RE: What would be the most terrifying time of your life

Yeah, my daughter being gravely unwell at the age of 15 was a far more terrifying experience than being wheeled into an operating theatre knowing I could still feel stuff.

I could control my mind and my response to pain. I couldn't control what was happening to my daughter when she was ill.

Feelings of utter powerlessness are the most terrifying. That's what torture is based upon.

RE: Perfect pairs!!

I'm still none the wiser, Gal. laugh

I can't watch YouTube stuff on my phone, or click on links. dunno

RE: Why is London is Banning Uber from its streets?

Riz, could you explain uber to me please?

We have our feet and arriva trains Wales here. laugh

RE: Perfect pairs!!

GG...? Who's GG?

What have I missed? laugh

RE: Perfect pairs!!

Too cool for school... rolling on the floor laughing

The only time I ever got a detention in school was for being caught hiding in the corridor an hour and a half before school started, reading a book I'd sneaked out of the library. laugh

RE: Perfect pairs!!

Everyone fancies Dedo, too.


DildoDedo and Molly!

RE: Perfect pairs!!

LJ and Crayons - Pinky and the Brain. Tomorrow they'll take over the world. giggle

PS. Everyone fancies Molly, that's a given. laugh

RE: Perfect pairs!!

Yeah, God forbid there's any girl on girl action.

That wouldn't go down well.

On second thoughts... giggle

RE: Perfect pairs!!

Galrads and Trigs!

Why didn't I think of that?

They're both lovely. yay

RE: Perfect pairs!!

KB! shock laugh

BTW, thanks for returning to my thread, but I think the teddy bear thing was misinterpreted.


Jac and KB.

Let that rumour go round the village. They've got bugger all else to talk about on here. laugh

RE: Perfect pairs!!

Yeah, he's gone awful quiet and uncommunicative recently.

Happen it's the snorkel. laugh

RE: Perfect pairs!!

I'm taking the piss, DeeDee, and that's as affectionate as I get.

I've just found out he once had a pet he was emotionally attached enough to, to take to the vets and he's gone up in my estimations. laugh

RE: Perfect pairs!!

Mike doesn't need all of me.

I could just hand over my knockers and he'd be as happy as a pig in shit.

RE: Perfect pairs!!

Lord, no.

I just want to know because hearing aids do this nasty feedback thing close to solid objects.

He'd sound much the same as my tinnitus whining and droning on and I'm quite used to that.


RE: Perfect pairs!!

Does beating someone about the ears with a wet kipper count as domestic violence?

Just askin'. grin

RE: Perfect pairs!!

Me and ChesneyChrist.

He could converse with himself and I'm a deaf git.

RE: I Got Banned from the UBT

I could put my dog on a raw food diet, but he's been dead for 12 years.

As are the other three rescue dogs I had over a 25 year period.

I have a granddaughter now: not as easy to train, probably should be kept on a leash and way too lanky to be a suitable candidate for a raw food diet. She's equally as hilarious as the dogs, mind. laugh

RE: I Got Banned from the UBT

A bit of background info: I had my dog on a reputable vegetarian dog food because anything with the tiniest amount of meat would go through him like a dose of salts and give him terrible dermatitis.

He was getting on a bit when he started passing blood in his urine, which on taking him to a vet who actually cared about animals turned out to be because of a swollen prostate gland.

Anyway, I took him to the local vets first. When he prescribed the third lot of the same antibiotics at great expense and a specialist diet at great profit to himself (with absolutely no improvement in my dog's health) I started to question his competence.

He told me my beloved first dog was ill because I was feeding him brassicas like lettuce.

I wrote to the owner of the practise and told him his employee didn't know his brassicas from his endives.

I was banned after that. giggle

Banned from ...

My boots have got holes in them.

I'd probably be okay with that. laugh

RE: I Got Banned from the UBT

I got a lifetime ban from the local veterinary practise.

Banned from ...

Curiouser and curiouser.

I found the posts I thought went missing, but I'm sure the homepage said there were more posts at one point.

Either there's something funny going on with CS, or I really shouldn't drink 2 glasses of wine all in one evening.

I'm not going to put that to a vote, mind. blushing laugh

Banned from ...

Ooh no, my bikini days are definitely over.

Unless you were referring to Lookin'. uh oh

Banned from ...

Some posts have disappeared.

Kinda like the funny ones. confused

RE: Forumers Rampage Against Banning

My word, Lookin'.

I didn't think anyone knew how I got my user name. dunno

RE: Forumers Rampage Against Banning

Oh golly, I haven't rampaged in a long time.

Banned from ...

I meant to reply last night to say thankyou for my birthday wishes, the cakes (the poof's in the pudding) and join in with the laughter, but I fell asleep. Plainly, the excitement was all a bit much for me at my age.

I did consider banning you all, but then I'd have no one to talk to, so I'll just ban Non.

And thanks to the kindly and good humoured mod who poofed my rant, but not my birthday wishes. Stylishly done.


Banned from ...

Thanks everyone.

Good humour restoring. thumbs up

Banned from ...

Perfect birthday pressie that your here, KB.

I'll put your posts alongside my other precious gifts.

(A 1920's marcasite and amethyst dragonfly brooch and a 1950's Rheinstone necklace.)

Not saying you're an antique, more a work of art.

And that's as gushy as I get. No teddy bear emotes. giggle

Banned from ...

Ha ha, banned on my 50th birthday!

Still a rebel with a cause, eh? Despite the hearing aid and specs. laugh

Thanks for your well wishes, folks, despite my moment of rage at all that is totally skew whiff in this world.


Banned from ...

Aah, KB.

The person who taught me faith can be...whats the word I'm looking for...?


Good timing, B. Except I've just burst into tears like a big girl's blouse. laugh

Golly, that was cathartic. hug

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