of corrupted, right winger, war monger, anti American monster morons who should rather become comedians or injailed because of creating so much distance and hatered against the wonderful country of Israel, are on power and seems keeping their bloody claws on power even imagining the possible reasons making one puke because of pure confusion and passing out because of wonder!

Year 2013 and still a Netty on power in the one and only real Demmocracy in the Middle East! There is a certain need for bare As* emotion in here describing this bloody unbeleivable fact!

So sad to see Israel still runned by this corrputed warmonger Stooipd Netty Group of leeches and closest ally of the bloody Republican butheaded party of the US with Hagee and it,s bloody blood sucking look a liked as their real leader!

I am telling you Guys Flash Netty and it,s group Down Drain and Fart your best after it to get the last remainings of the Netty regim far and a way! Israel is far better than being runned by monsters like Netty and his bloody dogs! doh yay grin

RE: Barack Obama speech

Great post Pedro thumbs up

I am definately agree! Obama is a legend and thanks god the forces of darkness and stupidity represented by dang FAT Republicans did not win the ring and resulting in years of much more desperation, wars, hunger, polution, fenatism, tortur, suppression, terrorism and much more hatered and racism and shi... all over this troubled planet of ours! Obama,s speech was one of THE absolutely best speeches ever in the United nations and he did not forget to name any important matters what so ever.

So freaking dissgusting even imagining THAT Romney or McCain or others from the dang gang can all of sudden getting on power in America and by that becoming the most powerful person of this planet!

So freaking unbeleivable to think that this Republican thing from the dark past can even get on power in America once in a while even in the year 2013, where information is aviable for all WHO want to know and in a generally well educated and really free country as the United States of America is! If Republican liked agendas getting on power in Pakistan or Saudi and so on I understand but in America? doh

At least some more years back where America and the entire planet Earth will benefit because of president Obama on power in America and that fact alone makes most reasonable and decent human beings from all over the planet to smile.

Obama Rocks! Yes He Can! cheering cheering cheering

And this is for Conrad tongue grin

RE: Do you think Obama is doing a good job as president of the United states

rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Do you think Obama is doing a good job as president of the United states

Well... not at all a Dud what so ever Conrad but a Great president which will be remembered as one of THE best presidents of the United States after end of his second term.

Good to see you Conrad. and So wonderful to know a bout what is happening with GOP Switzerland and their hidden bank acounts now on days... and why yay rolling on the floor laughing

Always great to remember our discussinos in here.
wink handshake cheers

RE: Do you think Obama is doing a good job as president of the United states

President Obama is doing an Excellent job and this is for you Conrad tongue grin

RE: Should Assault Weapons and Hi Capacity Magazines be readily available

yawn doh

RE: FBI Asked To Probe Obama 'Vote Changing' Machines

Of course you are going to come back and even stronger... Greeks are touch and fighting all way but with certain with Grace. History have showed and proofed this fact. thumbs up

RE: FBI Asked To Probe Obama 'Vote Changing' Machines

I beleive that left wingers are way better accepting politcal defeat and cooporating if important and propper and for the sake of the country. But of course... some where in the middle is the best way forward most times thumbs up

And no way I EVER post a thread supporting Repubs? Gosh! night mare for whole humanity and another four of eight years of this whole planet being hostiges of big capital and special interest FAT guys amoung the one one procent of anti natur and careless Americans... but it will be pretty funny if I Ever go that way rolling on the floor laughing

I kind of beleive that Republicans wil of course having a chance in 2016, since the whole situation will be repaired and way better compairing to 2008 and so on and then America will probabely go right in order to borrow more and buying more than necessary... and the same old story... descovery of new oil firelds in America and else where thanks to better technologies adds chances for fast profit seeking kinds of voters are getting a new momentum in America and natur talk is still not too "sexy" for majorities either, so sure Repubs will get back either in 2016 or most probabely in 2020 dunno

RE: FBI Asked To Probe Obama 'Vote Changing' Machines

good to see you Chris cheers

Well... there is a very specific problem shared generally by right wingers here and there and every where... Really Absolutely Terrible losers and those right winger ideologies generally suffering of lack of capacity to accept a defeat, or even understanding their defeat and doing some thing or better told Any thing a bout reasons .

Right wingers are kind of Too self centered, too short sitet, bombarded with too much mumbo jumbo BS a bout being THE one and only and The center of the Univers even being a regular farter no body when all counts as the rest of us human beings are any way, you know?

...and that is Exactly why when right wingers facing a Defeat it feels SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet for the rest of us peace loving members of the humanity yay rolling on the floor laughing

Congradulation by the way because of the very well deserved support of the wonderful people of Greece, and one of THE most important countries of this planet and one of the most important cradles of whole Civilization the country of Greece received from the rest of the European community.
Be sure Chris... WE are Not going to allow our greek brothers and sisters feeling alone.. no matter a dang ultra right winger butthead called Merkel of Germany or not... She is soooooooooooooo fabulously lonely with out her Sarkozy and Berloscuni, and that is why her farts are not poisoning the air too much no more... I know ! Many in Greece feel being tired of EU and feeling frustrated but still... to gether... we are stronger!
applause cheering yay handshake thumbs up

RE: FBI Asked To Probe Obama 'Vote Changing' Machines

And even Florida went Obama yay

RE: FBI Asked To Probe Obama 'Vote Changing' Machines

And this is for supporters of the sad and mad remainings of the Bushney,s Evil empire and CONRAD and their Mitt Romney who LOST IT! tongue

RE: FBI Asked To Probe Obama 'Vote Changing' Machines

Hey Cciny . Hope every thing great for you and ur family hug

Aham... I sensed a necessity to how up on CS to tak a look conversing

So fabulous to be on the right side all way and not giving up what so ever and Gosh! It sure felt Great when sad and mad reaminings of the Bushney,s Evil empire had to accept their certain defeat and getting the Fic* out of the race! yay

I just wanted to see a picture of Conrad,s face on the very eve of the victory of president Obama and beside I needed my five hundred dollers which I won from the GOP supporter lady you know ... but that,s life and promisses on internet are not always real promisses dunno

RE: FBI Asked To Probe Obama 'Vote Changing' Machines

Ready and Honored to support THE President of THE United States of America Mr. Barack Obama professor

cheering cheering cheering yay

And this is for supporters of the sad and mad remainings of the Bushney,s Evil empire and their Mitt Romney who LOST IT! tongue

Good to see you Cciny hug

RE: How to manipulate an election.

There goes anti Obama,s kind of "knowing" stuff... and Gosh! I wish only teen necons knew this little a bout what goes on around the world! rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up laugh

RE: Obama Won..HOOOO Haaaa

I know. I find it very sad as a matter of fact. Kids sabotaged by big capital companies and then presuring their folks buying and buying more. Christmas used to be Cool but now on days I do not know dunno

RE: Obama Won..HOOOO Haaaa

Exactly! All men are equal on getting white bearded some day . Santa of commercials is just Santa of commercials and that,s it. dunno

RE: Obama Won..HOOOO Haaaa

And who says Santa is particulary White any way? White bearded and not white White you see? idea

RE: Obama Won..HOOOO Haaaa

Maybe being a "Rambo" on defensless deers and slaugtering them off and washing face with their blood, and then back home and forcing Grammy Work for the medicare is a Heroic thing or some thing? grin

RE: Obama Won..HOOOO Haaaa

Yeah... Tell me a bout it doh uh oh

RE: Obama Won..HOOOO Haaaa

Life every man holds dear; but the dear man holds honor far more precious dear than life.

William Shakespear

cheering cheering cheering yay

RE: Obama Won..HOOOO Haaaa

idea applause yay grin

RE: Obama Won..HOOOO Haaaa

I too hope the same and that is the one and only way forward and recovery is possible and good for America and for the rest of us as well... but still... I am not sure Republicans can cooporate whole heartedly any way. Two absolutely different ideologies and two different goals and people who want Republicans or Democrats running the country got diferent ideas a bout how the country should be runned and then candidates got to show being on their side in order of getting their votes. Maybe an optin should become reality and Teaprtiers should kind of making their own very party and trying to get an edge in american politics some how? There are a lot gun clinging , relegious fentaics out there and who can represent them and can Republicnas really living with out them and gettign any real influence? Can those folks being represented by Democrats if Democrats really want to keep fighting for human rights and civil rights and marrige equality and similar very reasonable and modern ideas as that? You can simply not taking a guy who can not EVER accept an african american or a gay or a muslim or an asian or a woman or evne a Union member being Equal to him as a Human Being ... and making him chnage his points of views you see? And here by I mean NEVER! Can Republicans EVEr living with out these kinds of supporters? No the Can not! That is the problem ... and Working to gether? You mean whole hearteadly working to gether all way is a kind of impossibility and when ever vip Republicans claiming a wilillingness of "cooporation" it is only for the time being and for getting some more folks on their side, and when ever they get the majority they begin a gain becoming Akins and Bachmanns and Limbaughs or being Leaded by those kinds of folks!
GOP ideology is a bout taking the money... and no body dares to tell some thing since being called names like "unamerican" and stuff like that when complaining a bout the Robery makes too many folks stop complaining and then Wow! Sending More money to Swiss and Cayman and else where goes Smooth... and the restt of the story I have told a million times at least.

I certianly hope I am wrong but kind of am NOT what so ever... it is Sad but some times truth Sucks dunno

And come on Monte dear... it is Fun to Tease devil laugh


Time for music perhaps?


Having it Right all way long... none the less banana head banger


cheering cheering cheering yay

RE: Republicans to rebrand rape as "God Hug"

And u are still not answering simple Questions Conrad yawn

RE: Republicans to rebrand rape as "God Hug"

Back to the matter of this thread... What is ur analysation a bout the hardcore part of GOP and a bout their meanings rgarding Rape generally mister Conrad? You know "probabely" by now that GOP lost is also because of those kinds of stincky ideas and America rejected them getting the ring and Florida BS is NOT going to Help ur guys I asure you... if you are still dreaming a bout the out come of Florida recounting roll eyes rolling on the floor laughing

What do you thing Conrad? Rape deined by a lot Republican guys all over the place if they really can talk and not being scared a bout telling what is going on in their heads... is those guys kind of definitions ok with you? Would America deserve those kinds of people getting on charge over there? Why? Tax cuts for the rich and then all that crap would be all right? You do not ned to copy and paste long articles what so ever regarding this simple question mister Conrad... Talk freely form the bottom of ur heart... simple Question, Simple answer

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