RE: The Vampire is back

I'm oh! positive. shimmy

RE: Saving money....cutting corners

Thanks Pat, I'll invite the Trump supporters round. thumbs up

RE: Saving money....cutting corners

It leaves yellow patches on the lawn.

RE: Saving money....cutting corners

I find out when each grocery store makes it's lowest reductions on fruit and veg.

I either buy as I need, or have a cooking session and make ready meals for the freezer.

Charity shops are great for clothes. Again, there's a bit of an art to it - look for high quality garments, preferably made of natural fibres. Work out which clothing companies are the best tailored and produced. Also, your money is going to a good cause too, rather than funding sweat shops and child labour. Not to mention the environmental advantages of reusing and recycling.

Use grey water, like bath water for your garden to save on water bills.

Fill a couple of plastic drink bottles with water and put them in the toilet cistern to reduce how much water is used in each flush. In an old cistern, you can half fill it with bottles and there will still be enough water to flush.

RE: For the sake of our sanity!

Don't worry, Tru. It's a bit like Disney World

The queue of fitties after us grannies is so long, you'll be dead before you even get half way near a ride.

RE: a big mistake

On this side of the pond, one has an arsehole.

Correct diction is a measure of character, Moose.

RE: a big mistake

I think much the same as your dog, tulefell.

Not because my farts are evil. I'm much too posh to fart.

Terms and conditions: Exclusions apply. Dogs of any genetic combination are allowed in my atmosphere, even if they contribute to it. I'm not speciesist, some of my best friends aren't dogs. It's just that I loved my dogs so much, I thought they smelled nice even when they were wet.

RE: a big mistake

I hear ya, Moose.

A hot climate and dog farts don't go well together. stuck

RE: a big mistake

What ever do you mean, your atmosphere? snooty

As for shocking dogs with farts, when has a dog ever been surprised by a fart?

Actually, I take that back. My first dog was often non-plussed by his own posterior emissions. He never did work it out, bless him.

RE: a big mistake

I should never have briefly parked my spaceship near your cave.

You've been blasting about it ever since and have nearly blown my cover. scold

PS. I like dogs. That's why they didn't bark. That and the fact that the exhaust fumes from my state of the art craft (albeit Jackson Pollack genre) smell like farts.

RE: Somebody likes me

You could edit your profile to 'divorced'.

Drop her a line to point out that she may have overlooked that on your profile, but you wanted to say thankyou/it was great fun to find the 'like' all the same/whatever.

Edit your profile back again to 'separated'.

If she then chooses to mail you, you should be able to mail her back without changing your settings.

If she doesn't, then you've had a smile in your day and hopefully she has, too.

RE: "Defensive narcissist"

Hello Jono, long time no see. wave

My mother always said psychiatrists should be on their own couches.

I've come to realise that's not just about her perception that they were likely all as bonkers as a bag of badgers. laugh

We could all take the trouble to be on our own couches, for perhaps only through humility, self-awareness and a damn good, analytical look at everything from every possible perspective, may we begin to see ourselves interwoven in the things we prefer to externalism from ourselves.

I agree wholeheartedly: the language we use is a crucial part of that.

RE: "Defensive narcissist"

I'm afraid it's not self-explanatory, Cachuchi.

For one thing I'm using my phone and can't see it properly and for another, relying on 'self-explanatory' gets us into hot water with interpreting from our own value framework again. laugh

As for talking about two different things can you outline what they are and why they are separate?

RE: "Defensive narcissist"

They catch us, Cachuchi...? confused

Wouldn't that imply that mental illnesses are entities with purpose? Free will and volition?

How is it functional to anthropomorphise models of mental illness?

How is it functional to focus on the impact of personality disorders upon 'victims', rather than on people who display the behaviours? Is it self-protection? In which case might we be accused of demonstrating a narcissistic trait ourselves? laugh

In becoming emotive, or passionate about personality disorders, surely we are running into all sorts of hot water about our own personal development, or lack thereof.

I have had a colleague who displays some interesting behaviours. I have had to constantly remind myself that the bits he appears to have missing (empathy, a sense of self) might not be 'his fault'. Where does that leave us in terms of a 'disease' model?

This colleague has come across as an absolute shit and it has been very difficult not to react emotionally to his behaviour. By the same token, his struggle to make sense of his world and to align himself with social norms has been evident.

In some circumstances perhaps passion might be viewed as a dysfunction. In some circumstances personality disorder traits are viewed as brave and heroic.

Do we all have a bit of a problem with managing thoughts, feelings and behaviours with respect to an awareness of context? laugh

RE: "Defensive narcissist"


Or perhaps diagnoses provide a model (because they are simply models - they're not like colds and cancer in the you-can-poke-it school of medicine).

Models may be a useful framework for understanding and tackling dysfunctional thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

So, who gets to decide if diagnoses are useful? Clinicians? Clients? CS forum posters? laugh

RE: Is D. Trump a psychopath

Also, surgeons display anti-social personality disorder traits apparently.

I've heard the difference between serial killers and surgeons is how the individual was raised as a child and how potentially negative traits are channelled into positive outcomes as a result.

That begs two questions: what was Trump's childhood like?; and would you trust him as your surgeon? laugh

RE: "Defensive narcissist"

I meant your replies to myself and rainbow.

RE: "Defensive narcissist"

Are your last two posts from a dispassionate, clinical perspective, Cachuchi? laugh

RE: "Defensive narcissist"

The trouble with diagnoses are that the categories are somewhat arbitrary.

How functional is it that we say, 'you fit into this box that I've made up and I'm going to call you this name'?

All of us at some point behave in certain ways which might fit us into some box, or another, but does that define who we are? Is it not better to challenge behaviours as we see them, either in ourselves, or others who in one moment of time are transgressing a perceived code of conduct?

And that's another thing - personality disorders (whatever personality may be) are characterised by functionality in the context of social norms.

There was a time when homosexuality was considered a mental illness. In the late 80's, or early 90's that was revised (DSM IIIR) to homosexuality only being a mental illness if you didn't want to be gay. How the muppets responsible for that revision couldn't see that not wanting to be gay might just be a function of a poorly society, I struggle to fathom.

Will definitions of personality disorders change over time as social norms do?

Okay, back to functionality - personality disorders are characterised in the above definition as being consistent throughout behaviour and across time. Also, dysfuntion has to be debilitating to the person, not just irritating to other posters on a forum. How relevant are psychiatric diagnoses in this context, other than a form of name calling?

It's so often said on these forums that you can't really know someone, make friends, or fall in love over the Internet. Even if any of us were qualified, how could it be remotely possible to diagnose a personality disorder within the same context?

RE: "Defensive narcissist"

Who's the Dame?

RE: "Defensive narcissist"

Behind you...?

RE: "Defensive narcissist"

No, I'm not.

RE: What makes you CLICK...

Getting up off knees.

RE: What a great speech: I don 't represent the world, I represent America

Yeah, perhaps LJ is right. This is for all the citizens of the US.

Unless they have pu**y, of course.

RE: misogynistic comments...

36C...? scold

Have you got some kind of Fibonaci sequence thing going on there, Mike?

You know, whatever numbers you calculate you come up with the Golden Curve? laugh

RE: misogynistic comments...

Thanks Riz, you shouldn't have gone to all that trouble.

You really shouldn't have. laugh

RE: misogynistic comments...

I can't open that link, Non. I'm using my primitive phone.

This so should have been a picture thread. laugh

RE: misogynistic comments...


Whose K1?

I'm so gonna b*tch slap her surgeon.

PS. I thought Chris Bonington was lost forever after falling down a crevasse. I've been holding a memorial service for him every year.

RE: misogynistic comments...

Mike, my Biggles in shining beer goggles, you seem to have lost you touch when it comes to estimating boobage. laugh

RE: misogynistic comments...

Oh goody, do I get a pack of 12 Durex Gold on a red ribbon to hang round my neck? yay

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