RE: Do you leave the toilet seat up or down

Praise be to the European man, so much better toileting habits without the machismo need to spray piss everywhere.

RE: Do you leave the toilet seat up or down

If you don't put the lid down when you flush, the contents of the bowl sprays up to five meters.

To avoid excreta being sprayed all over yourself and your toothbrush, it's necessary to put the seat down so you can put the lid down.

I don't consider myself a judgemental woman, but leaving the seat and lid up is just dirty, dirty, DIRTY! scold

RE: Religious Bigotry-"They're all alike"

An agent provocateur...?

Uh huh. shimmy

RE: Religious Bigotry-"They're all alike"

Oh, shit, I've got another apology to make. blushing

I missed the top dot of a colon until I turned it blue by accident.

Instead of...

We're not ALL alike.
We don't ALL think:

I read...

We're not ALL alike.
We don't ALL think.

...which I thought was a reasonable summation of the world at large.

rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Religious Bigotry-"They're all alike"

If you refuse to attempt to be clear in your communications, don't expect to be understood, or have a meaningful discussion.

dunno already.

RE: Religious Bigotry-"They're all alike"

I'm known for activism...?

Even better! laugh

RE: Religious Bigotry-"They're all alike"

My apologies, Ash, but your writing is not clear.

I did not assume all religious people thought in those ways. I assumed you thought in those ways because of the way you wrote it. dunno

I've reread it and it still looks like you were referring to your own belief system. I didn't know you were generalising about others because you didn't say you were.

Clarity is the crux of philosophical debate.

RE: Religious Bigotry-"They're all alike"

The last thing I would try to illicit is quotes from scripture as a reply to my posts.

I'm known for journalism...?

Fantastic! laugh

RE: Religious Bigotry-"They're all alike"

"Everyone is wrong"

That's the kind of self-hatred which some religious people teach, in my experience.

How about, "Everyone is okay"?

"I can't live without saving someone"

What right do you have to 'save' others?

Why do you think that others aren't big enough and ugly enough to do that for themselves (one of my dad's unique expressions) in their own way? Don't they have the right to practise as they see fit, and as you demand for yourself?

RE: Religious Bigotry-"They're all alike"

Bigotry is the lack of tolerance for other people's opinions, or beliefs.

Pat was expressing his opinion, or belief and you have been intolerant of it.

Prejudice is the act of assigning assumed traits to a group of people based upon their belonging to another group.

You have assigned self-hate and bigotry to a group of people based on their belonging to a group of people with no religious faith. You have no evidence for this blanket accusation.

Only by practising that which you preach will you demonstrate your preaching is worth listening to.

Express your anger to the choir, work through it...and then present your thoughts in public.

Express your raw anger here and you'll just fan the flames of bigotry and prejudice.

RE: Religious Bigotry-"They're all alike"

I hear your anger and you have a right to your feelings.

But you also said, "If you wear religion it requires humility, acts of service and love".

It might be a good time to find a way of expressing your anger in a more dispassionate way which doesn't involve counter-bigotry.

Wear your anger well; wear it with humility, acts of service and love. In that way you may demonstrate your faith for others to see it in a positive light.

RE: Religious Bigotry-"They're all alike"

Stating that 'they' have certain assumed traits, such as lack of faith, or self-hate sounds like bigotry to me.

As hostility breeds hostility, perhaps bigotry breeds bigotry.

It's difficult not to respond to like with like.

RE: Who do u want to rule Earth ?

Miffed monotremes...?

I dunno, Pat. Conflict is good for business.

On the other hand, as echidnas trail in a line of up to 10 males following a female hoping to mate, maybe they'd be more suited to the Internet dating scene than world domination. dunno

RE: Who do u want to rule Earth ?

The duck-billed platypus community.

Plainly, they have an existential approach to making things up as they go along.

Also, they look less ridiculous than the conniving politicians.

RE: Vegetarian, vegan dating

I've just had a quick feel and within the confines of my own sense of reality, I seem to be fairly warm, alive and generally in a state of existence, bnaughty.

Why? confused

RE: Vegetarian, vegan dating

There's loads of UK vegetarian and vegan dating sites. Maybe try googling ausie ones?

Or start a group on here?

RE: Is it right to judge someone negatively when no facts are present?

The trouble is, if certain attitudes are ignored, we maybe are in effect supporting them.

It wasn't so long ago that the forums were somewhat flooded with anti-Muslim threads. The more they were ignored, the more they flourished.

Are we complicit in our silence?

I think so.

RE: Beautiful Women

Although having said that, in person with tone of voice and facial expression, we might have had a more productive discussion and therefore no need of apologies. dunno

RE: Beautiful Women

Yes, Gal. confused

RE: Beautiful Women

My apologies, too.

RE: Hurricane Ophelia makes landfall

Did your mate say anything about rain, Mike...? giggle

RE: Beautiful Women

I singled out your post to reply to because it was the most thought inspiring DeeDee.

I think perhaps you misinterpreted mine. wave

RE: Hurricane Ophelia makes landfall

We were supposed to have unusually sunny and warm weather here in Wales at the weekend. It rained.

We were supposed to have stormy weather today. It just rained.

There was a very strange dark grey/yellow light this morning, though. The wind seems to be picking up a bit now at 8pm.

Can you post to Jac's thread...?

Animal trainer, Life...?

I don't think you appreciate the work we're trying to do here in creating as natural a habitat as possible for the sad lonely tosser.

This is innovative conservation work going on here, y'know.

Can you post to Jac's thread...?

Damn, kattte, I thought the other one was modelled on this one. :hmm:

Can you post to Jac's thread...?

Wey hey, Lucky, you've got electric, the CS server is working again AND I've not banned you?

Lucky by name... giggle

Good to see you, hun. hug

RE: Beautiful Women


I agree it's disturbing that people (whatever their age, or gender) don't feel empowered to report abuse, but I don't think people generally feel at their most empowered after being abused.

Furthermore, they are often targeted when they are vulnerable - retrospective allegations happen for a reason. Take 10,or 20 years off the age of the person making the allegation and you have a much less empowered image of them. Time allows for healing, maturity and empowerment. A number of accusers allays fears of isolation and dismissal, hence the accusations coming out in numbers.

You also get attitudes as expressed on this thread - abuse is dismissed as a deliberate, conniving tactic to further careers. It supports abusers and disempowers the abused.

Historically, abuse hasn't been handled well. Many have made complaints and either been dismissed, or punished as a result. The Jimmy Savile case being an example of this, I believe.

It's not empowering to criticise women for not speaking out at the time and failing to protect others. Again, it places responsibility on the abused, rather than the abuser.

Societal attitudes changing and understanding of the dynamic of abuse will empower people to speak out. It is the responsibility of all of us to empower people to speak out.

RE: Beautiful Women


My ultimate sentence "And it does just happen to women" involved an autocorrect error.

For me to write that, it would have to be opposing an argument the OP didn't make.

"And it doesn't just happen to women."

Can you post to Jac's thread...?

Bedlam was restored along with the functioning server, Riz.

I'm feeling much more at home again, thankyou. giggle

Can you post to Jac's thread...?

Nah, you can keep your fur on, Non. grin

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