Grandson on the way...

Just got a text from her partner - they're in hospital, but I've no idea why.

Contractions every minute and she's screaming they're so intense.

I've no idea how it's all changed so quickly, but the little shit can buy his own first pint for doing this to my daughter.

Grandson on the way...

There's no pic yet, Ali.

She's been in labour for over 24 hours and she's nowhere near established labour by the sound of it.

Grandson on the way...

Just got a text from my daughter - the she reckons she's sleeping through most of her contractions.

Good that she's getting some rest, but the wee fella's taking his sweet time.

2pm here.

Grandson on the way...

Well, it's gone midnight here with no news.

I've got my granddaughter gently snoring and chattering away in her sleep next to me and I keep trying to listen in, in case she says something prophetic. Unless, my next grandchild is a slice of blue cake, I think the focus of her dreams might be elsewhere. giggle

Grandson on the way...

The prize is the first nappy and I reckon Rachie's the strongest contender so far. laugh

Grandson on the way...

My granddaughter was 7lb3oz.

All the midwives and the consultant (a bloke) screamed like big girls when she came out because she was so long it looked impossible. She's catching up with her mum in height and she's only 7 years old.

This wee fella won't have any tall genes, though. I've taken to calling him Elf already.

Grandson on the way...

I'm glad you've been training, Merc. laugh

Grandson on the way...

I think you might be close to the weight Track, but you've only left her 20 minutes to get him out. laugh

Grandson on the way...

75% of inductions fail and 25% end in emergency c-sections.

The hospital have been trying to get her to agree to an induction since Thursday even though there's nothing wrong and she's not due until Saturday.

Keep pushing everyone, we want her to get there before the knives get sharpened.

Grandson on the way...

I wanted their first suggestion Alfie John, but they went off it and I've been told no amount of begging will get me anywhere... laugh

I like Brendan, though. I've just looked it up - from Brendanus, the Latinized form of the Irish name Bréanainn which was derived from a Welsh word meaning "prince".

Fitting after DF called him the little Prince. laugh

Grandson on the way...

No name as yet - and all suggestions beginning with J have been turned down because my daughter struggles to say it. laugh

Suggest names all you like! laugh

Grandson on the way...

Golly, most of you are being very optimistic. laugh

She had a shower and a hearty meal after her waters broke and she's trying to get some shut eye at the moment. She's nowhere near established labour yet.

Thanks for all your best wishes folks, much appreciated. If we could collectively send some vibes for her to have a wee snooze and then get going good a proper, even better! When I saw her at 8am this she looked exhausted already, bless her.

Grandson on the way...

Blimey Gal, I hope Rachie and Molly are closer in weight - my daughter is 4'11 1/2" and only about 100lb herself! laugh

Grandson on the way...

My daughter has been in slow labour since last night and things are coming along nicely.

Her waters broke good and proper at 6pm along with 3 strong contractions.

It's now 8pm and time to place your bets on time of arrival and weight.


RE: Which swear words go over the line at work?

It's not the words which bother me, but the intent.

If someone needs a rant I'll listen, but don't swear and shout at me.

RE: Which swear words go over the line at work?

It's not the words which bother me, but the intent.

If someone needs a rant I'll listen, but don't swear and shout at me.

RE: We Asked an Expert How Islamists Could Actually Take Over the UK

If you want more up to date data, you could always do a little googling yourselves.

Everything I looked at suggested the Muslim population in the UK has risen since the 2011 consensus figure of 4.4% to around 5%.

The Pew Research Centre has estimated that if the current birth rate and influx of migrants from Syria and Iraq remains the same, the Muslim population in the UK is set to rise to 16.7% by 2050.

Perhaps the much feared take over might be a little less imminent than some people are trying to make out.

Besides, by 2050, it's likely the UK will have a different target for hatred given since the 1950's we've had the Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani, Punjabi (some from Kenya), Polish and other European migrants to pick on.

We have a habit of inviting people from other countries to do the shit work and then berating them for it to cover our embarrassment.

RE: Self-absorption

Lemon scented dunny paper...?

Plainly, you Aussies have delusions of grandeur way, way way above your station, too. laugh

RE: Self-absorption

I don't even know what sorbent is, Merc.

I was attempting to make a bad sorbet joke.

I think CC is going to accuse both of us of self-absorbtion, now. uh oh giggle

RE: Self-absorption

I like the lemon flavoured one best, Merc.

RE: Self-absorption

When my brain goes spongy, I'll consider it as an option.

RE: What is your Networth? Do you know how to calculate it?

I got a free hair net from work once.

I threw it away without asking how much they paid for it.

RE: BE Positive!

I can do an effortless Nico vocal impersonation.

RE: Under eminent domain, when CS is absorbed by the United States Marine Corp:

I don't think anyone has included their privates on your vacancies list, honey.

RE: If you were locked in

I would spend my time despairing.

RE: Do you believe in Tipping ?

Give me a bucket of slime and a few candidates and I'll consider the question of tipping. giggle

RE: Is it impossible to meet gay women on this site?

If this site was open to the LBGT community, there'd be other profile options besides straight and gay on the profiles.

RE: Is it impossible to meet gay women on this site?

When I've put 'woman seeking women' on my profile, I've had way more mail from men...pretending to be women. laugh

It's less hassle and less aggressive to have 'woman seeking men'.

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