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RE: Biden and Covid...

Uh huh, you can't argue your case again, eh?

As I said to my 4'11", lisping daughter when she disarmed two men trying to rob her at knife point, it must be sooo embarassing being beaten up by a little girl. giggle

RE: No, we dont all have...

I have an old laptop, a granny mobile phone, a working rotary phone (but no land line), a single ring induction hot plate, a fan, a small radio, washing machine, fridge/freezer, a wee table top halogen oven, a half knackered microwave, an immersion blender, two electric sewing machines, a 1940's treddle sewing machine, an overlocker, an iron, an electric ironing board (it's a tailoring thing) and a 1940's walnut veneered radiogram in need of repair.

And light bulbs.

I think I'd out-Luddite the lot of you, but I have a hankering for an electric vegetable spiraliser/slicer/grater. I'm so poorly at the moment I have to lie down before I fall down after grating a carrot. laugh

RE: Is everything a choice in life?

If addiction were a choice, it wouldn't be an addiction.

RE: Is everyone on the forums housebound ?

Clean sauce pans, ovens, baths, sinks with it.

That's my usual use for lemons combined with bicarb. laugh

RE: Is everyone on the forums housebound ?

Malcolm would happily distract Rosie with his food as long as he didn't have to share my lap, or affections.

If I didn't shove him off my lap, he'd likely waste away there. laugh

RE: Biden and Covid...

Who is 'we'?

And how did all of 'you' manage to categorise me as a 'lefty' when it's clear that I'll happily disagree with anyone? laugh

A major part of your problem with analysing information, or ideas is that you don't: your arguments are based upon loyalty to a 'side', not reasoning. You may have noticed I'm a bit deeper than that. grin

There is absolutely no excuse for child, domestic, or any other kind of abuse, but I'm not sure why you think I should have mentioned the criminal backgrounds of the people who Rittenhouse shot.

If Rittenhouse was one of their victims, there's an argument for him being particularly fearful, but likewise an argument for premeditation.

If Rittenhouse wasn't a victim, but knew about their crimes you could likewise argue both of the above.

If you're arguing that it lends weight to the idea of them being threatening in their demeanor, you have just threatened to shoot people in this post above. (JS.)

Previous threatening demeanor doesn't automatically indicate current, or invariable threatening behaviour, so it would still need to be demonstrated that the victims were behaving in a threatening manner at the time for a self-defense plea. That would be true regardless of any criminal record, or a halo.

I have just seen a Twitter post with a picture of Gaige Paul Grosskreutz with his bicep shot away and a pistol in his hand. The caption reads "But, but, but he was just a”peaceful protestor” holding a cell phone..." The same could be said of Rittenhouse with his big feck off gun and first aid kit.

The criminal histories of the three men Rittenhouse shot are irrelevant unless you're trying to argue that Rittenhouse had a right to shoot/execute them, which would put him in a very sticky legal position indeed.

I still maintain Rittenhouse was neither entirely culpable, nor entirely innocent. Society has to take some of the blame for creating his idiocy, but he should have been held to some account. He inserted himself into a riot with a weapon knowing he was at the very least going to use it as a threat (intentionally going to protect property) and knowing he might be in a position where he had to make a decision about firing it at someone.

RE: Biden and Covid...

I'm not sure that's an entirely fair representation.

Rittenhouse answered a call to violence by the Kenosha Guard, supported the Blue Lives Matter movement in his facebook history, was filmed doing the OK white supremacist handsignal in a bar surrounded by Proud Boys and regardless of who he felt threatened by and shot, he went to a race riot armed with a big feck off gun.

I don't entirely buy his claims that he didn't know about the OK hand sign (I do, and it's not like I'm young and hip and on Facebook), didn't know what a militia was (like he didn't watch the news around January 6th) and didn't know he was in a bar with a group of Proud Boys.

I would buy that as a 17 year old boy he could be ignorant enough to be swept up by right wing social influences, peer pressure and macho culture without having the courage, or skills to deal with the situation he thought he could handle like a big man.

At his age, surrounded by his particular influences I don't think he's entirely to blame for what happened, but I don't think he's blameless either.

Trying to manipulate the complex social dynamic as the fault of the 'left', or black people is as ignorant and Machiavellian as Tucker Carlson's staged portrayal of him as some kind of an angelic adult and intelligent hero.

RE: Is everyone on the forums housebound ?

Malcolm is a lump like that pig and ridiculously possessive of my lap.

One of them would end up as bacon, although I concede, not necessarily Rosie. laugh

RE: Is everyone on the forums housebound ?

I'm going to have a (slightly educated) guess at the manufacturing and supply chain here.

One factory makes one formula and supplies to lots of pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer (the original), RelonChem (generic) and many others (I've lost count of the number of brands I've had). I know they're the same because of the ingredients and packaging similarities.

Another factory makes a different formula and supplies to at least Noumed and Cresent, probably others too, but I've only puked those two up so far. These have the same ingredients (although written differently in the package leaflet information necessitating much googling of E-numbers and chemical name variants) and similar packaging/tablet appearance.

I suspect all the brands go to a central warehouse and are delivered to pharmacies on a demand/availabity basis. I get whatever the pharmacy has in stock, whether its Pfizer, a generic identical brand, or a generic brand that makes me regurgitate like an overly maternal penguin.

I could try to get a script for the original Pfizer, but my local surgery is too overburdened to not be making constant errors and given the Brexit supply shortages, I'm not sure there's any guarantee I'll get it consistently. I may look into that when I'm over the cold turkey dizziness/lack of concentration, so thanks for that nugget of info, Snow.

The way I'm feeling at the moment, unless I've got a gauranteed supply, I'm not taking it. The cold weather helps with the physical pain so I perhaps have an opportunity to seek hippy alternatives before I hit the summer months of I'm-going-to-throw-myself-off-the-top-of-the-mountain-just-to-escape-the-pain barrier.

At least if I'm not taking anything, I can identify my complex symptoms without medicinal side effects confusing the issue. I thought increased body temperature was a side effect, but despite freezing/stormy conditions up here on the mountain and no heating, I'm still plagued with heat rash. If you hear of a Chernobyl-like disaster in Tonyrefail, you may assume washing in ice cold water lead to a steam explosion in Reactor Jac. giggle

On the other hand, the painful palpitations, insomnia and agitation-verging-on-mania were caused by one of my medications. That was a non-troublesome one that I had a huge (and therefore consistent) batch of. laugh

RE: Biden and Covid...

Ach, du liebe zeit!

(As my mother would say.)


RE: Biden and Covid...

rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Is everyone on the forums housebound ?

Yes please, but she'll have to fly back (assuming pigs might do that) before Malcolm the Staff(ish) Bull Terrior, my Granddog, comes to stay.

My daughter will hopefully be having work done on her home in the new year and Malcolm will get anxious and come out in hives. He's very clingy and jealous where I'm concerned and I don't think I can manage a Schwein/Hund fight in my flat.

Either way, I'm vegan, you know.

RE: Why cant I find a gal?

If you can't tell the dfference between a conversation and s*xual harassment, it is best that you STFU.

RE: Why cant I find a gal?

rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Is everyone on the forums housebound ?

For many months it's been a toss up whether I'm more ill with medication, or without it.

When I'm at screaming point with pain I take the medication, when I'm at screaming point with the side effects of the medication, I start weaning myself off.

Another issue is getting a different brand of one medication every month. Different brands have different inactive ingredients and some cause allergic reactions in combination according to my frenetic googling. typing

Anyway, much vomting and acid reflux later, I have thrown in the towel and gone cold turkey. The area where I live is extremely medically under-serviced and I've no fight left in me to do anything else.

I have lemons and bi-carb. Thanks for the tip, I will brave that when I think I can hold it down. laugh

RE: Is everyone on the forums housebound ?

I made a Fairytale pumkin and sage soup and despite evil heartburn, I'm holding it down.

I call that an achievement under the medication disaster circumstances. laughdunno

RE: Is everyone on the forums housebound ?

Yeah, I'd have to be pissed to get into one of those ridiculous metal bird things, too.

RE: Is everyone on the forums housebound ?

You were doing the Times crossword...?

RE: Is everyone on the forums housebound ?

I've never travelled by air, but I've heard getting the urge to set fire to both engines to avoid the in flight meal is a normal response.

RE: Is everyone on the forums housebound ?

If she had to tell you she drank alcohol on your first date, were you texting on social media at the time?

RE: Is everyone on the forums housebound ?

If you want real life experiences, I can tell you about trying to vomit in the toilet with mobility issues.

I think I have natural talent owing to the fact there's no time to develop a skill set.

RE: Is everyone on the forums housebound ?

Not quite housebound, but unwell enough that going out is a major expedition reserved for 'good days'.

I'm currently going cold turkey off my medication because I can't hold so much as a paracetamol down.

Does that exclude me from posting because I'm too much of an outcast to warrant any kind of social interaction?

RE: The absence of an alpha male

I wouldn't bet on it.


RE: Sesame Street fails.

Ji Young...

Embedded image from another site

Abby Cadaby...

Embedded image from another site

I had purple freckles as a child. S'true.

RE: MEN... what is your definition...

I don't see much degrading men going on.

There's none on ths thread and none on the women's equivalent thread which stopped getting comments two days ago.

Pretty much all the frequent degrading that goes on is directed at women.

And it's not that we don't have a sense of humour: the thread asking where all the nice women have gone is pretty laughable under the circumstances.

RE: MEN... what is your definition...

I hear you, Bronzie.

I'm a 'llergicky kinda person, too. laugh

RE: MEN... what is your definition...

Bronzie, me ol' china. hug

RE: MEN... what is your definition...

Feck off.

(That was me beng nice and taking your coment in the spirit it was intended. grin )

RE: WOMEN ... what is your definition...

But perhaps stating a preference excludes some people, which is perhaps not nice. giggle

Perhaps we should stfu with our personal, and particularly generc judgements, because there is no way they can be worded nicely and inclusively. dunno

RE: My philosophy is....!

In which case, forgive me for intruding when I say you're awesome, Pedro.

A little affirmation never hurt anyone. hug

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