RE: why are muslim refugees still here in the usa!

Would it be too much to ask that people appreciate they earn enough to be taxed and not quibble about feckin' food stamps, or a course of antibiotics?

How much does a US drone assassination of the under 12's cost the taxpayer?

RE: Straight guy and panties

Ask Dedovix, Track - he's wearing them. laugh

RE: Straight guy and panties

Most women on this site are unlikely to be intellectual, scholarly, creative with an interest in Hindu/South Asian culture and religion.

Most women on this site are unlikely to be understanding, honest and strong in every sense.

Most women on this site are unlikely to know what they want and be willing (or able) to get it.

So, why do you focus on 'most women' with respect to the lingerie you like to wear?

How many women are you looking for? laugh

cswelcome wave

RE: Attitude to risks / Extend if you want to, thank you!

I'm becoming a bit of a militant employee in my old age.

All the years of practice speaking my mind on the forums seems to be paying off. laugh

I risk making myself rather unpopular with management, but that's not as bad as the potential consequences of keeping quiet.

RE: best and worse/weirdest

My daughter once gave me four bottles of disinfectant from the pound shop.

I was dead chuffed as it was a spicy one I liked the smell of and couldn't get hold of easily. laugh

RE: Do women have "wet dreams"?

My apologies, cuchi.

I'm using my phone, the thumbnail profile pics are more thumbalina and I thought you comment was from the OP.

You are right, I misunderstood. bouquet

RE: Do women have "wet dreams"?

You posted saying you could tell several WHY it's untrue.

Please tell me those several WHY it's untrue.

Then I may be able to answer your question better.

There is no need to add any words to my post. I am posting the words I mean to post.

RE: Do women have "wet dreams"?

No, go ahead, give us the several WHY it's untrue.

There's no point in telling you what you already know.

RE: Are you Dateolicious....?

I think I might enjoy the story of Miss Have'ersome more.

RE: Are you Dateolicious....?

I was thinking of trying my hand at Dickens, next.

RE: For WOMEN only

If the aim is to increase dialogue between men and women and the method is to demand they remain on separate threads, why are men deemed the logical ones?

RE: Are you Dateolicious....?

I'm reading Non of the D'Urbervilles at the moment.

I've just got to the bit where Non is trying to rebuild his life after being shamelessly used and abused, poor innocent soul that he is.


RE: Hilarious: Watch Trudeau get called a...

Oh goody, it's the Christian season of goodwill to all mankind.

RE: Telepathy

I think this might be in Oliver Sachs' book, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat.

It's thought that some 94% of the nerves from the eye follow the same pathway to the part of the brain which processes sight. The remaining 6% follow a more diffuse route.

If there is a disconnection in the 94% pathway (due to injury, or disease) people, whilst being totally blind, are able to point to objects on request with accuracy.

If there is a disconnection in the 6% pathway, people can see, but appear to lose some sense of reality. This has been famously exampled by a man who was so convinced his father was an android, he cut his head off to expose the wiring inside.

It was hypothesised that this 6% 'non-seeing' pathway may be linked with the concept of 'sixth sense' and may explain phenomena such as becoming aware when someone is looking at you.

RE: Telepathy

The definition in the op: 'the purported transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our KNOWN sensory channels, or physical interaction.'

Bear in mind the term 'telepathy' was coined in the 1800's before many things had been observed and recorded; before they were 'known' from a scientific, Western point of view.

Example 1: I had some friends round when my daughter was small. As I reached up and got her a toy from a shelf, one of the mums asked incredulously how I knew that she wanted that particular toy.

I said, "Because she told me."

My friend said, "No she didn't. She didn't say anything!"

I just shrugged. It took me a while to work out what my daughter and I had up until then taken for granted - she was looking at me to get my attention and her eyes ever so slightly flicked to the toy she wanted.

To other people the movement may have been imperceptible creating the impression that we were communicating by some form of telepathy.

If you watch small children who are at the developmental age where they play alongside each other, rather than together, you can observe these almost imperceptible body language and facial expression communications going on all the time.

RE: ...The Manic street preachers - Your favourite song?

Since when has Cardiff been in the county of Clwyd? confused

RE: Telepathy

Do you think I claimed to have exceptional, or magical and powers, Pat?

RE: Telepathy

Which bit do you think is a load of absolute crap, Pat?

Picking up on subtle body language and facial expressions as a means of communication, or that the mind might not be confined to the brain?

RE: Telepathy

My daughter didn't speak until she was 2 1/4 years old. We had no trouble communicating.

A work colleague and I have been known to have whole discussions without either of us saying a word.

It can unnerve others watching, but really it's just a matter if picking up on subtle body language and facial expressions.

The thing I find strange is when you think of someone you haven't seen in a long time for no apparent reason, and then bump into them 2 minutes later.

I'm deeply suspicious the mind is not confined to the brain. laugh

RE: Walking the dogs.............

Did it squeak the when the dog picked it up?

RE: Single Women

It's easy to criticise people for not working at relationships, but how many people would be prepared to invest in educational programmes for children to provide them with the skills they need to negotiate adult relationships?

RE: Interesting facts!

There's no letter k in the Welsh alphabet.


RE: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I'm here to deliver the message to the world. laugh

RE: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

2010, not that long ago.

A neighbour's son very kindly brought his plough and cleared the the three roads on our small estate so people could get out in their cars.

As my daughter and I were the only family without a car, he dumped all the cleared snow in front of our house.

My daughter was heavily pregnant, and whilst I could climb the compacted Everest at the end of our small drive, she was alarmingly housebound.

We had an anxious two weeks, hoping nothing would go awry causing the need for an ambulance.

Finally, the warm Welsh rains came back melting almost everything overnight. At 6am on the 30th December her waters broke spectacularly as all but a few patches of snow had gone. My granddaughter was born on 31st in time for a party.

I can't help, but think my daughter held on for those two weeks with a will of iron. wow laugh

We had heavy snow in 2008 and 2009, as well. Before that, I think it might have been 1996.

RE: What do u find most fascinating about the opposite sex ?

But I can't do that huggy emote which Lookin'did, apparently. laugh

RE: What do u find most fascinating about the opposite sex ?

Aragorn! :reunited:

I apply mascara with my mouth closed. snooty

RE: What do u find most fascinating about the opposite sex ?

They're a hipster thong, you muppet.

It's her suspenders that are high over her hips.

Jeez, you're all tangled up in those undies, aren't you Lookin'? laugh

RE: What do u find most fascinating about the opposite sex ?

Socks, sandles and thongs...?

Okay, go for it Lookin'. We promise not to look. laugh

RE: Pâté

What's more sickening about eating the innards of a butchered animal for you, than the outers, for you Anna?

RE: What do u find most fascinating about the opposite sex ?

It's a difficult compulsion to get over, snooks.

Personally, I think men should throw in the towel and wear their socks and sandals with pride.

In fact, I think there should be socks and sandals pride marches.

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