RE: I Hate Cancer

The power of CS positive thoughts and prayers, eh?

Who would have thunk it...? giggle

Congratulations, KB. You deserve it. wink

RE: I Hate Cancer

Yeah, I know you did, but, blimey, there's some very ungrandmotherly stuff out there. uh oh laugh

RE: I Hate Cancer

Oooh, I've got such a soft spot for Bronzey. laugh

RE: I Hate Cancer

I listened to loads of things, or more accurately got up the lyrics and read them. As you know, I don't hear well enough to pick up everything.

A funky search lead me to all sorts.

Believe me, some things were not a groove I wanted to share.


All... laugh

Jono. tip hat

RE: I Hate Cancer

Well Funlady, our resident darling Chat reckons you should Rock It...

Thanks for the help, Chat.

hug <--- from me

RE: I Hate Cancer

I need a good tune for Funlady.

I've been looking on and off all day, but as many of you know, hearing is not my strong point. dunno

Can anyone help me out here and save me from posting something utterly inappropriate? laugh

RE: I Hate Cancer

It would be a little tricky for us to dance like sane women. Just sayin'.

RE: I Hate Cancer

In case you need to keep all of it in mind.

Beat it.

RE: I Hate Cancer

Go to 2 minutes and 2 seconds.

The trill and hip wiggle?

Do that in front of the mirror.

Repeat until no longer needed.

RE: When do women think most about sex

3 rinse and superspin...?

RE: What do you most hate about being a man?

Domestic violence doesn't always get as far as broken bones, but that doesn't mean other injuries inflicted by family members isn't domestic abuse.

Stab wounds have been known to go unreported and untreated, broken bones, cuts, bruises and burns, certainly.

Domestic violence is very under-reported for fear, shame and all sorts of reasons. The cultures surrounding familial violence are different for men, women and children, so any reporting statistics are likely to be inaccurate.

I wonder if perhaps as it becomes more socially unacceptable for men to be violent towards women and that culture is changing, the women's violence towards men culture is also changing. It leaves men somewhat defenceless if they can't hit back, or restrain to defend themselves.

There is also this idea that women are too weak to hurt men. Indeed, if I thump the average Welsh man on the upper arm it results in giggling, but a knee between the legs, or an angry attack with an implement would be a different story. Women can physically hurt men, do physically hurt men and it does cause psychological damage.

It pains me to think that some women aren't respecting the change in culture of men's abuse against women which some of us have worked so hard for.

RE: When do women think most about sex

At least someone hasn't forgotten our moon cycles. laugh

RE: Don't read this message !!

John said he was hoping for something more spicy.

RE: Ban animal products

She won't piddle with me.

I'm not that exciting.

RE: Ruin Thanksgiving in four words

I'm the vegan police.

RE: Ban animal products

Okay, her toys, bed and bowls.

Plus two blankets for on the end of my bed, one in use, one in the wash and a Dyson Animal.

RE: Ban animal products

Give. Her. To. Me.

You wretch.

RE: Should the government create the policy to decrease the personal right from smokers?

Thanks, Lookin'.

There's the sexy, loud and clear. Did you see any advocating health benefits?

RE: Should the government create the policy to decrease the personal right from smokers?

You forget that the people who sued tobacco companies came from a different era where advertising and companies were trusted.

We are more aware of false advertising, unconscionable business avarice and trickery. We have Trading Standards bodies because of legal action people have taken against companies.

I have been aware of the impact of advertisement on myself and my child. At the age of 17 I was walking down the road and it popped into my head that I needed to buy certain items. Then I questioned that thought because I didn't need those items and realised I had just walked past an advertising billboard. It had associated the items with something unrelated and I had subliminally taken on board the information.

I also once had to explain to my child that the advert showing a doll eating food was camera trickery and if I bought her the expensive doll for christmas she would be disappointed. She took some convincing, but when the penny dropped, she was angry, disappointed and upset at the duplicity.

We do get fooled by advertising precisely because it's designed to fool us. Subliminal advertising in the form of single frames inserted in another programme have been banned because they don't afford us the opportunity of conscious reason.

Advertising is a powerful psychological tool. It has a lot of money and research devoted to it. If you think it's simple, it's to do with hypocrisy, or people merely acting like victims, perhaps you have been misled.

RE: Do you ever drink alone?

I never drink outside the home.

One sniff of the cork and I walk into things.

A glass is to be savoured whilst tucked up in bed with a good book. I can't injure myself, or anyone else that way. And noone can hear me slurring my words like a drunken lush. giggle

RE: Should the government create the policy to decrease the personal right from smokers?

Yes. Maybe I'll try to find you some retro advertising.

Also, another story: an elderly woman I used to visit had tuberculosis as a young woman and lost a lung. While she was in hospital recuperating, she was encouraged to smoke five cigarettes a day as it was believed that the resulting coughing which brought up mucus was a health benefit. She never did beat the addiction.

RE: Should the government create the policy to decrease the personal right from smokers?

Not really, because those who sued came from an era where smoking was advertised as a sexy health benefit, despite tobacco companies knowing of the health risks and knowing it was a highly addictive substance.

It forced the current situation where tobacco products are so restricted with regards to advertising, all brands have the same packaging and must be kept out of sight. This reduces knowledge and in so doing inhibits youngsters from knowing what to ask for in shops which is how most of us started (and had a helluva time stopping).

Also, age ID is now required to make a purchase and the age limit has gone up to 18. If you can get people to the age of 18 without having become addicted, there's a much higher chance that they won't start because of peer pressure, rebelliousness, or thinking it's cool.

I once had an elderly customer who became a little poorly. While he waited for his medication to kick in, I made him a cup of liquorice root tea. "This takes me back" he said, "every time I went over to a friend's house, his dad would make us a cup of liquorice tea and give us a woodbine. I was five years old."

The idiotic example of Western nonsense is in the historical false and irresponsible promotion of tobacco products for financial gain. The sensible bit was in suing the companies, forcing change and providing accurate information to consumers.

RE: Should the government create the policy to decrease the personal right from smokers?

Yes Minister, but then you have to provide opportunities equally, say for example, for people who are too sight impaired to drive. Plus, invest in the infrastructure to accommodate all the extra drivers, deal with pollution issues, fossil fuel limitations, etc.

Are you sure you're going the in the right direction?

RE: Stopping birth right citizenship

Then why does he talk as if he's not bound by the law?

Do you really not see anything amiss here?

RE: Stopping birth right citizenship

If it were possible, it would perhaps leave the door open for stripping legal immigrants of their citizenship and rights.

And then maybe people will start having to prove their racial purity.

I'd be very concerned about a president who makes claims like this, if I were you.

RE: Funerals

I went to my neighbour's funeral about 20 years ago. There was another one after, but it wasn't as funny.

Ted was a master in the art of the typically Welsh dry humour. He was so dry, I often didn't pick up on his gags until 10 minutes after parting ways.

He became ill suddenly and had, but a few days in which to organise his own funeral. About a week afterwards I picked up the order of service which had been sitting on the table and sadly began to read.

During the service, the vicar, who unusually in these parts was a black man, switched to the Welsh language half way through. What I hadn't realised up until that evening was that Ted had chosen to have his send off in...The Babel Chapel.

The man had been dead a week and he was still making me laugh. laugh

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