RE: You're The Good Things

You are the sweet sugar to my diabetes

RE: Why do people change

Most people don't change, they just revert back to who they really are. Most people behave extra good at least initially when new to a group. Given time, they start being themselves more and more. Few people have actually change because of anything that has happened here.

RE: You're The Good Things

You are my wonderful drug, when I'm sitting in rehab

RE: Irish UFO,S

Me and my buddy watched something for several hours one night that would be classed as a UFO. Made the local news as half of the east coast of my province seen it too.


Must be an American thing

RE: Have you dated another race or culture

I have not but I absolutely would.


They had about the same luck I would have in a gym laugh


Ever see anyone like this in your gym sessions?

Proper Job

If your gonna do it, do it right.

RE: Eating out alone.

Eating out alone is fine.

RE: Sounds That Make You Cringe

The sound a squirrel's head made when my cat bit down on it and crushed it uh oh

RE: Current Thoughts #3...*The After*..

Three guys go to a ski lodge, and there aren't enough rooms, so they have to share a bed. In the middle of the night, the guy on the right wakes up and says, "I had this wild, vivid dream of getting a hand job!" The guy on the left wakes up, and unbelievably, he's had the same dream, too. Then the guy in the middle wakes up and says, "That's funny, I dreamed I was skiing!"

RE: What Keeps You Going?

Pot and the thought of one day being free of depression.

RE: Long distance relationships

Will go a long way for the right person.

RE: Whats the quickest way to bake a potato?

If you have a fireplace or wood stove, wrap the potatoes in tin foil and throw it on the hot coals for a bit. Really good.

RE: Whats the quickest way to bake a potato?

Microwave actually does baked potato really good, probably the best thing a microwave can do in comparison to regular cooking. Just remember to poke holes in it if you don't want a potato bomb going off in the microwave.

RE: Say Anything

I want sex on the beach, hold the beach.

RE: What type of childhood did you have?

I was a free range kid. Left the house in the morning and never came home till dark and never ever let the parents find out what I done throughout the day.

RE: Current Thoughts #3...*The After*..

Oh? And I was about to show you this


RE: Background importance in relationships...

Spoiling is a big one, they always end up fked up in the head as adults. Those who are spoiled is way more likely to become abusive,controlling, short tempered, basically adults with the mentalities of children.

RE: Background importance in relationships...

Pretty much right, but just to note, there are lots of "questionable" people who come from good backgrounds too. I personally know several of people who grew up in good families who turned out to be the worst kind of people (addicts, thieves, more addicts). Your background is a part of you but you don't have to be limited to it.

RE: Are Men too Picky?

Good luck to the guy with the list uh oh

RE: Current Thoughts #3...*The After*..

There are some who dream of working at Hooters. You would get plenty of attention, thats for sure.

RE: Say Anything

There is snow on the ground here moping

RE: The most attractive colour skin in the world

Depends on who is wearing the color. There are attractive people of all colors, hard to say if there is a one best.

RE: Mail Order Disappointment

Mail order clothes from China tend to be small for the stated size.

RE: Say Anything

I finally caught him asleep

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