RE: The Biggest Mistake you can make is...

So, if I'm offended by the torture and execution of children, it's based on egotism and false beliefs?

I shouldn't protest, or take any action with intent to stop the torture and execution of children?

I shouldn't acknowledge my offended thoughts or feelings, or indeed feel offended at all?

Healthy repression and oppression all round, eh?

RE: What Kind or Woman / Person are You? Choose the BEST answer.

I just got a mail from a gentleman who states on his profile that he's looking for a woman with nice nails.

I looked at my nails.

My hands look like they've been dipped in industrial paint, rubbed across wasteland and then stuffed through a shredder.

Is there a fetish for that...? laugh

RE: A Challenge

Thankyou, Contessa. That's very kind of you.

RE: A Challenge

I've just moved house.

I spent a week packing, shifting, gardening and decorating, day and night.

Yesterday I walked to the hardware store got paint swatches, brought them home, walked back to get paint, walked to the next village to get easter eggs for my grandchildren and groceries, dropped in on my daughter, walked home, shifted stuff ready to paint and did some housework. Probably walked about 10 miles.

Today, I'll be unpacking, tidying and cleaning around paint drying cycles and walking up to the next village to give my grandchildren their easter eggs.

Activity is a part of life.

RE: West Germany: Duisburg State Of Emergency

What was the death and injury toll from this fight with MACHETES, metal pipes and telescopic batons?

It must have been absolute carnage.

And I'm a little confused: If there were about 50 people involved and arrested, given you can't arrest the dead and seriously wounded, who did they attack with these weapons?

And if the police should arrest and prosecute all people apparently involved without investigation (i.e. releasing no one), doesn't that rather mirror the kind of regime there is in Saudi Arabia at the moment, rather than a democratic European legal system?

RE: What would you like to accomplish by the end of the year?

Yeah, I thought it might be Tulefell. laugh

RE: What would you like to accomplish by the end of the year?

Typo alert - I'm not doing over anyone. The 'you' was meant to be a 'the'.

Just thought I'd clarify that.

RE: What would you like to accomplish by the end of the year?

I'll be glad if I manage to accomplish what I need to do over you next couple of days, never mind fretting about the rest of the year.

RE: Today is Durga ashtmi :)

Celebrating the power and weaponry of humanity?

I'll go for that! wine rose

RE: Name Something

Plastic drinks bottles.

Many of them, particularly spring water, impregnate the plastic with preservatives so it can be claimed the drink has none added to it.

Reusing the bottle causes the chemicals to leach out of the plastic.

If it says 'do not reuse bottle' on the label, it says it for a reason.

RE: Today is Durga ashtmi :)

Thankyou, Freebird.

I hope you and your family enjoy your celebrations. wave

RE: Patriotism

Nah, it's probably exceptionally good health care which has got the Queen to such a ripe old age.

That and walking the dogs.

RE: Patriotism

Patriotism is the fast food of the self-esteem: it fills you up, but it ain't healthy.


If someone hasn't logged in for two months, they're not interested in you.

That makes your search simpler. laugh

RE: which colour clothes were you told suit's you best............?

You're right, Nam. If two colours can be found together in nature, they go well together. Nature doesn't clash.


Greens are hard to match up. I have 9 boxes of green threads, but if someone brings me an item of green clothing to alter, the chances are I'll have to go and buy a new thread to get a colour match.

I have half a box of red threads and always find a match.

We have evolved to distinguish subtleties between greens. People who see the detail in foliage rather than a blanket blur of colour don't get eaten before they breed.

The next most difficult colour to match up is blue.

Not putting green and blue together is a rule of thumb for people who can't do it as well as nature. Generally speaking, men don't see colour as acutely as women and synthetic dyes aren't as well made as nature's pigments.

I suspect your friend was seeing something extra (and clashing) in your colour combination that you see as a blend. It's unlikely she realises that you combine the colours which you find visually pleasing, even if it scours the back of her eyeballs.

My eyes take the first train to Huffsville at colour combinations on a regular basis, especially in the current age where garishness is an attention grabbing technique. Gone are the well blended and muted tones of yesteryear's advertising. sigh

I just try not to let on that other people can't see colour for shit when they get dressed in the morning, even when they have the audacity to wear orange. Orange belongs in nature and nowhere else. End of. giggle

RE: No

I'm moving house and down-sizing, so I've had to say no to lots of stuff.

I had a ridiculous number of sewing machines dating from the turn of the last century to the 70's in varying states of disrepair.

Yesterday I put two of them out for the scrap merchant. My elderly neighbour came and asked me if her friend could have them for a charity. They get reconditioned and shipped to Africa so people can start their own businesses, just like I did many moons ago on an old cast iron hand machine.

My neighbour's friend left with 7 machines in the boot of her car, chuffed to bits. laugh

I'm chuffed to bits they're going to good homes. They're lovely machines which should be used to feed families.

RE: which colour clothes were you told suit's you best............?

It's to do with your own colouring, Pedro.

Because you have a dark skin tone, you can wear light-reflective colours, which is kinda bright colours. Being fair, if I wear yellow, or bright, yellowy greens, it reflects off my skin like a buttercup. laugh

The human eye likes contrast: dark hair and blue eyes make these features stand out and easy to see. It's why the Irish are considered handsome.

If you wear blue, it'll 'pick out' your eyes even more. Try to go for blues which are of a similar tone to your eye colour, but maybe a darker blue.

If I wear darkish, mossy greens, it makes my eyes glow like cat's eyes.

I could go on, but men tend not to see colour as well as women and few people see colour as well as I do. I can see the individual pigments in paint and dyes, not just the colour of the mix.

RE: Trapped Dolphins trapped in ice are resqued

That was a grand story to wake up to this morning, BC.

Thankyou! wave

RE: Controllable events (urgent)

Deciding whether to accept life-prolonging medical treatment, or to let nature take it's course.

RE: Gay Conversion Therapy

Uh huh, personal research, eh?

RE: Gay Conversion Therapy

I've never called one of those numbers, so I wouldn't know.

RE: Gay Conversion Therapy

You agree that it's upsetting and you have friends who are gay, or bisexual...but you agreed with MissContessa that it's okay to repair people of any non-heterosexuality?

RE: Back in my day....

I used to eagerly watch the clothes and toys going round our estate waiting for my turn. It was fantastic. I could barely contain myself waiting for the big girl's to grow. laugh

Somebody had a good source, because I had a mini 1920's sit-up-and-beg bicycle painted a shiny bronze colour and a 1920's cast aluminium rocking horse. I still have the rocking horse for my grandchildren.

RE: Gay Conversion Therapy

I didn't play field sports.

RE: Gay Conversion Therapy

Queers being unhappy in your company, Woodstock, is not the same as queers being unhappy people.

RE: Gay Conversion Therapy

So, according to Ontario's bill 89 you can have your child taken into care if your grandfather was called Frank and you speak your opinion about your child's gender identity to an audience of Ohio EPA and US EPA members expecting a talk on air quality.

I don't think that will affect many parents, Gal.

RE: Gay Conversion Therapy

What do you mean by 'frankly' and 'publicly'?

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