RE: How Women See Men

Oooh, my goodness!

Down, Fido!


RE: How Women See Men

I like dogs.dancing dog

RE: Can You Believe This!!

Yes, limun, I have made fun of certain profile pics, particularly the time I thought a poor chap had a nasty case of tennis elbow before I realised it was, in fact, a picture of his knob.

If that's harassment, I can only apologise.

RE: Can You Believe This!!

I didn't say anything about cat-calling Krema and if I meant that, I would have used the phrase 'verbal assault'.

If you think wearing jeans and jumper somehow will protect you from attack, that you will only ever be admired from afar, then you are being very naiive.

With respect to suggesting that women receive the attention they are aiming for by the way they dress, you are playing a dangerous game. You are assuming that a perpetrator will interpret your dress the way you do. I would suggest a perpetrator is likely to interpret your appearance to suit his own agenda, not yours. They're unlikely to be thoughtful and empathetic, wouldn't you say?

The way to reduce harassment, bullying and assault of this nature is to send the message that it is not acceptable, no matter how women dress.

RE: Can You Believe This!!

Can I filter out everyone not called bNaughty?

He's got me all frisky with those promises of phone calls.

I have to keep my phone on vibrate, you see. laugh

RE: Do you think the mods were too hasty ..

Yup, I've tried discussing snookum's topics and tried bring nice to her when I realised she probably can't help the way she is.

I steer clear of her threads, now.

I don't think she deserves some of the shit she gets, but I think people misunderstand her capabilities.

Certainly, people don't deserve the shit she gives. It's unfortunate she doesn't seem to understand that, either.

RE: Can You Believe This!!

Maybe I should change my profile.

Perfect match: Uncommunicative pervert.

RE: Can You Believe This!!

Oh, right.

*dials bNaughty's number*

It's still feckin' silent, you pervert!


RE: Do you think the mods were too hasty ..

KB hug

Especially misused by that minx, Jeeepers!

Golly that man used to make us laugh, eh? I can remember how much my belly used to hurt even now.

RE: Can You Believe This!!

Do your worst bNaughty.

I'm deaf. giggle

RE: Do you think the mods were too hasty ..

It was a mistake to bring in the banning option in the first place.

It was created in response to one person who would wreak havoc on the forums, creating new profiles which often mimicked regular posters' profiles. This was some 7/8 years ago.

By the time it was brought in with a site revamp, the individual concerned appeared to have been disappeared. There were rumours of the site taking legal action. dunno

I only ever saw the ban function misused, either because an opinion wasn't liked by the thread author, or in the early days, for teasing fun.

Jeeepers, for those of you who remember that great man, banned me from one of his threads half a dozen times just so I'd privately mail him and give him some jip. laugh

RE: Can You Believe This!!

Enough already, Molly.

The black and white minstrels used to proper creep me out as a child. I couldn't work out what the feck was going on there. uh oh

RE: Can You Believe This!!

Exactly, John.

Clothing is utterly irrelevant when it comes to s*xual harassment and assault.

RE: Can You Believe This!!

Damn, Molly, I clean forgot to ask the chap's nationality as well as his name and phone number.

He looked white, but I guess he could have been a black white man. dunno

RE: Can You Believe This!!

Odd though it may seem to you Aries, it wasn't a name and phone number swapping sort of a situation.

RE: Can You Believe This!!

I've been assaulted in the street wearing blue jeans and a black poloneck jumper.

I didn't like it myself, but clearly that's what you're aiming for, Krema. dunno

RE: My Fondest Childhood Memory Is

Receiving a straw-filled, humpbacked bear in the post from friends in Germany on my 7th birthday. He's rather worn now, but still the handsomest of all bears.

And my elderly neighbour, Radio 4's Jo Backhouse, long time contributor to Gardener's Question Time, baked me a birthday cake because I was so excited and I'd never had a birthday cake before.

RE: Sweden speaks out

Singer sewing machines are not as good as Pfaff, Bernina, Elna, Naumann... I thought you knew me better, limun. laugh

RE: Sweden speaks out

Well, we're just going to have to type in braille, Limun, then you won't know I've still got my clothes on and I'll be protected from the shock of seeing your schlong.

Just as well one of us has some sense. roll eyes

RE: Sweden speaks out

Damn, did I miss an opportunity to drop my knickers...?

RE: Presumption of Innocence

I agree, the concept of innocent until proven guilty is sacrosanct.

It's just unfortunate that in the US, there appears to be a distinct lack of reasonable doubting.

RE: Sweden speaks out

Surely, limun, trolling behaviour implies intent, that is someone with self- and other-awareness?

RE: Sweden speaks out

It might make a difference to you where a child comes from, but I have adopted these two grandchildren as mine precisely because it doesn't matter where they come from.

RE: Sweden speaks out

Wales might be relatively sparsely populated, but I don't think having one child is going to make much of an impact.

If you're making a snide remark about my 4 grandchildren, two of them I've adopted as mine.

RE: Sweden speaks out

Well, I don't think my freckles glow in the dark, limun.

Or were you referring to the rest of me? laugh

RE: Sweden speaks out

I hope he doesn't hack mine.

He might airbrush my freckles away.

RE: Sweden speaks out

I've seen racist pigs, mind.

RE: Sweden speaks out

So the correct term for Syrian people is black...?

Is that because you don't want me point out that you're piggy pink?

RE: Sweden speaks out

That should please you, if brown people end up suffering.

Unless of course it's the brown princess of your fantasies. You can pretend she's enjoying herself.

RE: Megans wedding dress secrets

She's only a princess in your fantasies, then.

Do you fantasise about Camilla, or is it only the young, fit things?

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