RE: Prostitution.!

So, if someone is desperate to feed their habit in the UK it is consensual sex, len? confused

Do you realise that a very large proportion of prostitutes in the UK were sexually abused as children and develop substance misuse issues as a direct result?

The psychology is cyclical, but I wouldn't call it consensual.

Please note, I'm questioning the earlier comment about prostitution being better than rape, just from another angle.

RE: Sad Day

A sad day indeed, Track. hug


I have already talked about the thread topic, Gal.

You accused me of labelling you and then I wanted to talk about that. You are avoiding answering, but of course you can't. I didn't label you - that idea, interestingly, came from yourself.

Prejudice didn't even come into my mind when I posted. Incongruance did, however.

No, I don't agree with your statements about change in the UK. The reality is that with each new influx of immigrants since the 1950's, the UK stays remarkably the same in terms of it's propaganda and hostility. It's just the target which changes.

RE: Prostitution.!

If someone is desperate to feed their children, their habit, or whatever, is it consensual sex?


No, I don't think it's like describing a compound sentence.

I asked if you can point out where I labelled you as, where I said you are, prejudice(d).

RE: The Shawshank Redemption

When I saw the thread title, I thought you would be the author because you've brought up the subject of this film before.

I wondered why it holds your fascination so.

Now I know. If I get to see the film again, I'll try and view it from this perspective.

Tell me Pedro, did you have an escape plan in order to free your mind?

RE: New change to Forum page

I suspect your friend is having the same problem with the mobi site blogs access that I am, Merc.

The replies are cut in half, so you can only read half of each line of writing. No amount of clicking on the replies, turning my phone sideways, or any other jiggery pokery results in seeing the replies in their entirety.

RE: Favouritism

Yeah, I get hot flushes after a bit of DIY, too.


Can you point out where I labelled you with the word 'prejudice' please, Galrads.

Although to be grammatically correct, in order to have labelled you, I think I would have had to have used the word 'prejudiced'.

RE: New change to Forum page

I use the mobi site via my mobile phone.

I appreciate that you're still working on it as I've had a few 'coming soon' messages, but I miss being able to quote on the forums.

I also find the blogs unusable. When I first started using the mobi site, I could only access the first page of each blog. I think now I can access more pages, but only see half of each sentence of the replies.

RE: Favouritism

Yeah, but what if Harbal is going through the memopause?

RE: The New York Daily News bestows an honorarium on Donald Trump

Am I accurate in believing there is some kind of a process for selecting presidential candidates, Conrad?

Only your post to me appears to lack either a logical basis, imagination, or both. laugh

RE: The New York Daily News bestows an honorarium on Donald Trump

It can be very difficult to break out of a role whilst remaining in the same environment.

If you elect an unsophisticated showman as president, he remains in the spotlight.

Unsophisticated, sensationalist journalists remain the audience and critics.

It was never a well thought out choice. At least not by the electorate.


How do you think I've labelled you in my post, Gal?

RE: Favouritism

Oh my, Harbal's snubbed Miwagi. stuck

RE: Favouritism

Oh my, Miwagi's flirting with Harbal! rose


I don't think the government vacilated. I think they offered temporary deportation amnesty to asylum seekers who came forward and admitted to surviving their attempted murder by the government before deporting them into a life threatening situation.

That's a reality for many Muslims in the UK.

You are afraid?

You don't know the meaning of afraid.

Except you acknowledged that burning to death as so many Muslim men, women and children did in Grenfell Tower is the most fearsome kind of death.

I sometimes wonder what your mental block is all about, Gal. You're not a nasty man. So many times you've shown your sensitive humanitarian side.

Wtf is going on with you when you express your fear and hatred of Muslim people?

Do you remember the description of the three Muslim children at the window crying and begging to be rescued? And then - kaboom! - a gas explosion behind them? And then there were no children?

What the f*ck difference does it make what religion they were?

RE: Favouritism

A bit like 'you can take the boy out of the backstreet, but you can't take the backstreet out of the boy'?

RE: Favouritism

Oh, golly. Is that Freudian...?

I think Miwagi might be fantasising about your arse, Harbal.

You should never have gone gay that time.

RE: Good Radio, Good Smoke

My daughter tells me I'm a badass grandma. I'd love to meet the others. giggle

RE: Favouritism

It may have been the sexy mod with the long legs and sense of humour.

On the other hand, it may have been the Bible bashing mod with the high tolerance for racism and hairy bollox.

I think Miwagi might be too much of a gentleman to kiss arse and tell, mind.

RE: Good Radio, Good Smoke

It's lush and I'd gladly share it with you, Track.

It would be nice to have your company.

And in return, you'd get to see a posh, old Brit grandma get squiffy on 2 G&T's and the fumes off your smoke. I suspect that might be unmissable. giggle

RE: Good Radio, Good Smoke

I have some roast vegetables, nice bread and some G&T.

What are we listening to? laugh


I think you've just cited 7 Muslim mayors over a 10 year period, Galrads.

I realise the UK appears small to Americans, but I doubt that's even proportionally representative of the Muslim population, never mind a conquering mass.

Do you remember Grenfell Tower?


Let me tell you about the food thing.

Vegan diet is the fastest growing food demographic in the UK at the moment and the greatest focus is on providing for this.

Vegetarian diet is still popular and catered for in food establishments.

Allergen free food has boomed since the introduction of allergen labelling laws by the EU in December 2015.

There is some conflict of cultural interest in terms of providing halal meat in the UK and marrying halal standards with RSPCA standards. The compromise is that whilst chicken is often halal in non-Muslim food outlets, other meats are not. UK standards for the treatment of chickens have traditionally been poor and halal methods will be an improvement. At least the chicken will be dead before it's singed and plucked.

Halal provision is usually chicken, fish, or vegetarian and of course the vegetarian and vegan ranges are also suitable.

In school, my vegan-ish granddaughter has yet to be provided with a square meal and despite being entitled to free meals, my daughter has to provide her with a packed lunch. Maybe schools in other areas are a bit more on the ball, but schools aren't known for quality cuisine, or being able to tell the difference between a carrot and a chicken nugget, despite Jamie Oliver's high profile campaign.

I think we can quite safely call bullshit on the piece of propaganda cited in the op from the information myself and others have provided thus far.

It would be nice if someone in the know could explain the different levels of Sharia law and how Sharia councils have come about in Muslim populated areas to help manage community issues.

Perhaps it's also worth noting that there are three refugee 'hotspots' in the UK (Newport in Wales, I think Edinburgh in Scotland and possibly Leeds in England) where people are shunted about and often treated as if they are not human beings. Many of these people people have been traumatised by their experiences prior to escaping and live in fear of deportation and their lives. This will account for a significant number of Muslim people in the UK. I'm sure the good Christians who regularly spout their fear and hatred towards Muslims will be thrilled to bits at the inhuman treatment of desperate people in need.

RE: The Bedroom, etc

Talking of which, I need to be up in a few hours. Nos da. wave

RE: The Bedroom, etc

No, I kind of scrunch up in state of exhaustion. laugh

RE: I want to start a family

Give it another 5 years, or so and you could be a grandparent.

After the day I've had I can confirm it involves as many hospital appointments and is equally as fraught as being a parent. stuck

RE: The Bedroom, etc

Yeah, but I can't even be bothered to toss, Merc.

RE: Show Us Yer Arse!

Cleavage is cleavage, Harbal.

There's no need to discriminate, unless of course one type intends to take over the world and introduce it's own laws.

Although, I do hope you're not a jumper lumps apologist.

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