RE: What a great speech: I don 't represent the world, I represent America

Yeah, perhaps LJ is right. This is for all the citizens of the US.

Unless they have pu**y, of course.

RE: misogynistic comments...

36C...? scold

Have you got some kind of Fibonaci sequence thing going on there, Mike?

You know, whatever numbers you calculate you come up with the Golden Curve? laugh

RE: misogynistic comments...

Thanks Riz, you shouldn't have gone to all that trouble.

You really shouldn't have. laugh

RE: misogynistic comments...

I can't open that link, Non. I'm using my primitive phone.

This so should have been a picture thread. laugh

RE: misogynistic comments...


Whose K1?

I'm so gonna b*tch slap her surgeon.

PS. I thought Chris Bonington was lost forever after falling down a crevasse. I've been holding a memorial service for him every year.

RE: misogynistic comments...

Mike, my Biggles in shining beer goggles, you seem to have lost you touch when it comes to estimating boobage. laugh

RE: misogynistic comments...

Oh goody, do I get a pack of 12 Durex Gold on a red ribbon to hang round my neck? yay

RE: misogynistic comments...

A white bra...?

That would be camouflaged on me, you cunning old fox. laugh

As for my size, ask Dedo, or Non. laugh

RE: misogynistic comments...

When you fly over my house on your way to St. Athen, Mike, do a couple of loop the loops drawing a pair of knockers with your contrails so I know it's you.

RE: misogynistic comments...

Call me vain Non, but I'm really hoping your mind's eye was destroyed by the image of Dedo in my undies, not me without them. laugh

RE: What a great speech: I don 't represent the world, I represent America

Would this be an opportune moment to point out that I don't recall Riz ever claiming to be a professor.

I don't think I'm the only one who remembers you claiming to have been a professor at an English University, though. English, I think was your stated subject, but you never did specify the area of your research.

Sorry LJ, I didn't mean to interrupt. Carry on with what you were saying about credibility.

PS. How's the lamborghini?

RE: No good deed goes unpunished

Have you any idea how much it rains in South Wales, Mike? laugh

RE: misogynistic comments...

Tallly-ho, chocks away! super

RE: No good deed goes unpunished

If you are indebted to someone they have some level of power of you.

Unless you shoot them.

RE: misogynistic comments...

Don't you call me on me 'Princess', you brute. scold

The correct way to address me is 'Countess'.

PS. pics of me are winging their way to your mailbox as we speak. Sorry there's none of me in my undies - Dedo's wearing them.

RE: misogynistic comments...

Oh, I feel such a poor wee, powerless little thing getting all this male attention. shimmy

(Even if Mike hasn't got further than my ample jumper lumps and Non hasn't got that far.)

RE: misogynistic comments...

You're only saying that because I'm a woman, you beast. snooty

RE: misogynistic comments...

You make some good points, Pasta, about discriminatory behaviour, but what I'm hearing from you is that you draw the line somewhere.

I'm still not clear where you draw that line.

I think Nonsmoker made a nice point about confronting things you view as discriminatory, as and when you see them. Only then does it become clear where you think the line should be drawn and why.

If you would prefer a more abstract discussion on the subject, then it maybe requires more precise and definitive language to describe the issues you wish to tackle. Maybe some fictitious examples might help. dunno

RE: misogynistic comments...

I've been here for years and I don't know who John is. confused

I'm not sure what you're objecting to either, Pasta.

Is it the banter, or when some men have a strop about how awful we women are?

Either way, we can all choose what to read and respond to.

And sometimes this place can be a good medium for personal growth, so maybe at times we might be patient for a bit before we judge, or challenge harshly. dunno

RE: Marriage

Well, if you had asked me last week I would have said Bohemian Jack, but since then he's posted a comment about my knee high DMs looking like gummie boots. I can only assume he was referring to Wellingtons, aka Hunters and so in the words of Sigmund Freud after a disagreement with Karl June, he has caused to withdraw my libido from him. snooty

As for Dedovix who has been plaguing me to send him my knickers for years, I strongly suspect him of not being exclusive about wearing my undies. scold

That leaves me with Ocee. I hearby resign myself to having my arse stared at forevermore.

What's a gal to do? sigh

RE: Towering inferno in England

The fire started via a faulty fridge, I think on the 8th floor, Rob.

There hadn't been any previously recorded issues with the make and model of the fridge, but the company set up a hotline for consumers to contact them. I'm not sure what other action the company took.

The issue wasn't really the fridge, anyway. A fire inside one flat should have been containable for approximately an hour - plenty of time for the fire services to extinguish it.

You might be interested that it has been reported in the British press that thousands of buildings have been found to be unsafe in Australia due to similar issues as those at Grenfell.

RE: What a great speech: I don 't represent the world, I represent America

So, the new legislation banning transgender people from the military had been fully processed by Congress before Trump executed it by tweet?

RE: What a great speech: I don 't represent the world, I represent America

Conrad, patronage might have a better chance of humiliating other posters if you read and reply to appropriate posts.

tip hat

RE: What a great speech: I don 't represent the world, I represent America

Given Trump won the election and Clinton is irrelevant, why the need to brag about the former and derogate the latter?

Why hasn't Trump moved on from that?

I get that the former president gets criticised, particularly when an opposition party gets elected - they walk into a situation that is not of their design, or liking.

I get that Trump supporters will follow their leader's example, although given how unprofessional he is, to put it mildly, that's a bit disconcerting.

Is it a technique of distraction and avoidance? The format of showmanship where constant, repetitive recaps follow endless advertising intermissions?

Is he merely without the basic social skills for the job, or is there something deeper going on?

How is it that even Trump supporters aren't finding his behaviour odd and are continuing to defend him fiercely?

RE: Towering inferno in England

A local resident has described the the that the sight of the burnt out tower is like looking at an open coffin.

It has been reported that covering Grenfell will begin in about three weeks time.

Survivors and families affected by the fire were locked out of a council meeting until officials decided they were ready for their contributions. The residents in turn pleaded for humanity after their knocking at the door was ignored.

RE: What a great speech: I don 't represent the world, I represent America

I hadn't thought of that, epirb.

I bet the inappropriate ramblings of an old man in a syrup has really showed them who is down with the kids. thumbs up

RE: What a great speech: I don 't represent the world, I represent America

Yeah, Conrad, I kinda cottoned on that the thread wasn't about Trump's policy changes by tweet, or his scout jamboree speech which left people asking how he could be kept away from children.

I was kinda making a point about his fitness for his role with respect to the praise and fierce defense from some posters on this thread.

Feel free to reply to my post and avoid my post at the same time. I think you forgot to patronise me into submission by calling me 'old son', or 'sonny Jim', though.

RE: What a great speech: I don 't represent the world, I represent America

To an audience of children at a scout jamboree, epirb? laugh

RE: What a great speech: I don 't represent the world, I represent America


That seems incongruous with respect to Trump's history of tweeting other heads of state with the insulting bravado.

The president behaves inappropriately at best and to be honest, I'm a little perturbed that some people defend a president who is coming across as having some kind of disconnection with his roles.

RE: What a great speech: I don 't represent the world, I represent America

...going on about fake news and fake polls, using the word 'hell', using the word 'sex' instead of success, referring to Washington as a 'cesspool', called affordable health care 'horrible' and threatened to fire his Health Secretary, bragged about his election victory, jibed at Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, falsely claimed that it's harder for Republicans to win the election than Democrats even though the US has a voting system not unlike ours here in the UK, and referring to the audience of children as if they had voted for him.

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