RE: Check this story out folks, and tell everyone what you believe should, or will happen...

I googled it and found it easily.

I think the case should be investigated. There'll be a paper trail for the financial stuff and there appears to be witnesses for the assault. The lesser allegation if the daytime drinking isn't stated as being corroborated, though.

I also think the internal investigation should be scrutinised and if correct procedure was not followed due to conflict of interest, then the person or persons responsible should also be held accountable for their actions in accordance with Oregan employment laws.

I think these things should be investigated in their own right as potential criminal acts. If the accuser has suffered loss, for example, her income and employment prospects as a result, she should be compensated for that.

RE: where in the UK is best to visit

It would depend upon what you like doing.

If you like mountain climbing and hill walking, there's not much point in visiting the South of England.

If you like West End shows and palaces, there's not much point in visiting South Wales.



I work during the week days and some Saturday's, my daughter works evenings and most weekends when I can be at home with my granddaughter.

For me, CS is contact with the outside world, a bit like other people put the TV, or radio on the moment they come home for the company of background noise.

I'm also a rather deaf old granny, so the written medium works well for me as means of communication.

I've learned a lot, particularly as this is an international site with contributors from many walks of life. I've come into contact with many lovely people.

No, it's not always enough, but it has been a blessing for many years which conveniently fits with my circumstances.

RE: Dating a Widow or Widower

When we first meet people and start to develop some kind of connection, or relationship, we tend to talk about our pasts.

It's thought that by sharing our histories, we psychologically extend the time we have known each other, or perhaps put our presents in some kind of context.

It could be that you can't compete with a deceased lover, but it could be that someone is sharing a big part of their life with you.

Perhaps it would be more productive to explore your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours with respect to feeling in competition, rather than someone trusted enough to be worthy of that sharing.

The push/pull comment - I think it might have been from deedee: maybe those feelings are a good instinctual guide. Maybe there are times to back off and allow space, other times where contact and connection is right for both of you. Relationships naturally have an ebb and flow, times where the connection is intense and times where we are more insular for whatever reason.

RE: Shocking

*to much, not 'touch'

RE: Shocking

I realise this might be an awkward question, lilly, but how is it forbidden for you to talk touch here?

RE: Shocking

Thanks for that insight, whitelilly.

It hadn't occurred to me that this release could have this kind of impact for other people and nations.

RE: Do women still need to wear makeup?

I think you've just opened up your imagination for our scrutiny. giggle

RE: Do women still need to wear makeup?

Then why didn't you ask women, rather than providing a bizarre list of your own opinions? laugh

RE: Do women still need to wear makeup?

So we're supposed to vote for one of your opinions? laugh

What make-up product(s) are you referring to anyway?

RE: Pom Pom

There's a site rule where if you are suspended from the forums, or banned from the site, creating a new profile to get round the suspension/ban earns you a permanent ban from the site.

If you sit it out and wait until the suspension is lifted, or until you are able to reactivate your banned profile, you can continue as before.

I suspect pom pom has a life time ban from some years ago.

I also suspect someone must be reporting her everytime she reappears. It's not like she makes an effort to hide her identity, so I guess it's all part of the game.

RE: All the kneeling...just an extension of many years of whining about oppression and slavery........


You're right, you don't need to explain yourself to anyone, but it would be very interesting if you did.

I'm interested in the reality that you live in with respect to people being shot by police.

If there are 10 black men and 100 white men: 8 black men are shot by police, as are 10 white men.

One reality is that 10 white men have been killed, but only 8 black men. More white men have been killed by the police.

Another reality is that 80% of the black men have been killed from our example population, but only 10% of the white population. Therefore more black men have perished.

Which is your reality?

What is the reality for black people in the US?

My understanding is that proportionally, black people are more likely to be arrested, more likely to be convicted, more likely to be imprisoned, more likely to receive harsher penalties, including the death sentence. It's not a great leap of logic to suspect that black people, assuming the proportional version of reality, are more likely to be shot dead by police and not just because they are very naughty little so and so's.

Perhaps America needs to explain itself, just as Britain and many other countries do.

RE: Are times changing

I don't think of people in those terms and I find it a bit odd that other people might.

I could challenge that kind of judgement if I saw it, but I haven't heard anyone referring to a man as a stud, or woman as a slut for as long as I can remember.

Probably not since I was in school back in the 80's.

Except maybe by Chesney on here. giggle

RE: s*xual harassment lately.

Considerably less than I used to get. I've mostly put that down to being half a century old and less of a target than I used to be. laugh

It could also be that sexuality harassment is less socially acceptable than it used to be, but either way, it's definitely liberating to be able to go about my business without having to confront it all the time.

The last time I felt sexuality harassed was about three years ago at work. I hadn't been working there for long, I didn't know many people and I didn't know how the place was structured. I think I was still on probation as well.

I felt utterly humiliated by this man's very loud and public comments about breasts. I scuttled away in horror, determined never to be in a room alone with him.

Now I've been there a while, any recurrence and I'd make an official complaint. I doubt that'll happen though - I've made it clear we're not friends.

I would like to point out that many things have been said to me by other men at work which could come under the heading of sexuality harassment, if it weren't for the fact that these things were harmless banter.

RE: Alternative to misandry thread

Perhaps the physical reattachment of one's assets would be quicker and less painful than the emotional work required to become a less damaged human being.

It's difficult to bear that in mind when someone's behaviour is so obnoxious, hostile and rejecting.

There aren't exactly a lot of gaps where one might slip a kind word in. Perhaps some people aren't ready for that.

It's rather painful to watch.

RE: Alternative to misandry thread

The trouble with this thread is that it doesn't quote the original post of the other.

It means the focus is on the dynamic of the other thread, rather than people having their say about the subject matter.

And perhaps many of us are more curious about what is going on with the thread author, than the subjects he raises.

For example, it just popped into my head that I didn't know who is behind recent replies to me on that thread. I'm wondering if the posters who tend to dislike women, or outspoken, challenging women, are more likely to have a faceless profile. dunno

RE: Today is "be nice to the opposite sex" day

Was that a deliberate spelling error? laugh

I was rather curt on the seat up or down thread.

My milk of human kindness just seems to shrivel up faster than a lawn in a drought if I end up cleaning piss off toilets, floors, walls and bathroom radiators.

Especially when it gets to that sticky, acrid, hard to shift stage on bumpy, awkward to clean radiators.

So, perhaps courtesy and kindness aren't really too far apart. dunno

RE: Today is "be nice to the opposite sex" day


Is it International Put the Lid Down Before Flushing Day? giggle

RE: Today is "be nice to the opposite sex" day


Is it International Put the Lid Down Before Flushing Day? giggle

RE: These threads are becoming very misandrist

From the Queen of Boobalicious herself, I'll take that as high praise indeed, thankyou Mimi. hug

RE: These threads are becoming very misandrist

Well, that's an interesting question, epirb.

It appears to imply I might have a problem with my feminity.

I don't. I'm as comfortable with my so called feminine traits as I am with my so called masculine traits.

I don't feel a need to demand that other people have particular gender role traits and maybe that has something to with security in my own.

I delight in watching my friends and colleagues swoop between gender roles and traits because its all about who they are, their life experiences and their choices.

I'm inclined to think that anyone who demands that everyone else has to fit into some reasonably arbitrary set of social conventions, possibly contrary to their own instincts, or inclinations, is the one with the problem. The issue is perhaps with their own security and comfort with themselves.

RE: These threads are becoming very misandrist

Why are men meant to be masculine?

Why are women meant to be feminine?

Who gets to decide that?


I feel hollow. sigh


RE: All the kneeling...just an extension of many years of whining about oppression and slavery........

*Jac sneaks off to find an online dictionary to decipher Non's post*

How delicious. giggle

RE: All the kneeling...just an extension of many years of whining about oppression and slavery........

*Jac sneaks off to find an online dictionary to decipher Non's post*

How delicious. giggle

RE: These threads are becoming very misandrist

Feminism: the radical concept that women are people, too.

RE: Percentage wise - How much happiness have u had in ur life ?

A little bit, very much, not at all - those are qualifications, not quantifications, aren't they?

Surely, a quantification of happiness would be to give a percentage, or a place on a numbered scale.

Although, I'm not sure of the point of a subjective quantification, unless you plan to collate the results and offer up some statistical results, like the average happiness of a CS forumite. laugh

RE: All the kneeling...just an extension of many years of whining about oppression and slavery........

I'd sooner see the world community evolve into something a bit more grown up.

Most people are lovely and there's way too much tearing to shreds as it is.

So much madness, so many people helpless in being swept along with the tide.

It's a simple gesture, this kneeling business, but it does stand against the drag.

RE: Her Body

Just don't braid your goaty, Lookin'.

All the local lurchers and terriers think I'm a lure course as I'm walking down the street with my pigtails tantalising them. giggle

RE: All the kneeling...just an extension of many years of whining about oppression and slavery........

All you whinging about kneeling - what's that all about?

Americans are having to walk on eggshells?

If exploiting illegal immigrants, endemic racism and oppression, invasion, wars, Guantanamo Bay and a generally appalling human rights record is America treading on eggshells, I don't want to see what losing your inhibitions would be like.

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