RE: Do you find conversations about death are important but difficult to talk about with people you love

Blower = telephone

It's an old term describing the singularly vocal aspect of the communication, and possibly that people used to blow into the mouth piece to clear bad connections. laugh

Maybe I should look it up myself to find the roots of the slang.

RE: Characteristics

Yeah, I question your choice of emoticon in response to my post, Geriatrix. laugh

RE: Do you find conversations about death are important but difficult to talk about with people you love

Yeah, my mum has decided not to have treatment.

I accept her choice, it's sensible and pragmatic, but I have concerns about her suffering and mood.

It's difficult to navigate, especially as we're both somewhat deaf. Telephone conversations are hard work and not conducive to detail. I have to yell down the blower (and I'm living in a shared house) and as she can't yell, I have to guess at some of what she's saying.

Writing has become difficult for her and we live some distance apart.

I hope she realises I support whatever she chooses in her own best interests.

It's difficult to separate my emotional reaction from the priority of supporting her.

RE: The New York Daily News bestows an honorarium on Donald Trump

Thanks Ooby, but the point I was making was that the contest was between Trump and Clinton.

Those two must have gone through some process to have been in that position. Plainly, that's where it all went horribly Pete Tong.

RE: Characteristics

The patience of a saint, or saintess.

RE: Do you believe in Tipping ?

I ask who gets the tip first.

If the owners keep it, I don't tip.

If the person who served me, or it's shared amongst the service staff, I tip well.

The last time I took my granddaughter out, the two youngsters who made a lovely fuss of her and who didn't mind that we couldn't finish a kid's meal between us, we're thrilled to bits with the couple of quid I tipped.

I couldn't help thinking they were a little bit tip deprived. It doesn't take much to make someone's day special, either as a service provider, or customer.

RE: Here comes the sun.

And we both have plenty of rain to make things grow, Molly.

I love the Welsh climate. grin

RE: Here comes the sun.

I'm a mongrel, Snowlynx, and probably very little, if any, Celt.

I'm just a hardy lass...until the sun comes out. laugh

RE: Here comes the sun.

I hibernate in this weather.

Anything above 15C comes under the category of treacherous weather conditions as far as I'm concerned.

RE: Double Standards: Violence is Violence

Bloody hell, Gal. That's so awful, I'm speechless.

In the UK things have slowly changed following a 1970's documentary showing the police poor handling of a reported rape. It has been a long, slow and complex journey for women's right to live free from violence.

I saw the first signs of a movement for men's right to live free from violence in the late 80's. It was a small newspaper report about the first men's refuge.

There have been legal inequalities on both sides of the fence based upon prejudiced ideas of gender roles and behaviour. Women have been deemed malicious if they report attacks, or defend themselves in the absence of effective support. Men have been deemed the instigators if they defend themselves and unmanly if they report. There were also iniquities resulting from the now defunct law of provocation.

None of these gender biases are functional in terms of getting to the root of the issue and they rather leave both men and women experiencing violence caught between a rock and a hard place.

I think personal development should be part of the curriculum in schools from an early age. I don't like the focus on academia at the expense of being a healthy, functional human being.

As for us oldies, someone recommended Gavin de Becker's book The Gift of Fear on these forums some years ago and I picked up a second hand copy from eBay for a couple of quid. It was an eye opener and in turn, I also recommend it.

RE: Looking For Nice Girl To Date

Grammar isn't just about follow the rules.

It can mean communicating exactly what you mean.

If you know what I mean. giggle

RE: Double Standards: Violence is Violence

I once volunteered for a women's domestic violence organisation and refuge as part of my degree and afterwards, Gal.

I took a call from a man who was experiencing domestic violence and tried so very hard to find him an appropriate contact, which wasn't much some 30 years ago.

I deferred to my fully employed colleagues who laughed. I was partially dismayed, but also understood as victims of violence themselves, they still had some way to go in the healing process.

Only eight people worldwide have been considered fully self-actualised. Most of us make mistakes along our journeys.

My 4'11 1/2" daughter was attacked by her 6'2" partner. She f*ck him up. I admit that a part of me is proud and found the state of his face funny.

Violence is not funny, I know that, but I also can view perspectives. There's something painfully sad going on here.

Do you get what I'm saying?

RE: A worrier .............

No, I think you question much and explore much.

RE: Looking For Nice Girl To Date

Sorry Track, I was being a bit spectrumy. grin

Rachie, I'm fairly veganish and a bit gay. I don't want to eat the OP. giggle

RE: Looking For Nice Girl To Date

I think you are saying, "I am looking for a nice WOMAN to date WHO is from New York."

This site is for people who are 18 years old, or over, so there are only adults and no 'girls'.

If you say 'that' you are referring to an object. If you say 'who' you are referring to a person.

I hope this helps. wave

RE: Double Standards: Violence is Violence

Bigjb, there is an obvious difference between treating people the same and treating people equally.

If I make everyone a size 12 frock, I am treating the same. As only a minority of those people will have a usable item of clothing, I am not treating everyone equally.

You also contradict yourself saying men and women have different strengths and weaknesses, but that standards are lowered to allow women into certain professions.

RE: Double Standards: Violence is Violence

Yes, there can be equality, but we have to create that together.

Saying, "and women find it funny?" wasn't your best contribution towards that.

I can't access the link you posted, but I'm sure there's a better way to phrase that without counter-subjugation.

Equality empowers everyone.

RE: Can any one explain to me ...

That's a very nicely tailored coat that vulture on page 1 is wearing. Catwalk material, I'd say.

(assuming the cat is dead already, that is)

Grandson on the way...

Yeah, I think it was jolly decent of Rachie to volunteer (herself and everyone else) because I'm certainly not.

Your maths is off though, isn't it Molly? Rachie was 10oz too low, but M4 gets the (joint) prize (with MsContessa) for guessing only 9oz under.

Grandson on the way...

Thankyou once again everyone for you congratulations, good wishes and cards, etc. I've just been clicking on everyone's profiles to see who's posted all these lovely greetings.

My granddaughter and I have made a couple of hospital visits. Everyone's looking like they've been through quite an ordeal and I'm looking forward to them getting home to start their recovery and journey together.

I may have made an error in judgement, however, and I put this down to lack of sleep and the tense nature of the night. I read the weight as 6lb 1.4oz,when in fact it was 6lb 14oz. I'm sorry to say I may have to strip 2Intrigued of her joint first position and prize, but right now I'm too flamin' tired to go through the thread to establish the real winner of the weight category.

Will the real first nappy winner please stand up, please stand up, please stand up...

Grandson on the way...

The way he's stuffing his face, you may well have done by now, Merc. laugh

Grandson on the way...

Thankyou for the congratulations everyone and for helping me get through a tense and sleepless night.

I got another photo about an hour ago and he's looking a right old chubby chops, which is a relief. laugh

I think 2Intrigued was closest in weight, MsContessa closest in time, so I'll leave you fight it out over the souvenir nappy. giggle

Grandson on the way...

6.14! He's tiny!

Just got another photo and he's trying for angelic, but I know a strop when I see one. laugh

So, just before 5am, 6lb1.4oz. Who gets the first nappy prize?

He's stuffing his face now, apparently. Like mother, like son...

Grandson on the way...

I can't work out how to post a pic from my phone.

Not that I want anyone to see him before he learns to smile for the camera. Would angelic be too much to ask, eh? roll eyes laugh

Grandson on the way...

Both are fine.

Weight not checked yet.

Looks like he's got lots of dark curly hair.

Grandson on the way...

I've just received a pic of the most angry, pissed off newborn I have ever seen. rolling on the floor laughing

He looks like he's gone 10 rounds with Mohammed Ali, too.

He'd better do something about his attitude by the time I get there, I can tell you.

I've yet to hear how my daughter is.

I've just heard the beginning of the dawn chorus.

Grandson on the way...

Just got a text from her partner - they're in hospital, but I've no idea why.

Contractions every minute and she's screaming they're so intense.

I've no idea how it's all changed so quickly, but the little shit can buy his own first pint for doing this to my daughter.

Grandson on the way...

There's no pic yet, Ali.

She's been in labour for over 24 hours and she's nowhere near established labour by the sound of it.

Grandson on the way...

Just got a text from my daughter - the she reckons she's sleeping through most of her contractions.

Good that she's getting some rest, but the wee fella's taking his sweet time.

2pm here.

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