RE: How many still believe in Marriage and Family life, like Ozzie and Harriet portrayed on tv?

I have family, but I've never been married.

It pisses me off when people think the two are mutually exclusive.

My daughter was fifteen before someone referred to us as a family.

We were both overwhelmed and deeply moved by such a small, but pertinent recognition.

Family is so much more than you suggest here in this thread.

What Can You Hear...

Oh, Track. I forgot to mention there's a substance in cheese which has been linked with repairing nerve damage associated with hearing.

I've heard conflicting accounts as to whether that's to do with tinnitus, or hearing loss.

As I'm at home with my tinnitus, I'm currently holding off from squirting Primula in my ear. If it repaired hearing loss, I'd be wanting to to know if I should use the original, or the ones with chives, or prawns. laugh

What Can You Hear...

I'm not sure I have a light bulb greater than 20 watts in the house, Uptall.

Just sayin'. laugh

What Can You Hear...

I haven't forgotten Track - I'm just waiting for the opportunity and an audience likely to be amused by eccentricity. laugh

I like a bit of Beethoven - apparently it's his later works I gravitate towards when he was a deaf git like me and composed in deeper registers.

Our conversation on the other thread was the starting point of my conversation with my friend which lead to this thread. See? You have influence in other parts of the world. thumbs up

What Can You Hear...

I don't talk to light bulbs, Uptall.

I talk to you lot.

Same difference. dunno


What Can You Hear...

Yes Track, I mentioned in an earlier post that I was plagued with tonsillitis and ear infections as a child. I also think this was the beginning of my hearing deterioration.

As for perforated ear drums, the last time I had a cold, everytime I (really gently and slowly) blew my nose, I could feel a hurricane in my ear. laugh

What Can You Hear...

Daniella, I'm so going to ask my friend if he can hear dog whistles. If he can, I think I will train him. laugh

If you have some nerve damage in the frequency of light bulbs, but not at the frequency of dog whistles, it would explain why you can hear one, but not the other.

I can hear strip lights, but I think that some of that is feeling the vibrations in my face, rather than hearing them with my ears.

What Can You Hear...

Life, when I had my hearing aid fitted the medic asked me which ear I had the tinnitus in.

I said, how can you tell?!

It's not like you can stick your finger in your ear and block out the noise in one ear if the noise is internal. laugh

Since seeing my hearing graphs and having the hearing aid, I'm a lot less confused. I can now identify that my loudest tinnitus eeeee (good description, Pat) is in my left (most deaf) ear.

I still have difficulty in identifying all the tinnitus sounds and where they are situated, but seeing their shape and colour (hello, Innocentia!) helps.

What Can You Hear...

Cachuchi, I am reading everything avidly. laugh

I have never had any hearing therapy, but I'm interested. The more I learn about my hearing experience, the less stressful it becomes.

Unfortunately, I have difficulty understanding anything to do with sound and I'm a bit overwhelmed by your technical posts. I will revisit them and I will talk them over with my friend - I often don't understand what he's going on about and I think he often has to work quite hard to explain things in a way I can grasp like a drowning man to a life bouy. laugh

Thankyou for the new information and avenues to explore. That sounds like fun to me. grin

What Can You Hear...

Pat, your hearing experience sounds very similar to mine, except I never did the loud music thing.

My friend mentioned in the op helped me make a major breakthrough in my understanding of my hearing - he pointed out the frequencies where I have nerve damage are the ones which make speech intelligible.

I struggle to hear consonants, particularly sss and tuh sounds, especially when there's background noise. When people speak, I hear something like blib blib blob blib and have to lip read to fill in the missing bits.

It's lead to some rather eccentric and hilarious conversations, like the day I mistook the word kettle for cat. giggle

What Can You Hear...

Aquarius, welcome to the forums. wave

I really like the handful, or two of auditory hallucinations I've had.

I've heard my daughter calling my name when she's been in another country, my childhood phone ringing and waking me up in the middle of the night, that sort of thing.

I put them down to accute recollections and because they come from a time when my hearing was better, I'm usually rather thrilled to hear something so well. laugh

To hear someone singing who is no longer here physically must be lovely, assuming you were rather fond of them in life. An afterlife of sorts, perhaps.

What Can You Hear...

Track, I have considerably less hearing in my left ear and it sounds like I'm underwater. I also have a perforated ear drum which heals over, but is forever popping back open again.

It means I'm unable to work out the direction a sound is coming from, much to the amusement of people yelling my name from behind me. laugh

It also gets confusing trying to identify noises - I might hear something to my right and think the noise must be wind blowing through trees, when in fact it's a river to my left.

Once I worked this out, life became a little less confusing. I now know to look all around me when I'm flummoxed. laugh

What Can You Hear...

I need to go out soon, but please keep 'fessing up to your superhuman powers, or discussing your lack of hearing experience in my absence.

I look forward to catching up with you later and replying to posts, some already here. It seems my friend is not alone in hearing light bulbs and I am not alone in being a deaf old git. laugh

Understanding my hearing has helped me a lot with negotiating the sound-oriented world and I hope this can be a productive and interesting thread for others, too. wave

What Can You Hear...

Daniella, am I right in the way I have interpreted your post that you can hear light bulbs and dog whistles?

What Can You Hear...

Rogue, I asked if you felt your tinnitus affected your hearing of external noises because I was told by a medic that it doesn't.

My tinnitus is a motley crew of sounds, including something like the old BBC test card (but I think higher frequency with some added undulations) and buzzing of different frequencies
Some constant, some intermittent.

It's damned loud, so I'm confused at being told that it can't mask some external noises, just as external noises can mask my tinnitus.

The permanent noises don't bother me, although the intermittent ones are a bugger. In one way the noises are like an old friend. When I hear them most, I'm in a quiet room on my own. As I appreciate a bit of solitude, my tinnitus has become a contrary symbol of peace and quiet. laugh

What Can You Hear...

I have tinnitus too, Rogue.

Do you think it affects your ability to hear external sounds?

Does your tinnitus bother you?

What Can You Hear...

I confess I don't know what you're talking about, Cachuchi.

Pitch, both note and tone...? What are these mysteries? laugh

It's interesting to note, however, your family history of accomplished musicians who can hear light bulbs.

I had to look up otitis media (middle ear infection) as well. I was plagued with tonsillitis and ear infections as a child, but I have no more detail than that. When I first had my hearing aid, I kept getting flash backs to the age of about 7 and I wonder if that age was the peak of my hearing ability.

What Can You Hear...

I was chatting with a my friend yesterday, and as often is the case, our conversation turned to hearing.

He's a musician and sound engineer and about a year ago joyously waggled a hearing test graph in front of me (a lovely straight line it was, unlike mine which looks like a badly cut out pumpkin mouth). It was qualified with the statement that he had the hearing of an 18 year old man.

"Y'know," he said to me, "I'm not sure of the validity of that test. I'm aware that my hearing has deteriorated over the last five years."

I suggested it would depend on his starting point: If he had hearing like superman before, it's quite possible it's now deteriorated to a level commensurate with an average 18 year old's.

He poo-pooed my theory, scorning the preposterous idea that he might ever have had super-human hearing.

He went on to describe the high frequencies he could still hear. "You know those irritating sound light bulbs make..." shock

Apparently, energy saving light bulbs emit a high frequency buzz. I've used them for 20 years and have never once heard them. In fact, I went home and reassured myself that I can still hear light switches clicking on and off. laugh

Can you hear light bulbs?

RE: It is easy for some to have a high EQ ?

"Everybody in this world can make a choice that suits their personality."

What choices can a tortured child awaiting execution make that suits their personality?

Do the people responsible have the right to torture and execute that child because it suits their personality?

RE: So who is the clown pretending to be me?

BTW, there are rules about it. Just report the profile.

RE: Which social issue is going to be the hottest in 2018?

I'm guessing the European pharmaceutical companies have the patent for at least one of the drugs used in the US's execution drug cocktail.

Europe, where execution is illegal, is tightening up its loopholes like a clenched arse in a largely successful bid to stop the US from getting it's bloodied hands on the medicines it's misusing.

The experimental cocktails the US has been using leading to botched executions is contravening the laws regarding cruel and unusual punishment.

The European pharmaceutical companies self-created embargo bit embarrassing for the UK. Our government is financially and practically supporting regimes committing flagrant breaches of death penalty international law and war crimes, including the US.

The guardians of the world's morality have rather a lot of egg on their faces at the moment and not a leg to stand on.

The cherry is ripe for the picking. If this topic were in the forefront in 2018, the executions of children, disabled people, political prisoners, innocent people and the mentally ill could be halted. Cruel and unusual punishment could be halted.

These traversties of justice are a worldwide issue and most of us here on this international community have our fingers in the pie.

RE: True, This Really Happened

That just goes to show what barbarians mice really are.

RE: So who is the clown pretending to be me?

I had it done to me once and I didn't even get to see it.

It would have been funny, if the person hadn't have attacked Dedovix's partner at time and tried to cause upset in their relationship.

She was upset for a while. How low can someone get, eh?

RE: Is there another U ?

There's all the ones the Americans don't use.

RE: Which social issue is going to be the hottest in 2018?

There's some big stuff brewing with the death penalty.

I'd like that to become a hot topic in 2018, but I suspect it'll take longer.

Unfortunately, it's more likely that children, people with disabilities, political prisoners, innocent people and mentally ill people will be executed, despite the contravention of international laws this would entail.

RE: What would ur pet say about you as a companion, friend or even lover if they were human?

All my dogs would have said that I was the best thing that ever happened to them and they couldn't live without me.

They would have said that because they were dogs.

RE: It's National Compliment Day!

I am aware I pick up some sound vibration in my face, specifically around the bridge of my nose and sinus areas.

I can't say it's ever occurred to me to stick my chin on a speaker, or sink my choppers into it.

I can't decide whether to discreetly try that on my own, or wait to have an audience for the fun of it. giggle

RE: It's National Compliment Day!

Oh. confused


I'm not very good at music and I'm a bit envious of the pleasure others appear to get out of it.

Some of it I simply can't hear - a friend once played me some throat singing and all I could hear was a low rumble. Kinda defeats the object. laugh

Other times, I either hear a cacophony of noise, sometimes reminiscent of white noise, but often I can pick out one sound at a time.

I'm wondering if I, say, pick out violins and put them on the 3D grid, then pick out something else and do the same, I might be able to see how the different sounds interact. I can do it for a second or two with 2 sounds, but as yet have been unable to achieve more.

I'll try that. Thanks Track.

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