RE: Texas shooting

I wonder why this isn't being reported as an act of terrorism, for surely it must have been terrifying.

RE: Why the hate??

Hey Debs, if I wasn't using my phone we could have a post the stupidest dog video competition.

I know you'd win, you know you'd win. laugh

RE: Why the hate??

Blimey saorstat, I thought my arse was big, but Venus AND Mars...? shock giggle

There's gender stereotyping issues raised here in this thread as well as accepted gender roles - women are being portrayed as competitive, but the issue is perhaps slightly different: It's socially acceptable for men to be competitive, but women are scorned and belittled, their competitiveness reduced to petty squabbling over the attentions of men.

Competition isn't necessarily unhealthy. Through competition we may strive to achieve to our full potential, learn new things and it can be a lot of fun.

So why do we cling to a stereotype of women's competitiveness necessarily being a nasty sort of affair?

I suspect there might be social history of eliminating the competition. giggle

I find it unfortunate that people are seen as a gender, before they are seen as human beings. I don't see women hating on women. I see that some people get on well and others don't.

RE: Why the hate??

More stereotyping, freedom...? laugh

Hey, people! The skies won't burn and the trees hang with fishes if you look up from the script from time to time. yay

RE: Why the hate??

I think it's about perception.

You know that saying, if men disagree it's a discussion, if women disagree it's cat fighting and bitchiness?

Something like that - it's eons since I've heard this particular stereotyping.

Anyway, if you did a survey of the forums over time, you'll likely find people falling out left, right and centre regardless of gender combination. There might even be some surprises about who is the most hostile.

RE: I want to ask her why she did it but common sense says stay away from her

That's not the ending to the story I wanted to hear, Gal. moping

RE: what is worse than a white supremacist?

I'm racially Jewish.

Did you know that Israeli boys conscripted into the army know full well that they are being ordered to target civilians, including kids?

It's not about religion. It's not about being Jewish, or Muslim, or Christian.

God is not in a gun.

You want revenge? Then you are some distance from your God.

RE: what is worse than a white supremacist?

IS...Iowa State?

Just sayin'.

RE: Ladies, How would you feel if a man read poetry to you?

Slowly and carefully, so as to not jiggle the page.

RE: What about forever - Is it possible - If so How ?

I had a near death experience.

It was remarkably as I expected.

Life was jolly surprising at the time, though. laugh

RE: Re-incarnation - Is it possible ?

I was 6 years old and studying at a Roman Catholic school for my First Holy Communion.

My teacher was explaining how our souls go to the heaven when we die.

I put my wee, chubby hand up and asked if the souls came back down from heaven to the make new babies.

My teacher had a hissy fit of such proportions I genuinely thought she was coming unhinged, an opinion not swayed by her ranting stuff about stuff I was being taught at home. dunno

Suddenly she froze and stared silently into the middle distance, obviously trying to work something out in her own befuddled mind. This didn't inspire my confidence in her ability to provide me with some clarity. laugh

I tried to rescue the situation. I took the opportunity of her distraction to suggest that I'd only asked because surely heaven would run out of space if it was constantly filled with new souls and none were ever recycled. I was ahead of time, see?

She told me souls weren't objects and didn't take up space. I asked if her what souls were like, then. She told me to shut up. I was to have belief, not understanding.

It took me years and a few slip ups on my mum's part for me to work out what went on that day.

My teacher had belief, not understanding. She believed my mother was secretly teaching me the Jewish faith at home. That moment of her own confusion was her questioning her belief that the Jews believed in reincarnation.

My teacher sowed the seeds of my belief system that day. I believe I simply don't give a f*ck about life hereafter. It's not as important as giving a f*ck about lives in the here and now.

RE: Mind Vs Brain

Is your question based on the assumption that the mind is contained within the brain?

RE: I believe

You've just repeated yourself DeeDee, allow me to do the same.

What your saying makes no sense to me.

If a parent doesn't care if their 14 year old child commits assault, attempted assault, terrifies small children and grieving people, commits acts of vandalism, etc., then are they likely to give them a lift in the knowledge that that is what they are going to do?

Parents who don't care about these acts surely don't take the trouble to drive their kids to their chosen destination.

Parents who drive their kids around for social events generally do care about them, but don't always know what their kids get up to.

It's easy to blame parents, but without knowing any details, what exactly are you blaming them for? Believing their kids are going trick or treating with their school friends? Believing that their staying over at mate's house? What?

Is there a parent on the planet who hasn't made mistakes? Is there a parent on the planet who hasn't been horrified, or wouldn't be horrified at some of the things their kids get up to when their 14 years old and go through that stage of having little understanding of the (potential) consequences of their actions?

You don't know these people. You don't know anything other than the parents dropped them off and then they ran riot unseen by the parents. How can you draw conclusions from that about what the parents were thinking, or feeling?

As for asking why anyone should take responsibility for other people's children, the answer is because they're children.

RE: I believe

A few things have come to mind reading your description, DeeDee.

Did the parents of the 14 year old know what they were up to? Or were they told a story, the bangers hidden in pockets, etc?

If the youngsters were given a lift by parents, were they uncaring parents? Or do neglectful parents take no notice when their kids come and go?

Was there no one on the estate who could challenge a bunch of 14 year olds, or call the police? Or does it no longer take a village to raise a child?

RE: Irish UFO Incident

Are you saying the stars are unprofessional?

RE: Would you greet me when I fly into Luton airport?

I'd be chuffed to bits to meet up with you Gal, but it would be a bit impractical for me to do so. sigh

RE: Irish UFO Incident

That must have been a disappointment if it came specifically to steal the potatoes.


RE: I want to ask her why she did it but common sense says stay away from her

Wtf...? shock

Was your cat alright, Gal?

Having your car vandalised is crap, but that level of animal cruelty is...I have no words.

I think I could be reduced to violence by something like that.

RE: Outdated views on relationships & sex!

What a great idea, Pat!

I have two, or three pairs that are so holey they could do with a decent and dignified send off.

And I'd still have enough pairs for a fortnight without having to wear the same pair twice. grin

RE: Outdated views on relationships & sex!

Sorry gentlemen, I can't hear you.

I think my doc martens are absorbing what little sound I can still hear. grin

RE: Check this story out folks, and tell everyone what you believe should, or will happen...

On this side of the pond a claim has to be made within a two year window from the point of injury.

If the accuser is making a claim for psychological damages, as well as financial, that might date from the first action of the accused or his reaction to her protestations, if his reaction was unreasonable, or perhaps bullying.

The claim might date back to her first internal complaints. Given there was an internal investigation into the accused's behaviour and then her potentially unfair dismissal, that process was likely over a lengthy period. A period of time is then required to prepare a case for a law suit to be served.

Two years seems a reasonable time frame for all of that to have happened to me, Ro.

RE: Outdated views on relationships & sex!

Women are auditory...?

So, you mean to say the reason I've not had sex in years is because I'm a deaf git?

Like, I simply haven't heard men talking me into bed?!

And there was me thinking I'd been making my own life choices. doh

I'm so stuffed and not in a good way. moping

I didn't realise that my hearing loss was such a disability. I need a cup of tea to get over the shock.

Can somebody ask someone if I take sugar, please?

RE: Is Sex Overrated, Or Underrated !!!

Overrated, or underrated by whom, or what? confused

I'd say sex is misrepresented by the media.

RE: Witch country would you avoid visiting

Given that a witch is a wise woman, all countries are witch countries. grin

RE: Outdated views on relationships & sex!

If women have s*xual experience, knowledge and independence, it upsets the traditional distribution of power and control in heterosexual relationships.

Some people see that as a threat. Derogatory name calling is a means of subjugation.

RE: Today is international "Tuen back the clocks" day

I'm getting to be Gugu more than I'm having to be mum these days, which is better for all of us and how it should be.

The transition of roles from daughter to mum and mum you grandmother doesn't happen overnight and I've found it a difficult path to walk when my girls needed me to both, but oscillating between the two according to their needs. I didn't always get it right.

Credit is due, however, to the positive influence of my daughter's relatively new fella who is also a parent. He's the Golden boy as far as I'm concerned for many reasons and my girls adore him.

I scold him regularly for stealing my girls and I get grin in response. laugh

RE: Today is international "Tuen back the clocks" day

I'm with you on the father thing, Serene - in hindsight, I wish I'd picked a nicer dad for my daughter.

Still, I live with my daughter and granddaughter and apart from the perpetual noise and mess, that's a blessing. laugh

It hasn't been plain sailing by any stretch of the imagination. There are times we've come close to strangling each other, but times change and so have we. It's not always easy to get to a good place when there has been a negative influence in the family.

As for bnaughty, you're being such a b*tch. I mean, how low can you get? talk to hand

RE: PAIN ... How do you deal with PAIN???

For my put-upon feet, I pad my boots; for period pains I use relaxation exercises, or heat; for surgery when the anaesthetic didn't work, I removed myself from the pain with an out of body experience.

Pain and pain relief is part physical but we have a psychological response to it. In experiments where people were pricked with a pin and asked to rate the the pain from 1-10, subsequent pain relief (subjects were given various doses of pain killer, or a placebo) depended upon what they were told would happen. So, if subjects were told the placebo was the strongest dose of painkiller, they rated high levels of pain relief, but if they were told the dose would be ineffective, even if they had the highest dose, they reported little relief.

If somebody is suffering from chronic pain and is finding pain relief ineffective, I would recommend either finding an alternative which makes psychological sense to them, or a pain management programme.

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