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RE: A Catholic King/Queen

just get rid of kings and queens - and religion too - they're a sign of immaturity

RE: Is Sarah Palin qualified to be president of the United States

Maggie was a monster!

Is a creationist fit to lead a "developed" nation?

I watched the Palin speech - she's more scary than Margaret Thatcher ever was

Is a creationist fit to lead a "developed" nation?

presented as hot satire

RE: We Must Kill In The Name Of Our Chrstian God- There Will Be No Survivers On Earth

First, I want to say that our founding fathers also consulted God and encouraged us to consult God, when they wrote the Declaration of Independance. To pray to carry out God's Will is not an unusual thing.


but we've grown up since then!

Anyway, try this recipe I just invented -

200g flour
150g butter (cold)
150g sugar
blend until completely combined
150g oats
work the oats in by hand

put raspberries and FINELY chopped Bramleys in the bottom of a ramekin

CRUMBLE the topping mix - add coarsely chopped plain chocolate - put on top of fruit mix -
experiment with proportions of fruit/chocolate/topping till you get your favourite
bake at 180 until done

serve with clotted cream

Is a creationist fit to lead a "developed" nation?

The Simpsons are the cool voice of reason.

RE: best heavy rock album

Super Trouper - by Abba

Is a creationist fit to lead a "developed" nation?

einstein, LHC, the bible, the koran, dao de jing, mahabharata, quarks, big bang, sutras, scientology, nietzsche, or should I just believe in me, Yoko and me?

A new name for American "football"

In American "football" are you allowed to use your "hands"

A new name for American "football"

what I mean is that "football" is the predominant game in the world, y'know, the "beautiful game", and that searches on Google often seem to produce images of guys (and girls!) wearing extensive armour and pictures of oval balls (as in Rugby) - it's a distraction - maybe the american football fans could find a new tern - such as "superball" or "gridiron-ball" for their game and avoid the confusion - also they could find a name that gives it some extra status and "presence" - this could be a PR coup if a great name can be found

so far no-one has come up with any suggestion - let's have some ideas!

A new name for American "football"

I thought this could be a challenge - y'know - improve the image of the game - could be "wonderball" or "superball" - have a go

A new name for American "football"

The whole world plays football - except the Americans - we need a new name for this game so it doesn't keep blocking up Google with those oval balls.
Any suggestions?

I thought of "American Rugby" - though that ain't that good - probably upset those Rugby types!

RE: Official NFL Football Season Thread

don't you mean American Rugby? Football - the beautiful game - is another thing entirely

RE: should jade goody be knighted and made an M.B.E ( member of the british empire ) by the queen for b

let's just get rid of the queen.

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