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RE: What's your specialty?

Next time you visit, you are doing the cooking!!!!


RE: Have I set the bar too high?

LOL and to think you just invited Stef to Tuscany....wink

RE: Have I set the bar too high?

I am sorry that you have run into this situation. I have also had the same experience. The man was wonderful, we were a perfect match on every level, but when we met, there was nothing. I had to say goodbye and never saw him again. I think the spark is critical to start a relationship.
The spark is your physical reaction to a person and you can't make it happen. Clicking on other levels is important to ensure a successful long term relationship, but I don't personally believe there is any hope without the spark..
comfort sad flower

RE: What's The Weather Like In Your Area?

It is flipping freezin; snow and ice, schools closed and difficult to drive anywhere. LOL all that and only 6 inches of the white stuff has brought the SE of England to it's knees.snowman2 cold reindeer


happy birthday balloons party hat

RE: I still love you.

Hi Steff and other CSers been here for a while .. I hardly ever post here any longer. I can relate to Leo's post.. It is true.

I have met some wonderful people as a result of this site, so I keep an eye on what is going on, but don't participate as I used to.

Best to all............. teddybear

RE: Wanted: (Stupidly wealthy women looking for a man to do things with)

wow Had to post a reply to this one even though I have not posted on here for months and months.... This one made me laugh. I know lots of women who meet his requirements, but doubt he would meet theirs. Financially secure women are just like other women and want someone who cares about them; not their money.

Good luck in your quest..roll eyes


Hell Yeacheering applause thumbs up

RE: A question for Americans.

My favourite state was Georgia, least favourite Calif... too smoggy, hot, too many natural disasters, earthquakes, fires... lol

Sorry So Calif., but I loved Georgia even if hot, humid and buggy...

RE: If your significate other wanted you to get rid of your pet would you?

teddybear Hi sis.....................

RE: If your significate other wanted you to get rid of your pet would you?

No flipping way.... he wouldn't be my significant other ...otherwise wink

RE: Could most humans be already robots, and we don't realise it?

LOL I am pretty sure that I am not a robot except whilst at

RE: Italian Nana!

rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up rolling on the floor laughing loved it!

RE: Say Something, No Need for Names...?!

Hi Ya Rosie... I am sure that you did not get any cards from someone referencing a guide dog! You are a silly moo! You might not be able to hold your drink, but you are lovely! hug

RE: Women, or lack there-of

Keep posting... I've met people on this site from all over the place. You never know when, where or who.

100 miles is nothing! LOL my last partner lived 4000 miles away, relocation was in order...sadly it only lasted 10 years, but was worth it.

Keep trying!comfort wave

RE: Bored Beyond Belief!!!

yawn Just woke up too early to be bored..... catching a train and heading to London soon..

Hello wave mindfful!

RE: Hello from Dublin....

Hi M... how are you sweetie? I am rarely on here any more either.

New generation of CSers now!

All is well in my part of the world!! teddybear

RE: Singles night in Galway

As promised emer.......thumbs up

RE: Happy Birthday Robbie ..

Happy Birthday Robbie.... may 2009 bring you health, wealth and happiness!party cake happy birthday

RE: Coffee, Tea, or Me?

Kona coffee is very nice, smells great and is not too strong...

Jamaican Blue Mountain is the best very rich..

Buy whole beans and grind it right before you make it.

RE: Human

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up

RE: whats that you're eating 09

turkey breast vindaloo and rice after I make it....dancing

RE: Happy Birthday p_seg!!!!

Awww a bit late since I was not able to post yesterday.........HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paul!gift teddybear bouquet

RE: Does our online persona

I am as advertised on the tin ... pics have dates, and my profile is accurate. I have met a lot of CSers and they all seem to be who they say they are..

I have met men who are not as stated in pics or on their profiles.

My nic was given to me when I arrived in the UK 10yrs ago, guess I am a bit more mischevious then the typical Brit. LOL


RE: Is it snowing where you are?

No snow here either. very sunny, windy and not very cold. About 50 degrees.

It would be nice to have a white Christmas, but doubt we will.

santa waving

RE: How do you feel on the day you were divorced?

Relief and freedom..............cartwheel thumbs up

RE: Do we really exist?

Some CSers exist in my RL.. I have met quite a few from here and have visited them, they have visited me. I dated a CSer for 6 months. I have partied with 100s... Heck last Jan.. I shared a flat with 4 of them, strangers now friends.. (even the one who left his Calvins on the coffee table rolling on the floor laughing )

conversing hug

RE: How's the weather were you live and a segue.

Awww Leo, I think we know how you feel about Spicey and I am sure she feels the same about you.... well maybe in a different way.

You are such a sweetie..teddybear

Weather here is damp, chilly and at the moment, foggy..

roll eyes

RE: British Women

I agree... It was quite intimidating when I first arrived in the UK. So many tall blondes.

I find the men attractive too, but so far have been most attracted to an American and someone born in Jamaica.dunno


RE: What if I don't need it?

Oh darn, your birthday surprise is now ruined!! LOL miss smarty.wink tongue scold

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