RE: Gay Conversion Therapy

You agree that it's upsetting and you have friends who are gay, or bisexual...but you agreed with MissContessa that it's okay to repair people of any non-heterosexuality?

RE: Back in my day....

I used to eagerly watch the clothes and toys going round our estate waiting for my turn. It was fantastic. I could barely contain myself waiting for the big girl's to grow. laugh

Somebody had a good source, because I had a mini 1920's sit-up-and-beg bicycle painted a shiny bronze colour and a 1920's cast aluminium rocking horse. I still have the rocking horse for my grandchildren.

RE: Gay Conversion Therapy

I didn't play field sports.

RE: Gay Conversion Therapy

Queers being unhappy in your company, Woodstock, is not the same as queers being unhappy people.

RE: Gay Conversion Therapy

So, according to Ontario's bill 89 you can have your child taken into care if your grandfather was called Frank and you speak your opinion about your child's gender identity to an audience of Ohio EPA and US EPA members expecting a talk on air quality.

I don't think that will affect many parents, Gal.

RE: Gay Conversion Therapy

What do you mean by 'frankly' and 'publicly'?

RE: Gay Conversion Therapy

What do you mean when you say 'speak out', Gal?

RE: Gay Conversion Therapy

One of my under-grad lecturers admitted he had administered electric shock therapy with the aim of 'converting' sexuality. This was back in the days when the American Psychiatric Society categorised homosexuality as a mental illness (before it was categorised as only a mental illness if you didn't want to be gay.)

He was a complete tosser in so many ways.

He did, however, have the decency to mention that it didn't work.

From what you say about the unprofessionalism and the context of this so called therapy, I'd say it's tantamount to child abuse.

RE: Gay Conversion Therapy

Can you elaborate on what you heard gay conversion therapy is please, Gal?

RE: Ladies

I'm not terribly fond of chocolate.

Does that mean I have to buy another Newfie, or another alcoholic?

I'm sure I'm getting swizzled on this deal. confused

RE: Ladies

...with a medicine spoon whilst wearing a little nurses outfit.


RE: Sweet Dreams

I'm sure the rosary hanging on the wall is a great comfort.

RE: Ladies

Feck, where's the small print...? uh oh

RE: Ladies

How about $1.50 for just half the deal?

I've got no problem with alcoholics. giggle

RE: What five members have been on the CS the longest.

Jill, would I be right in remembering that you packed all your worldly belongings into one suitcase and went off on an adventure?

RE: What do people do with...

If the supermarkets limited the amount of bread people could buy, that would impact on those who buy for elderly and/or disabled neighbours.

RE: Tilted Heads

In my primary photo it's because I'm stretching to hit the key on my laptop to take the photo, whilst concentrating very hard on which key it is and keeping my head in the shot without having my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth with the effort of it all.

I'm looking away in the other one because my daughter waited until I got distracted by something to take the photo. I guess my tongue was previously hanging out the side of my mouth with the effort of posing.

Face to face, I tend to tilt my head and give people sidelong glances because I'm trying to pick up noise in my less deaf ear and lip read at the same time.

It's all so coquettish.

RE: What five members have been on the CS the longest.

Do you remember posting the green eyes video, Nam?

Naaww... smile

RE: Who are the most boring race in the world?

I beg to differ, Nam.

My dad had a tortoise he found in the road. He kept escaping, so my dad decided to make him a bigger, more secure run.

While he was doing it, my dad tied a string round his shell and attached the other end to my wee garden chair. The damn thing ran up the garden with me in the chair still attached.

When they get warm, they can go like the clappers. laugh

RE: What five members have been on the CS the longest.

Well, I hope you had the sense to mislay the crap bits out of the last decade, Nam. hug

RE: Who are the most boring race in the world?

I didn't know the French ate sloths.

RE: Who are the most boring race in the world?

I can't decide between snails and sloths.

Either way, the hundred yard dash lacks excitement.

RE: Confused and tensed :(

I meant the equivalent in Canada.

So much of university is about learning the structure and the language used to describe that structure.

I should have said Admissions Department earlier, instead of recruitment department. In Canada they may call it something else, but you could ask them how to access careers advice and student feedback.

RE: Confused and tensed :(

Here in the UK universities try to get feedback from graduates to find out what they did after their degree, or post-graduate qualification.

Each department of commerce may have records of how students got on after qualifying.

That might give you an idea of which Masters programmes are popular, as well as employability afterwards.

RE: Confused and tensed :(

I just had to Google B.Com and Honours B.Com.

We don't have them in the UK anymore, even though apparently they originated here.

A commerce degree may cover a wide variety of disciplines, so without knowing which aspects of commerce you studied, it's not possible to help much.

I guess what you need to know is where the job market currently has skill requirements in Canada.

Could you perhaps find a careers advice centre in Canada, preferably one attached to a university and email them for advice?

Maybe the recruitment department of a university would be able to point you in the right direction for advice, as well.

RE: Worst Introductions

Everytime a scammer thread is created, the scammers refine their techniques.

RE: What five members have been on the CS the longest.

The first pics I had on my profile were taken by my daughter a week before my 42nd birthday.

It was a few months before I used them on this site, so I've been a member for 8 years tops.

You seem to have mislaid a couple of years. giggle

RE: Anyone here who has or knows someone with Aspserger's Syndrome?

If it's a spectrum, then we're all on the spectrum somewhere.

If it's a collection of traits and everyone is different, then why would there be any traits necessarily in common?

There, I've just contradicted my post to Tenang. You live and learn.

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