RE: Single Women

It's easy to criticise people for not working at relationships, but how many people would be prepared to invest in educational programmes for children to provide them with the skills they need to negotiate adult relationships?

RE: Interesting facts!

There's no letter k in the Welsh alphabet.


RE: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I'm here to deliver the message to the world. laugh

RE: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

2010, not that long ago.

A neighbour's son very kindly brought his plough and cleared the the three roads on our small estate so people could get out in their cars.

As my daughter and I were the only family without a car, he dumped all the cleared snow in front of our house.

My daughter was heavily pregnant, and whilst I could climb the compacted Everest at the end of our small drive, she was alarmingly housebound.

We had an anxious two weeks, hoping nothing would go awry causing the need for an ambulance.

Finally, the warm Welsh rains came back melting almost everything overnight. At 6am on the 30th December her waters broke spectacularly as all but a few patches of snow had gone. My granddaughter was born on 31st in time for a party.

I can't help, but think my daughter held on for those two weeks with a will of iron. wow laugh

We had heavy snow in 2008 and 2009, as well. Before that, I think it might have been 1996.

RE: What do u find most fascinating about the opposite sex ?

But I can't do that huggy emote which Lookin'did, apparently. laugh

RE: What do u find most fascinating about the opposite sex ?

Aragorn! :reunited:

I apply mascara with my mouth closed. snooty

RE: What do u find most fascinating about the opposite sex ?

They're a hipster thong, you muppet.

It's her suspenders that are high over her hips.

Jeez, you're all tangled up in those undies, aren't you Lookin'? laugh

RE: What do u find most fascinating about the opposite sex ?

Socks, sandles and thongs...?

Okay, go for it Lookin'. We promise not to look. laugh

RE: Pâté

What's more sickening about eating the innards of a butchered animal for you, than the outers, for you Anna?

RE: What do u find most fascinating about the opposite sex ?

It's a difficult compulsion to get over, snooks.

Personally, I think men should throw in the towel and wear their socks and sandals with pride.

In fact, I think there should be socks and sandals pride marches.

RE: Cam/pic swapping..

Not for its own sake, no.

In the context of a relationship where there are extended periods of distance, I'd agree with you that it's a lot of fun.

RE: What do u find most fascinating about the opposite sex ?

You forget the British Empire, Soph.

I'm given to understand the socks and sandals wearers left their cultural mark on a very large part of the globe. laugh

RE: Pâté

The sheep generally look pretty healthy round here, but the state I've seen dairy cattle in has been known to reduce me to cringing nausea.

RE: What r u doing for this werk-end ?

I em heffing some resting and some werking zis werk-end.

RE: Does Ballet have Sexism and Racism problems?

Thanks for that explanation, Gal. I wish I could see the video, too.

I was also talking about ballerinas, Krema. Ballerinas are generally women. grin

Whilst ballet tends to require women to be a uniform size and shape, contemporary dance styles, in my experience, are more diverse and inclusive.

I've seen short, tall, skinny, slender, buff, curvy and more shapes of women perform with well known contemporary dance companies.

I'm sure many of them were talented and skilled ballerinas, but because of their size and shape, none of them were going to get work in a ballet company. It doesn't take much variation to be excluded from ballet.

That was my point in adding size discrimination to Gal's list.

RE: Does Ballet have Sexism and Racism problems?

That would imply there are only two sizes of women - ballerina and oversized.

An interesting comment.

RE: Do u like collecting things - tell us about them ?

Yeah, I would have said the same six months ago Serene. laugh

RE: Do u like collecting things - tell us about them ?

I seem to have a fast growing collection of grandchildren. wow

RE: Does Ballet have Sexism and Racism problems?

What was your interpretation of Krema's twerking comment, Gal?

RE: Does Ballet have Sexism and Racism problems?

You forgot size-ist as well, Gal.

You're not going to get very far if you're the wrong height, or shape in traditional ballet.

Whilst I can appreciate the discipline, ballet is not something I've ever enjoyed doing, or watching. I find it too constrained by rules which strikes me as thwarting creativity. I also think the men being around to lift the women, without dancing much themselves is a colossal waste of talent.

I have always preferred more contemporary dance styles - which are also more open to individuality.

RE: Pâté

The faux gras and celeriac pate are both Jac-kosher and look pretty good.

Thanks for those recipes, Adventureman. thumbs up

RE: 2018 XXIII Olympic Games

Are those the Olympic rings, or geometric depictions of tumbleweed? giggle

I hope South Korea gets more support than this when the time comes and doesnt end up making a financial loss.

RE: Isis fghers who have fought Britain, should be killed.

Revenge for butt hurt as a solution to revenge for butt hurt. Perfect!

Why didn't anyone think of that before in the extensive history of war? Well worth several million more deaths to add to the extensive history of war.

RE: Would You Do This?

To use someone's ashes in what manner, Track?

Presumably, this company gets some business, the implication of which is that there are a number of people who like this idea. Each of those people will have their own reasons for wanting to use this service.

Your reasons for finding it a disrespectful use of someone's remains will be unique to you and I'm curious about that.

I find the objects a bit tacky and factory produced and that strikes as being demeaning/disrespectful.

If I found that the frame was hand cut and turned, the glass hand blown and that each piece was a result of dedicated craft, I might change my mind about the aura of tackiness. dunno

If someone deliberately wanted something outrageous and tacky for a not so loved one, maybe even that level of disrespect might facilitate a complex grieving process.

What's that book/film set in Newfoundland where July Dench plays the character who puts her brother's ashes down the latrine and pisses on them? There's that oh so subtle bit of acting where after going to great lengths and deceit to achieve this moment, she realises that it's an anti-climax and changes nothing.

RE: Would You Do This?

The psychology of that for individuals would make an interesting discussion.

Personally, I would feel like I was trying to trap a lost loved one, and in not setting them free, inhibit my own grieving process.

There's also a juxtaposition for me in the loved ones time having ended and yet using their remains to keep time.

Others may have an entirely different perspective and I'm curious about that.

I suppose it could be a healing tool as well. Maybe it could be a reminder of good times. Maybe it could be used therapeutically - set aside a hour a week to contemplate feelings of grief in order to progress with them. dunno

It's full of symbolism, I'll give it that. laugh

RE: Ego on wheels ?

A baby buggy and a pair of second hand Dr.Martens.

RE: This Man

The child is incidental?

Given the distress caused to the child and how child abuse can absolutely ruin people's lives, I would have said in all cases the child is incidental to the abuser.

You can see it in the language of the citation in Serene's op - something like "I can't wait until I have one". It's objectifying children, as are other quotes, with a disregard for the child's sentience.

I don't see how that could impact favorably on sentencing, or be interpreted as a last taboo. It strikes me as being the very issue which requires the sentencing.

RE: This Man

Castrating and taking both eyes out is probably as effective at protecting children as a good behaviour bond and $1000 fine.

Abusing children is about power and control; s*xual acts are a tool to do that and come from the mind.

Disempowering offending adults with abuse fuels the cycle of abuse. It doesn't solve the problem. It just satisfies a sense of distancing and revenge for other adults.

Child sex abusers should be removed from society. They should not be released unless they choose to undergo extensive therapy and can demonstrate they are no longer a threat.

Whilst that does involve a certain amount of dispowerment, there is the opportunity for re-empowerment in a non-destructive way.

The priority always must be protecting children, not pandering to our own feelings whilst leaving children to carry the can.

RE: Notice!

Dancing in the streets oblivious of the rain, relieved that you Americans had finally come to your senses.

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