RE: London Police Issue Hate Crime Guidelines

I usually think at least twice before I open my mouth.

Like that's a bad thing.

Not having read the document and only having the quotes you cite, I suspect the snow flakiness is in panicking over this sort of thing.

I get people's gender wrong sometimes, especially with the youngsters I work with. It's not a hate crime, it's not done with hate.

I don't think foolish old woman crimes have come into law yet.

Now, if I refused to work with people, berated, deliberately humiliated, shouted at, or sabotaged those who weren't gender stereotyped enough for my convenience, that would be a different matter.

RE: Social Lubricant

I once got caught out travelling between Cardiff and home just as an International rugby match finished at the then Cardiff Arms Park, now Millennium Stadium.

It was quite revolting, with men peeing in the crowded station toilet sinks with the door open and people puking on the train.

I got hit on several times. I'm kinda hoping my sneer response conveyed the message "I wouldn't find you attractive if you were sober, mate. What makes you think I'm going to now you're drunk?" snooty

So, on International days round here, add bodily fluids to alcohol as a social lubricant.

Ych i fi! laugh

RE: What five members have been on the CS the longest.

I have one picture from my original profile Nam, but everything else has changed at least once, including my user name.

Why would I be embarrassed about being a member for a long time, Kaylana? confused

RE: Anyone here who has or knows someone with Aspserger's Syndrome?

Tenang, there's something I don't understand.

You seem to sometimes miss obvious logical fallacies when you write posts and that doesn't fit with my concept of Asperger's.

RE: My Lai Massacre — 50 years ago today

Failed drone attacks with collateral damage...?

That's a very polite way of phrasing the term 'war crime'.

And trying to make out that the US only has the world's best interests at heart is not a justification for My Lai a hundred times over. It's an emotional manipulation.

Drone attacks are quite cunning, really. It allows the emotional argument that it saves the risk to soldiers in face to face combat, whilst ensuring no one with a conscience is there to witness the war crimes leading to prosecution. It also means there's room to put blame on machines, rather than anyone 'important'.

And pointing out an opinion of Muhammad Ali's that you disagree with, doesn't detract from his insightful conscientious objection. He also said:

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life — Muhammad Ali

Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn't matter which color does the hating. It's just plain wrong — Muhammad Ali

You're right about it catching up with those responsible one day (UK and US), though. They'll all be safely dead by then, but it won't be a proud legacy written in the history books. It'll be a shameful one for their children and grandchildren to have to live with, but I suppose that's just collateral damage, too.

Have you ever read Hitler's Children by Gerald L. Posner?

RE: My Lai Massacre — 50 years ago today

I didn't want to submit to the army and then, on the day of judgment, have God say to me, 'Why did you do that?' This life is a trial, and you realize that what you do is going to be written down for Judgment Day — Muhammad Ali

RE: My Lai Massacre — 50 years ago today

It's still happening, Gal.

The first drone attack authorised by Trump after coming into office killed 23 civilians, including 10 children under the age of 12.

President Trump described the attack as a 'win'.

The drone assassination programme was started by Obama, but has been ramped up by Trump. Thousands of people have been murdered, targets being selected using a faulty computer algorithm. 80% of the men, women and children killed have never been named.

Countries aren't supposed to have souls, but the same does not apply to those in power.

RE: A Thread for the Gentlemen

Y'know, I've really warmed to you of late, Let_us.

You were a damned good sport when we were ribbing you the other day and either you've pulled back a bit on your enthusiastic punctuation, or my poor old, dyslexic eyeballs are getting used to it.

I've read more of your posts and, whilst I don't agree with everything you say, you've pulled some real gems out of the hat.

The trouble is, I'm neither a girl, nor a guy (is that a man guy, or a gender neutral guy?) and I'm a bit confused about who you would like to contribute to your thread.

RE: Is flirting seen as a negative quality??

Flirting is a way of expressing warmth towards other human beings (and for Brits, the dog, the cat, the budgie, etc.)

It's not the same as s*xual harassment which is about taking something which is not yours to take.

Please don't stop flirting, DeeDee. Please don't stop expressing warmth towards the people you warm to. It brings smiles to more people than you realise and we all get to bask in the warmth...if we choose to.

It's a simple thing, really.

RE: 3 Wishes

Try pronging them and holding them over a naked flame.

RE: Bi- s*xual

I'm not sure a tail whip between my chubby cheeks will leave anything intact.

RE: 3 Wishes

You're due on?

That explains a lot.

RE: Bi- s*xual

Bang goes my dominatrix image...

RE: 3 Wishes

I could, but they're a bit sore today, John.

RE: Bi- s*xual


Golly, it turns out love is puffed up, after all.

RE: 3 Wishes

Not really, John.

The menopause causes a fair amount of inflation for free.

RE: Bi- s*xual

I like the way you think, my little sugar cube.

RE: Bi- s*xual

If you're hoping to chase me an minx up and down the street, you have to invite Non as well.

We can't have the poor chap feeling displaced.

Would that make a love square?

RE: Bi- s*xual

Maybe CossackCat has a very big box, KB. dunno

RE: Bi- s*xual

I think you're over-imagining it, Michael.

RE: Do you know who likes or dislikes you here on forums

*affects best Tellytubbie voice*

Group hug!

RE: 3 Wishes

I think 3 wishes is depreciation in real terms, but to only be able to vote for one, well, that's not even subsistence.

I wish for a strike.

RE: NEWS : Physicist Sir Stephen Hawking has Died

PC World...?

There's a spazzer joke in there somewhere.

RE: Bi- s*xual

I tend to be less alarmed by things I can see than things I can't hear, Harbal.

RE: Bi- s*xual

To me it's a rather out dated term to describe those who are attracted to 'both genders'.

Personally, I think gender is a bit more complex than that, so I never describe myself as bisexual.

I'm just less concerned about the shape and location of genitals than I am about human beings.

RE: Banned Thread :(

Considerably more times than you have, Lookin'. laugh

RE: Insular Behavior

I didn't say it was justified, or not justified.

I said maybe you need to get used to it.

Maybe you might try and respect other people's cultural differences. grin

RE: Insular Behavior

There are a lot of regular posters and these forums are a community of sorts.

It can take a few posts for people to start to recognise you and build up a rapport.

That tends to happen more quickly if you have a photo, or a distinctive writing style, such as writing in a vernacular.

Having said that, if you do have seeking 18-34 on your profile, maybe you need to get used to being ignored and told to f*ck off.

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