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RE: Name it!

That photo looks like the gardens of the Catholic presbytery, although I only went there once the best part of half a century ago.

I vote we call the dormouse Alphonsus after the saint who wrote of the sin of gluttony with more nuance than his predecessors.

The dormouse didn't stop the birds from having their fill, after all. laugh

RE: When you constantly get the thumbs down

Naww, how sweet, somebody had a thumbs down reaction to your op.

That's true love, Dino. smitten

RE: Lunch

I'm fretting about your imminent death from scurvy. uh oh

RE: Lunch

There's about an inch of chopped spring onion (scallion?) sprinkled on the top.

Gal counts each bit to make up his five a day. giggle

I tried really hard to see a few shreds of carrot, but no matter how optimistic I was, it still looked like orange cheese.

RE: FAIL.....

I have no idea, Bod.

It was nearly 40 years ago. I was three years younger, but had been cooking for myself since the age of 12 when I stopped eating meat.

I don't think she wanted me to witness the painfully inept process. laugh

RE: FAIL.....

'Making the grade' isn't about rotten veg, or out of date food.

Fruit and veg in supermarkets is selected for uniform size and shape. The funny shaped stuff is used for juices and other products where the size and shape doesn't show, but some gets thrown away. A wonky carrot is not rotten, it's just rejected on aesthetic and promotional grounds.

Bear in mind you pay extra in the shops for the sake of the selection process. Many stores now sell 'value', or 'misshapes' lines at a lower cost.

As for 'out of date produce', that can be distributed on the 'sell by', or 'use by' date. At one time I had access to food that was supposed to be binned. I used to steal it and walk for miles finding people in food vulnerable circumstances. It's not like I was dropping my crusts on the ground, y'know.

As long as you follow strict food hygiene laws redistributing food that is going to be wasted is viable. The last thing you want to do is risk a homeless person getting sick - they have no bathroom and tend to be health vulnerable to start with.

RE: Anyplace on your body

Suprasternal notch.

RE: FAIL.....

The first time my sister cooked scrambled eggs it took three weeks to erode out of the saucepan.

RE: FAIL.....

I like this.

But Karl's high altitude doughnuts were funnier. laugh

A work colleague once showed me some pictures of his newly learned bread making skills, but was self-critical about one misshaped loaf. I preferred the look of the one which had a life of it's own - human interaction with bread tastes better than machine interaction.

There is a passage in Captain Corelli's Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres where the heroine bemoans the unevenness in her embroidery on a waistcoat she has gifted to Captain Corelli. He points out that to be asymmetric is to be human, one half of each person never being perfectly identical to the other.

RE: Des O'Connor dies

He was utterly cheesy, but had such a lovely nature.

Naww, I'm sorry to hear he's gone from us.

RE: Breaking News

At least if the virus spread during the whole voting thing, a lockdown now might contain further increases in the number of infections.

Do you know how long it's likely to last?

We have had our two week 'circuit break' where pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops were closed again. I thought it would go on longer to force people to do their Christmas shopping online. dunno

Our infections and deaths are still climbing alarmingly, but I suppose we won't see if the two week break has made a difference for another week, or two.

In Wales, more than one in 50 people have had a confirmed infection. That doesn't include those of us who had it and self-quarantined, or those who have had it asymptomatically.

I've heard of one death in the village where I live, I don't know if there have been other losses, but 1-2 deaths so far would be in line with the statistics for Wales as a whole.

I'm glad you have Skedaddle too keep you company.

RE: White people

I replied to the question before reading all the posts - sorry!

RE: White people

Aryan is a subset of Caucasian, originally referring to Indo-Iranian peoples and languages, but later misapplied to Nordic peoples alone.

I think Hitler not only got the Aryan classification wrong, he made the word rather unpopular, associating it with white supremacy, eugenics and the Holocaust.

RE: Yeah nah!

I accidentally opened my latest stream from YeahNah, clicking on one of his many rather than the one inbetween which I intended to open.

Then it occurred to me, seeing as they were all opened by default, I might as well take the opportunity and block.

It's clear his posting rights have been suspended, ergo his only outlet is harassing people in private mail.

I'm sorry that's one less outlet for you to vent your spleen, YeahNah, but I am no longer operating that service. Maybe take up extreme crochet. dunno

RE: Diversity

I'm so mixed I make the dog look like a candidate for Crufts.

Us and "Them camps" were never a viable option.

RE: Are you addicted or creation of your cell phone ?

Well, that proves you're two very different people.

For emphasis, I understand, but is that the royal 'we'?

RE: Are you addicted or creation of your cell phone ?

You amateur, Taralyn. :talkthand:

I picked up a day old message from my daughter saying, "I've gone into labour" and I was her birth partner.

She hadn't, but she got her message across and I don't think I've forgotten to take it with me since.

Now I just drive her bonkers because I can't hear it and forget to regularly check for messages, or missed calls when I have it with me. laugh

RE: What does it mean?

Well you didn't explain yourself, but I still like you too, gal. cheering

RE: What does it mean?

It could mean a number of different things depending upon the group dynamic.

If I asked why one grandchild snatched a biscuit off another without telling you the ages of my grandchildren, some history of their group dynamic, or the story leading up to the snatch, there could be any number of reasons.

If I said that the eldest snatched the biscuit from a step-sibling and gave it to the youngest child, it changes the possibilities.

I think you've done that boy thing where you've told a story for yourself where half the information is in your head, rather than the girl thing where we tell stories fully informing our audience so they can understand what's going on.

Unless you deliberately left out most of the information to see how people would deal with the question.

RE: What is more important for a lasting relationship?


Like, you show me yours and I'll show you mine? shimmy


That should have been 'mood'.

The mods haven't got me yet.


I was lying, I don't actually like biscuits.

But I do this when the mod takes me...

Embedded image from another site

RE: Just a reminder you can't see or hear who you're interacting with here.

I assume this is in response to last night's debacle.

It can be very difficult to gauge a situation, especially when people have false information on their profiles.

I went through several stages of the penny dropping before I reached, "Shit, I think I'm talking to someone quite a bit under the age of 18 here." I had gone into serious grandma mode and he didn't react as I would expect a bolshie adult, or none to bright bright adult to.

He reacted like I was his grandma.

I'm fretting now. I don't think he's a happy chap and may not have the support he needs.


You haven't seen me staring hopefully at the biscuit tin.


Yes, thankyou.


You have missed my point completely.

If you know philosophy, you know that stating something doesn't make it true.

Psychology is neither, or both safe and/or unsafe. I simply stated how we process information, or the lack thereof, in a bid too make sense of our worlds and survive.

That survival mechanism needs to be overridden to properly untangle objective fact. We can only prove a conspiracy theory to be true by establishing objective fact.

The first time a post of mine came with a 'profile deleted' thumbnail, I thought I had been banned - that's my first conspiracy theory.

I needed to verify, or refute my conspiracy theory by trying to use the site again. I found I was logged out, but could log in, therefore I had unequivocally refuted my first conspiracy theory. I had not been banned.

I proposed a second hypothesis, or conspiracy theory that I was suspended from posting. I tried posting, found I could and so unequivocably refuted that theory as well.

After it happened a few times the penny dropped it was about being automatically logged out whilst taking too long composing my posts. It was part of an observable pattern of events, or empirical evidence.

What you present in your posts is the hypothesis that you have formulated. Stating your hypothesis does not make it true.

Stating "My post has come up with a 'profile deleted' thumbnail, therefore I have been banned!" does not make it true, believable, nor understandable.

Stating "It's a glitch" does not fully refute my conspiracy theories, nor make it plausible as a possibility.

When I propose the hypothesis of why the 'deleted profile' thumbnail comes up, I go through the argument step by step -

#1 hypothesis (I've been banned)
*evidence to refute (I can still log in)
#2 hypothesis (I've been suspended from posting)
*evidence to refute (I can post)
#3 hypothesis (programme glitch)
*empirical evidence (I observe I have been automatically logged out)
*and a plausible explanation based upon a fact (when I am logged out, the blog, or forum programme can't access my profile information)

The next stage to fully prove #3 hypothesis would be to verify my plausible and logical explanation by asking the site programmer.

When you can present each hypothesis (whether that's who controls the flow of information accessible to us, David Icke is an MI agent, #1 information is disinformation. #2 information is truth, or whatever) in a step by step argument, rather that a statement with no evidence, then people may listen and understand.


Will hid his profile last night and skedaddled after I suggested in PM conversation with him that he might not be full grown.

My post #100 explains what I think was going on.


I feel strangely feline right now.

It's a good feeling; much less ludicrous than my usual canine manifestation. laugh


I think that post was directed at me, so he was specifically referring to my photo of my hair. When I added it to my profile (by request, I seem to remember), it didn't occur to me that the chaps wouldn't notice my big feckin' hair. roll eyes laugh

The absolutely bleedin' obvious that Will forgot to take into account is that I can walk down the street wearing trousers; he can't walk down the street with his junk hanging out of his pants.


I explained above how I think conspiracy theories come about.

It starts with mistrust. That mistrust may be based in reality in some way, or it may not.

That mistrust may continue to be targeted at the perceived source of the mistrust, or may become generalised, or transferred. The example I gave of the 'profile deleted' thumbnail is a good example of that: We may, or may not have good reason to distrust the site owners, or other members; whatever the source of our mistrust it gets transferred when the 'profile deleted' thumbnail appears. There is no evidence that transferring our mistrust is an accurate analysis of events, however.

So, our value framework is mistrust. We interpret everything from our value framework, so we seek out answers which confirm our mistrust. As we confirm our mistrust, so it goes round in a circle, ever building.

Confirming our mistrust by seeking out the 'truth' gives us a sense of power and control. It counteracts the powerlessness and lack of control we feel at the thought of people conspiring against us. Again, this is a cycle which feeds itself, growing in complexity as it goes.

It takes self-awareness and discipline not to do the above. It is in our nature too make sense of our worlds with the the information we have available to us because it's a basic survival mechanism. Unfortunately, technology has developed more quickly than our survival mechanisms, which of course could be cunningly exploited.

If anyone wishes to expose a conspiracy they must counteract their natural survival mechanisms. They must analyse and research each tiny piece of information for it's veracity and reliability without logical fallacy, or bias.

If you tried to prove your ideas Dedo, you would have a whole storeroom full of data that would take you years to research and collate. If you manage that, take it to someone who has the power to effect change.

Personally, I try to keep to observations and analyses which are under my nose. I have a theory that we can only create change by dealing with what is within our reach, but collectively all our changes can add up.

It's the nerdy form of spread the love, or laugh and the world laughs with you. laugh

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