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RE: Real interest or time wasting?

So, dear Cat Lover_2014, what is a year in a human life? What about, if you are in search for the love of your life? You can find a partner in a second, but is it the real one? I don't think this kind of web sites is the real stuff for that? Make a life in your neighbourhood. But it can be nice to learn about other people all over the world. Oh, btw. read what other CS people write to you, it is mostly good stuff.

RE: Father search

Just put this German text through GoogleTranslate and I got this:
"Hello and good day!
For our new television program "Where are you?" with Kai plum I'm looking for a former US soldiers (African American), the mid-1960s, stationed around Bamberg and thousands in Coburg was traveling. James Frazer wrong often in Coburg "Mönchshof", which it no longer is today. I guess James would now be around 75 years old. He came from the federal state of Connecticut; Stories after his parents had a textile factory there. Perhaps there are people here who know someone who knew him and who can make unit so I had more details spelling of the name.
So I would be glad if you as often as possible divides the article.
Thank you for reading!"

Just want to help?

RE: Real interest or time wasting?

Well, I've been here for some time, and I had 1 real contact.

RE: How old were u when u first

I saw another Belgian reaction.

Can I ask something here? If a citizen of the USA travels inside the USA, but outside his state, is he/she than abroad? Or should he/she have to travel outside the USA to be abroad?

Have to say that it is a rather strange question when living in Belgium. If I go walking from my home, I walk for about 5 minutes and I'm in the Netherlands.
If I take the car and start driving through our little country it takes me less than 2 hours to cross it in its full length.
So going abroad is not that harsh, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and even England are just a stone throw away.
To go to England we even nowadays can take a train instead of a ferry.

So if a Belgian moves, he's abroad.

Maybe in our case a better questions could be :
"At what age did you travel with an airplane?"
"At what age did you travel overseas?"
"At what age did you travel outside Europe?"

Now, I was a baby going abroad, but returned safely the very same day.
Travelled later all over Europe. I never travelled outside Europa. And I'm not really planning to do so. But never say never.

This is a list of forum posts created by Rotating_circle.

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